The Blasphemy law: Amend it; to Extend it

The Blasphemy law- Amend it; to Extend it.

By A Khokar December 5 , 2010

The logic behind the initiation of above Bill about The ‘Blasphemy Law’ is that under the prevalent volatile situation in Pakistan, no government would be able to repeal it altogether.

This can be seen that  blasphemy Law is ‘Islam specific law’ to give protection to the Muslims and to the Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) that Muslim fear —that may its sanctity at any stage  be breached at the hands of some ill will  violators and in order to protect the sacredness of, especially the Holy Prophet (pbuh), this law is rightfully devised to serve as a protection..

The latest figures show that about 4% of Pakistani population is of minorities and they too (most of them) belong to the older divine religions —Christianity. Under the present circumstances, if the main Mulims religion of about 96% majority expects a fear of violation of its sanctity or of the Holy Personage then it can certainly be assumed that other minorities remain excessively vulnerable all the times.

And what happens if the main religion decides to oppress the minorities?

In the light of above; it is more important that a protection within the law in practice be provided to the minorities and this law be accodingly amended to extent it to others also.

Quran is a magnificent Book and this Lord of Our universe ‘Subhan-Allah’ is ‘The Great’. Allah having recognised the presence and practices of old divine religions on the planet; being a beneficent of them too says: [2:62] “Surely, the Believers (Muslims), and the Jews, and the Christians and the Sabians — whichever party from among these truly believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good deeds — shall have their reward with their Lord, and no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve.”

In case of all the prophets Allah although says that among the prophets; I have exalted the station of certain prophets but from their general status point of view, Allah says that: [2: 136]’We make no difference between any of them’ –or–[3:84] ‘We make No Distinction between Any of them’.

At the moment the Blasphemy law has been turned into ‘Islam specific lethal weapon’ which is in the sole possession of the Mullah; who is seen turned as exterminator….. So he is wielding this weapon against every opponent of his that he feels like.

This scorpion may be using his sting as a weapon armed, tart and trained but after the due amendment, if other scorpions in the vicinity will also be given the equal stingers;; then we may foresee that— certainly a state of Hunky-Dory will prevail.

So please; Do not Repeal it that you will not be able to do it; better amend it to Extent it to all the other prophets.