Zardari Net work may not be an Exception

The ‘Hegemonic Show of US Neocons’ goes on in our region; where lately, US finds Pakistan making too loud noises. One could also see that how the inflictions and test-n-trails of Pakistan as a labour of love with US have continuously been unfolding to make Pakistan bleed.
‘History shows that no one could be a better US proxy in Arab world than Saddam Hussein in Iraq. But this business of his; cost him his country as well as a show trial and gallows awaited him at the end to silence him as first hand witness for good.
Musharraf was called as ‘our man in Pakistan’ but his fate was not any different from Saddam Hussein. Iraq was taken from Saddam Hussein by force, where as Musharraf handed over his regime to the US selected Zardari on a plate but he could not save himself and ended up in a humiliating exile to live a vegetative life. It is not very far that in the present scenario, ‘Zardari net work’ too would also meet their end not very different.
And there should be no doubt in our minds that US has her desire that like ‘Black widow spider’ or ‘praying mantis’ who kill and eat up their males as a toast in mating rituals; likewise Pakistan the firsthand courtship witness- to the colossal US Defeat in Afghanistan—is eventually defanged and preferably silenced for good.
Henry Kissinger describes his best when he says; ‘there are no permanent friends or foes with US; it is only permanent interests’.