A Long walk back home

Like Qaid e Azam M A Jinnah as founding father of Pakistan, in Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk an Ottoman and Turkish army officer is the founding father of modern Turkey. As a revolutionary founder of Republic of Turkey he after defeating the allied forces gained remarkable successes in military campaigns to secure independence for Turkey. Ataturk is known for embarking upon a program of political, economic, and cultural reforms, seeking to transform the former Ottoman Empire into a modern, westernized and secular nation-state. In recent past in Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf was also seen working on his foot prints in Pakistan to bring about a moderation in our extremists driven Pakistani society but this was interrupted and Musharraf was to go out defunct.

As a commander-in-chief of Army of the Grand National Assembly, Ataturk also became the President of country and ever since Turk Armed Forces have stayed at the helm of the Turkish affairs.

Under the peculiar Turkish situ and its strategic location, Turkey serves as a gate way to Europe for being at the cross road of Europe, Middle East and Asia. Earlier the humiliating defeat of Turkey and fall of Ottoman Empire have left deep scars on Turkish society where dejected masses of a defeated country were considering themselves as some cursed species and under wrath of God.

As a military man in order to revive Turkish society, it was a mammoth uphill task for Ataturk to bring the masses out of the darkness and groom the civil elites to execute his National plan of modernity and progress that he envisaged but this exercise often went awry for indulgence of Turkish civilian lot into mass corruption as well as other turmoil inflicted on the borders in Kurd area along Syria, Iraq and Iran’s borders and issue of Cyprus Island with Greece.

Ironically; Civilian elites in Turkey have taken very long to come out of their big sleep of hibernation and self imposed isolation as a defeated nation and to accept the renaissance scheme of Ataturk or come at par with the military till the present Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s party  came up and showed that they may equate and even excel the military and its popular plan of moderation for Turkey. Military too has been more than happy to hand over the rein to the Civilian government. Unlike Pakistan, Turkish civil government has been very thank full to the National Army for holding the fort for them while Civilians have been grooming themselves to come out of big sleep and take charge.

And rightly so there has been a win-win position for all. Turkey now stands on its own feet. It is member of European Union and the only country which has its vibrant economy in Europe.

Pakistan may also learn a lesson out of this Turkish exercise and rather than toeing the western dictated lines to declare its military commanders as dictators and running around seeking foreign help and orchestrating plots of deceits to demonize the military as this army was some foreign force in occupation of Pakistan. The politician ought to be mature and magnanimous enough to say thank you to military like Turkish they did when they were to take a full charge. After all Musharraf in Pakistan did give everything ready on a plate to politicians to come and run this country.

Coming back closer to the home where we find on our western borders confronted with the US lead NATO forces ready waiting in the wings to run over our country and our arch enemy India in the East rattling her sabres with hundreds of mechanized military tanks Armed units which she can never use against China in the high mountains or against the enemy advancing in the Arabian sea or the riverine in the east; except to have a run over us on the vast plans of Pakistan. Reportedly there are 70% of Indian Armed forces deployed against Pakistan, says; Pakistanthinktank.org

How unfortunate it is to find our present government playing in the hands of our enemies and accepting their terms by creating OBL like killing fiasco, crafting memogate like scandals, lending score of bases to CIA, declaring the arch enemy India as MFN-most favoured nation against the interest and wishes of Pakistani peoples and its Military and giving slandering speeches against military and ISI— the way recently PM Gilani has been wolfing, are all signs of undermining of our own military forces who are busy on multiple national tasks engaging our enemy to keep them at the bay. Our sun browned sons and daughters serving in our Gallant Armed Forces they certainly know better what is there at stake.

But where do we stand as a nation now? We may find —that  those beautiful are not yet born who would rise and come at par to armed forces and take charge of this fortress and jointly run it like in Turkey they did or walk a walk like Turkish, they walked.

Lately this nation is pinning all its hopes on the ‘Lone Rangers’; Imran Khan but this seems as there is yet a long walk back home.

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