‘Go Musharraf Go’

To what avail is our chanting of rowdy slogans; Go Musharraf Go? When we have already crowned knowingly or unknowingly a bigger evil; the known abettors and accomplice to replace a lesser evil that we know- Musharraf ; by means of elections to govern us! We can always enchant even more riotous  slogans to defunct Musharraf because his ‘way in’ is through a coup but what about the ‘way in’ that we our selves have granted and endorsed to a group with their well known agenda to act as US proxy? They are also here carrying the same known baggage and the terms (as are in place) as of Musharraf, with their unflinching committal to the west. We ourselves have crowned them to the seat of power as our newly elected leaders [1].  

We may be inclined to malign and curse Musharraf for his purported bad deeds but; are we not aware of the facts that on the international front we have under taken some works; to act as ‘Front State’ in the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ as a US proxy. We have certain obligations to fulfil. The new government has announced absolutely no change in foreign policy which means that a status quo will be maintained at all levels. Isn’t it that being totally ignorant of the factual situation, our rowdy slogans that we are enchanting so riotously seem very superfluous? Where as the new government is in place but our national out look at the international level remains the same [2]. Haven’t we seen the most extravagant and effusive ‘Long March’ availing a free wheeling full media coverage and how it was hijacked before it could reach even its destination- Islamabad. Sadly so it turned into a ‘milli bhagat’.  All the hopes went dashed before its night vigil was even over. 

If we only understand that our international obligation as a nation to act as ‘front state’ in ‘War against Terrorism’ is to keep the flag of anti terrorism [3] unfurled and get paid. Some 8-10 billion dollars have already been pelted at our doors to keep this flag up and high, on our porous Pak-Afghan borders. (7.5 billions is on offer for the new government). This act of keeping the flag of Terrorism or anti terrorism high and also to keep ear marked a segment of our own people, labeled as ‘Terrorist’; ironically where this implied tactic gets us paid our spoils; it also extends an excuse to ‘US lead Allied’ and NATO forces to keep their war on Terror as well as subjugation of people in our neighbourhood[4] On. It enables and facilitates them to build their anchorages and bases to expand US hegemonic adventurism in this area; the area which is so rich and abundantly bestowed with natural economic resources.  Haven’t we noticed that when ever Pakistan tries to enter in some peace agreement with the aggrieved groups in FATA and other; it is straight away objected to, by the Allied Forces lest their purported stance on ‘War against Terror’ gets diminished? 

These Elections were a mere window dressing of democracy, replacing the tyranny of ‘dictatorial regime’ of Musharraf with an authoritarian oneof PPP+ Nun league. It may not bring well wished expected change in the destiny of our peoples that they were so earnestly looking for.