14th August 1947

14th August is not only the day that we must celebrate that some sixty-four years ago Pakistan was created as an independent state; it got its independence from the western colonial powers of oppressions and removed the yoke of slavery but it also marks the day when the Muslims who had previously ruled the subcontinent for last 500 years, had also secured a separate land of their own that Muslim never wanted to remain caged in India and be ruled by majority Hindus of subcontinent.

Our independence was not only from the oppressive colonial British’s rule but from all the other oppressions which were to follow and Muslims were to be subjected to the subjugation of majority Hindus—– made to live a vegetative, menial lives like hundreds and thousands of Dalits and other untouchables of India are made to live today.

All the Pakistanis must count their blessings and be grateful to our forefathers for granting us a separate Independent land.

I must recommend the newly released Hindi Movie: ‘Arakshan’ of Amitabachan to all Pakistanis which revolves around the present day lives of the menial of India called the Dalits and how they are being deprived of the very basic rights as humans.

Reportedly; this movie ‘Arakshan’ is banned in India.