Be a Proud Pakistani

Some two hundred years back, American got their independence from the same oppressor who was still holding us as slaves in Indian subcontinent. Whereas most of the peoples then in America were the European criminals who were fugitives and had escaped from all over Europe and got settled there to secure new free lives for them. The Muslims who were now enslaved by British in subcontinent were one who used to rule this land.

It took our ancestors some 170 years after the Americans got their independence to secure their own home land…. free from Briton and more importantly also from the local majority dominance of Hindus.

But history is cruel that it takes great toll out of people; when they seek turning their clock back. Pakistan secured its independence but ran into its existential trouble that not only the British colonial power but its immediate neighbor India did not accept us as an independent state…. So Pakistan eventually in quest of its survival has become a — security state. And most of the resources that Pakistan could lay hand on, have been going into building the multiple layers of its defenses.
If we only realize that even now— not only the immediate neighbors of our but the top most oppressor of the day— USA is very much present in our region; busy unleashing all its savagery to deplete this scared land of ours—Pakistan.

My Friends; lets realize these facts… that we have to defend this God given land of ours with whatever the capabilities we have and with all the strengths that we could muster.
This world belongs to the people who are educated, bear innovative minds and may lay hand on the economic resources. Our full endeavor has to be—- to get ourselves educated and sharpen our minds to be innovative.

At present many a forces are working against the very existence of our land. They are found even infiltrated our defense line too; these forces want to see us divided in lingual and our ethnic line and if we go down this road —we are making our enemy’s job easy; then we are easy prey for them.
Let’s beware—- of the people who are present within our ranks; they tend to remain ignorant of the above facts and for mere their own personal grievances and bad experiences in their lives; tend to propagate… nothing but despondency and are always seen undermining the national institutions and their capabilities. This trend may make us living in a divided house of Ghosts.

In any case; Pakistanis may not be compared with American in their day to day lives and their advancement in technology and the achievements. While trekking on these roads; they are some 170 years more senior and ahead of us. But one thing is sure good in favor for us that; whereas American had to invent the wheel in the line of technology; we need not to reinvent it.

With Allah’s grace; Pakistanis are the most resilient peoples and have always proved—to be a notch above the rest.

Sure under all the circumstance to remain stead fast and have their last laugh —–belongs to Pakistanis.