1953 and 1974-like situation being created again by the Right Wing

12 April 2009

title-thumb     Yasser Latif Hamdani

In 1953, Khawaja Nazimuddin’s Muslim League Government at the center was brought down after sufficient unrest was created by Majlis-e-Ahrar (a party which had opposed the creation of Pakistan tooth and nail) calling itself  ”Majlis-e-Amal” as part of the grand “Anti-Ahmaddiya” riots.  The whole scheme was secretly backed by Punjab CM Mumtaz Daultana who wanted to get rid of the soft-spoken Khawaja Nazimuddin from East Pakistan.     Their main demands were that Ahmadis be declared Non-muslim and Pakistan’s foreign minister Zafrullah Khan (an old associate of Jinnah and one of the authors of the Lahore Resolution) be fired.   That Zafrullah was the leading voice for Palestine and other Afro-Asian independence movements at the UN added another foreign angle to this.

A similar situation was created in 1974 with the aim and objective to bring down Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s PPP government.   PPP then tried to outflank the Mullahs by going ahead and ex-communicating Ahmadis altogether.  Here I’d like to appeal to Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.  Nawaz has proved himself to be a changed man and a patriot with his actions on 15th March and 16th March.    Though born out of Zia-ist dictatorship, the PML-N is now finally a democratic party with roots in the people.  It does not need to de-stabilize the PPP by resorting to such tactics.  PML-N can play an appropriate role as a center-right party in a two party system without pandering to the crazies of all kinds.   So stop associating yourselves with crooks, cranks and mad men.

Pakistan is a dangerous point in its history.   We need a united front against the forces of religious extremism.  Remember these forces had opposed the creation tooth and nail and had called it Kafiristan then.   PML-N has an important role in this fight.  It must purge itself of Maududian forces within itself, distance itself from terrorism and fanaticism.       All three national parties-  the PPP, PML-Q and PML-N must stand for Jinnah’s secular democratic and egalitarian Pakistan and they must do so NOW clearly and consistently!   If this United front is not achieved,  Pakistan ka khuda hi hafiz hai.  

Tuhafzai Khatmai Nubawat (TKN) claims to be a worldwide religious organization to protect the finality of the Prophet hood of Muhammad (SAW). However, this organization has done little to protect the name of Islam’s beloved Prophet. Instead, TKN engages in activities that are diametrically opposed to his teachings of peace and tolerance.  The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community(AMC),  a peaceful global religious community, has been the chief target of TKN’s unwarranted, inhumane and violent terrorist activities.


Since the enactment of Anti-Ahmadiyya laws in 1984, successive Pakistani regimes have implicitly supported TKN’s extremist and harmful activities. Now Pakistan, as leader of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), is doing their bidding through UNHRC to curtail “freedom of expression”. All of the terrorist groups within Pakistan have brought this country to the forefront of the global arena. Pakistan has been deemed the “most dangerous country of the world.” The world community needs to wake up and see the atrocities committed in the tumultuous land of Pakistan. If not, how much more extremism can the innocents of Pakistan endure? The gallant stand of Civil society in Pakistan against such brutal and repressive cluster must be appreciated and acknowledged.  Our best hope of freeing Pakistan from the clutches of extremists lies with civil society – the silent majority—in that country. 

TKN’s recent activities in Pakistan are shocking.  Recent assemblage in Multan and Faisalabad, jointly with Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Group) parliamentarians,  have provoked and incited hatred and rage against Ahmadis. With these current trends, the Punjab Government is shaping up to create a law and order situation similar to the anti-Ahmadiyya disturbances of 1953 when TKN and its predecessors fanned hatred against Ahmadis resulting in wide scale riots in the country.  Many Ahmadis lost their lives. 

A leading Pakistan Urdu language newspaper published in its issue of February18, 2009 that there was an impending danger of an extremist attack on hundreds of Ahmadi religious centers all over Punjab, as well as business enterprises.  The violence against Ahmadis has been escalating.  Even governmental intelligence agencies have been warning of a spike in anti-Ahmadiyya violence in Punjab.

Under these circumstances, the decision of the Punjab Government to sponsor a TKN public meeting to be held on April 11th , 2009 at the biggest mosque in Lahore is appalling. Provocative and hateful public billboards publicizing this gathering of hate mongers are being displayed all over Lahore.  Its announcement is inexorably detestable and exceedingly inflammable. The sole purpose of this meeting is to incite hatred against Ahmadis.  The Punjab Government, instead of preventing these extremists, is actively encouraging them.

Unless TKN and the PML (N) are stopped now, they will succeed in stirring up further unrest in Pakistan and at a time when a stable Pakistan is the need of the hour, these elements will destabilize it further.

Source: Pak Tea House