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[lang_en] Parvez Musharraf ‘s Speech – Complete Video[/lang_en]

[lang_de][/lang_de][lang_en]Musharraf Quits as President

Outgoing President Pervez Musharraf, center, inspects a guard on honor before he leaves the presidential house in Islamabad, Pakistan on Monday, Aug. 18, 2008. Musharraf announced his resignation Monday, ending a nearly nine-year tenure that opponents said was hampering the country’s… [Read more…]

Parvez Musharraf ‘s Speech – Complete Video


[lang_en]FATA despoil by US is a prelude to an attack on Iran[/lang_en]

[lang_en]Let’s put the facts straight and allow the truth to surface above the humdrum of war like situation in Pakistan and look for the real cause behind the spread of anarchy in the south East Asia. It is worth mentioning time and again that in order to contemplate US hegemonic ambitions of ‘American Empire’ dreams; Neo-Conservatives (Neo cons) very skilfully evolved a special policy to mark 21st century their ‘New American Century.

This plan presently revolves around a myth of Al-Qaeda. To depict Al-Qaeda a monster of terror and through a scheme of fallacy and deception so called Al-Qaeda operatives be declared enemy of humanity. Once this fallacy is spread in the world and rhetoric of fear and terror becomes a part of our daily life; a universal war can easily be launched. Matter of the fact is that George W Bush and his Neocons are in love with this scheme of Al-Qaeda. They are pinning all their hopes on this Myth.

After due deliberations, a ‘Global war against terrorism’ is already on. Its scope is so vast and far stretched that any person, any organisation or a country on this planet earth can be declared a suspect terrorist and be exterminated. We have also witnessed that any untoward incident of violence happening in the marked theatre of US operations… are simply linked to Al-Qaeda. Over a short period of time, this false and phoney myth of Al-Qaeda rhetoric has been repeated so many times that this stark lie is now seen and termed as true and real. Credit goes to the policy makers and its successful executioners.

A grand American onslaught is on in Middle East and sovereign countries are being invaded, occupied and turned into US mega bases. After due consolidation of these bases; they are made as bounds to serve for further advances. A befitting example of Iraq is there, where this country was invaded and now huge bases are developed and forces are ready to launch from these bases, for their further attacks; yet another sovereign country…Iran. But Iran is proven to be the hardest bone to tackle so far.

The beauty of this scheme is that many countries are coerced to join US to form a coalition and to make it sure that it is seen as an international show. Some of the countries like Pakistan are also engaged to act as proxy and be a front state of this operation; to (indirectly) stir the crippled Taliban remnant on Pak-Afghan border so that Al-Qaeda is seen live and kicking its dust and war against terrorism is justified. Huge sums are being pelted at the doors of this front state and her agents.

This Al-Qaeda has become a tool and a lynch pin of Neocons dream policy. US has the craze to see it as an omnipotent force, an imaginary, invisible enemy; servitude of US, designed to present itself as ‘fore runners’ to act as enemy to facilitate subsequent planned attacks of…US adventurism. This US adventurism is there to stay till such time that some other force emerges to counter this sole super power. Before this that Russia re-emerges or yet another Eastern Giant China comes up to surface. Iran has to be tackled and subdued fully at all cost. Where as huge sums are being dished out with in Iran for covert operations to avail a regime change; probably Pakistan will be made as scapegoat? It is very much felt that the provocative attacks in FATA are since on increased by NATO forces and there are rumours of massive forces build up along Pakistan western border.

Let it be reiteratred here that, the vision less operations assigned to Pakistan Armed forces in FATA to quell the prevalent anarchy in the area is aiding fuel to make the situation verse. The called for retaliations and a rebel rouse from local Taliban are but eminent. The tall claims of wisdom and vision of Pak Government as well as of so called FATA leaders was put to shame, when keeping in view of the expected retaliatory mayhem in FATA; George W Bush was reported saying that On Pak-Afghan borders situation demands severe actions which should be taken by Pakistan as well as United States lead forces against their common enemy- Al Qaeda and Taliban with in Pakistan. So before Iran is savagely attacked (as authentic reports say in Oct 08); Taliban as well as so called remnants of Al Qaeda be eliminated inside Pakistan.

It is likely that inferno of war on Pak-Afghan border area will be heightened in the name of elimination of AL Qaeda. Hundred of thousand of innocent people will perish and their dewelling destroyed. US is bent to do it just to make up a false pretext… to exterminate Iran, the last of so called rouge state.

There is fire ablaze on our western borders and all the leaders are absent from Pakistan; escaping the heat and misery of load shedding. There is vacuum, absolute vacuum of leadership; no clear policy given out and even the Parliament has not been called in session. What is going on? Will our armed forces retaliate? They have not deployed themselves in the battle zone yet? Is it going to be a repeat of another Lebanon war of 2006, where even a single shot was not fired by Lebanon Army? Or has our new government also accepted huge sums to let US carry out the despoil (rape) of this nation by keeping their eyes closed?[/lang_en]