A Dagger Thrusted in the Heart of Arabs

 By A Khokar    
  It was year 1956 and was not very long that Word War II had seen its end in 1945. Pangs and inflictions of WW II were spread all around fresh and wounds were still bleeding. All the colonial powers in control of their subjugated lands especially in Muslim world had just completed their final phase of retreat. They were forced to leave their fiefdoms but with heavy hearts. The natives of the colonial subjugated lands were gleeful that all of a sudden they were let free; India and Pakistan were among them. The retreating U.S. Armed forces have not yet fully touched back US shores that President Gamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal sea route. But in order to secure the strategic route of Suez Canal; British’s along with France turned back and decided to unleashed a full fledged war against Egypt called 1956 Suez War to retrieve back the control of Suez Canal.

U.S. butt in to admonish President Gamal Abdul Nasser. Gamal Abdul Nasser budged to the dictates of U.S. British’s as well as France were convinced by U.S. to stay away from Egypt as President Jamal Abdul Nasir had given enough of assurance of an accessibility to the Suez Canal operation. Both the allies agreed to it. Ever since; Suez Canal is—- that it is— till date open like a free high way for all the western traffic and Egypt is also earning reason able revenue.

Egypt decision to budge and sit in the lap of United States America has proved to be such a hard n fast bindings rule that they even need not to change the U.S. installed Presidential government except that their Presidents are killed or they die a natural death.

The aim of telling you above story is that what all was said by the then President of United States; David Dwight Eisenhower on this occasion is worth pondering upon that it set the pace of Middle Eastern history. When asked that while western powers were to vacate now from the lands of Middle East; what should be done of Middle East?

His answer was; “Simply install the kings and princes here to act as Bobby on the beat to police the streets of Arab lands; and with their Police Headquarter—- in Washington”.

That was the day and we are here today; there is no change in status quo. Needless to say that entire Middle East is practically under occupation by the west except this that all the facades around Kahba and Masjid e Nabvi as well as the Palaces of other Middle Eastern kings, princes and emirates are awashed and ornamented in gold. Does our God only wanted an eye dazzling tombs and minarets to build in the name of Islam? Is that the end of the story? Or merely the performing of our religious rituals like Hajj and Omeras are the only Islamic connections that Muslim are allowed to identify with the sacred land.

Fact is that creation of Israel in the Arab land has proved like a dagger thrusted in the heart of Arabs with the aim to keep them bleeding—– and bleeding always. Ever since Palestinians installed at the Arab front line, are bearing the brunt of Israeli savagery. The Arabs are enjoying their hay day at the cost of distinction of Palestinians in the bubble created of oil wealth and opulence which is but to burst now—-any day.