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After Iraq: Manual of ‘Chicago Doctrine’ is opened in Pakistan

Be warned that all the painstaking efforts that Mr. Pervez Musharraf took to groom and nurture his country- Pakistan to embrace the ‘Enlighten Moderation’ in democracy may be ditched all together. As per plan a fully groomed and democratized country has since been handed over to the Politician by President Pervez Musharraf in a plate and to be run on a turn key basis. Some how, the out come of well sought Elections has been that Pakistan could coin a Parliament run by Coalition of two main Parties namely sitting on opposite poles. Although all the powers have been transferred to the newly elected parliament but the government is being run by the authoritarian party leaders of both the parties (being ineligible for elections) while sitting outside of Parliament. The politicians having secured the Parliament and after capturing the rein of government are seen trekking the path of conceit and haughtiness. All the sign are there, that Pakistan is being turned into, an all out authoritarian regime. One may not feel it but a dictatorial style play let of coup lead by Chilean dictator, General Augusto Pinochet, induced by US then in Chile in Seventies, is set to be repeated here.


President Musharraf must have thought that he will see the country being run smoothly under his watch full eyes, progressing in leaps and bounds on his given lines but here we find that all together a different ‘Manual for Action’ has been opened.


This Manual contains the Doctrine of famous Economist Milton Friedman of ‘Chicago School of Economics’ which he prepared in late sixties for implementations at home specially for President Ronald Reagan’s term as this Doctrine was earlier tried and tested in Chile. The Manual tells that how out of blue, crisis full of shocks can be made to erupt and that how the crisis so occurred can be exploited to have a real change in society to achieve an economic out burst! On the eruption of Crisis; there should be no let up for the public; Machiavelli also advices that injuries be ‘inflicted all at once’; other parallel crisis like hyper inflation, price hikes; shortage of essential consumers items like wheat flour, sugar, oil and Gasoline be hyped up; supplies be restricted and severely hyper inflated to the critical exacerbating level and be seen beyond the reach of common man Once crisis has struck, no real action should be taken which may bring some relief for people. All plans should intentionally be delayed and regime of by gone days be extensively maligned for it and exemplary punishment be announced against targeted opponents.


We can very well visualize that how Pakistan has been shocked by the man made crisis initiated prior to Elections (in interim government days); with in few months through an economic shock and Judicial turmoil a prosperous flourishing country has since been turned into impoverished one. Stock Markets are experiencing the crashes on daily basis. There are shortages of commodities across the board, infested with hyper inflation. People spend their days lined up in queues under scorching heat for a bag of wheat flour or tin of cooking oil. Suicides are at increase.


But the teacher says; in order to achieve a ‘Full Blanking’ to make the People forget their past and to erase their memory of good old days; even the sadistic acts be committed with an deliberate intent of terrorizing the public and then be actively harnessed to prepare the grounds for the introduction of radical changes.


The Manual of professor of Economic says that soon after this stage is achieved, it is crucial to act swiftly before the Crisis-racked society slips back into the ‘tyranny of status quo’. He estimates that a new administration has some six to nine months at hand to achieve major changes. In order to win it; it is a scenario of now or never.


It is worth mentioning here that same Manual is found opened in Iraq but with an addition of a chapter of ’savagery and violence’ added by a Milton Friedman’s student; Mr. Donald Rumsfeld. Mr Rumsfeld after adding this new chapter in the Manual termed the Doctrine as ‘Shock and Awe’. In Iraq, people have been forcibly subjugated to achieve the required ‘Blanking’ to see their past memories erased. No let up or any help which may avail any respite or rescue is allowed. Finding no way out the deluded peoples submit to the will of oppressor and turn them self in for further exploitation.


Once the people are found fed up to the brim and are desperately… gasping for some relief; a small window be opened first; followed by rapid-fire transformation of economy, like tax cuts, free trade, privatized services, cuts to social spending and deregulation. Eventually as Chilean people saw that their public school were replaced with voucher funded private one. In Pakistan ‘Benazir cards’ for the poverty ridden class are being introduced. We may be having the most extreme capitalist make over under the authoritarians regime of coalition of two extremist parties (PPP+ Nune league). Country is held to ransom for their dictatorial and authoritative exploitations. What next? Their old pillage and plundering comes to mind.


It is worth pondering that to what avail is the hard earned democracy? When it brings the plunderers and looters in the driving seats?


And the best of the ‘product’ has yet to come?

It’s Time That Pakistan Comes out Clean

To day Pakistan is faced with turmoil and mayhem on our western borders area along Pak-Afghan border; War is but amenant; but this war is being fought with whom;— with our own kith and kin? What is going on? May they be Baitullah Mahsud, Mangal Bagh or their any other cohorts; these stooges are simply missing their perks. Previously they were paid through Pak resources to up keep the flags of Terror in FATA to depict the area as terror breeding grounds and enable the NATO and allied forces to justify and prolong their occupational stay. They have been getting good monies. Now their master has approached them directly. Their gun is for sale as usual.

What is prevalent here; only our hypocrisy and hypocrisy and nothing else; the usual stance that these stooges want to take, is to establish some kind of sharia laws; what sharia laws? Since when, black mailing of a weak and vulnerable government, like in Pakistan and subjugation of poverty ridden people of the area, in order to extort monies, is named as sharia? As long as Pakistan does not come out clean and whole heartedly goes with the flushing out of the miscreants from its territories; no operation would see the day of its success. After every two- three days of military actions that when ever it was decided in the past against these miscreants; there are some other forces with vested interests, they will always move in to put a stop. It jeopardises the entire situation and any gains since achieved are turned into more anarchy. These cohorts emerge from there… stronger.

There are some 7 Billions inhabitants on this planet; Muslims are just about 1.7 billion; which means that 2/3 of mankinds are non-Muslims or say most of Allah’s population is non-believers- (kafirs). But they all are much more lettered and intellectuals peoples also. To do dawah and deliver the message of God and also accommodate others under the wings of mercy of Islam; the situation on the ground demands that Islam has to display it self as most secular religion and accomodative; a religion of logic, reasoning and understanding. Cliams are tall but alas; there are no such traits at display among any Muslim society,… except the brutality and the exterimism; [Play nehein dhella; tey kardee maila maila]

‘In the west; there is Islam but no Muslims; where as in Muslim World there are Muslims but Islam is seen no where’, said some time back; the grand mufti of Palestine

True Love Demands Hijab

In the nature birds and other mammals have got their plumes, feathers; their fur coats and beautiful hairs. Birds show off their plumes; the display of their colours and spread of it, all looks very pretty; a lovely consorting gestures remains on its display in the nature all the time to attract the partners. But, some how the nature has been very unkind to human beings; we human being, need to have artificial body coverings to avail the protection against extremes of weather; and need to wear other apparel as per the dictates of seasons.

Other than the general wears to protect our bodies; especially, women choose the colours and shades of their wears with the cuts and trims to feel good and look pretty. A special effort is put to enhance the feminine qualities and to cover or reveal the delicacy and contours of their loveable secrets. So; all women dress up very elegantly, wear makeup and put on ornaments and bangles. Women show off their bodies and figure to look charming primarily for their men; Men also try to dress up handsomely and want to be seen as refined and aristocratic. East or the West; we all want to show off; but we do stop short of the line; where our particular culture draws a limits for us and says; no more.

An unspoken limit is marked not to go beyond; to expose the bosom, contours or other delicate private parts, in public. Different cultures draw or prescribe different lines for their natives and these limits become their values and form a part of their… civilization. In the western society; people may be free and very promiscuous but they are certainly not seen strolling in the streets with out clothing. After all; Janet Jackson was also taken to the task…when her accidental show of bosom at a stage play was; some what… seen as very disgusting and awful.

In all the cultures of world; this is a common practice found among all the women that; while they are in the four walls of their houses; inside, they all are seen; dressed up very shabbily, in a clumsy out look and have their horrible hairdos or they wear very ordinary or no make up. But the moment it is announced that they have to go out for some shopping mall or to a market; a lightening stirs and a surge in them is worth watching. All the clumsiness vanishes with a wink; shabbiness is turned into prettiness; colour and shades come out and all the magic of cuts and reveals of bosom and butts… come at display and the beautiful hairdos are done. Air is filled with the fragrance, sweet smell, smiles and laughter.

This is a well known fact that dressing up of women for their men is taken as impressive phenomenon of their instinctive modesty toward men. It can be easily measured on the scales of their faithfulness, devotion, stability and dependability between the partners. Whether their display of beauty is for their own love ones, love mates, husbands or it becomes a feast for the prying eyes of some, on lookers roaming about in bazaar and streets? Certainly no one wants that any prying eye is cast on our loved one; may she be our fiancé, wife or sister. This aspect demands; a drawing of a definite line to safe guard the domain of our privacy and up keep of serenity in our love life; where the prying eyes ought not be allowed to tress pass. This may look bit harsh in some of the societies to adopt but many cultures do prescribe a good covering of the feminine bodies of their love ones, when they go out in the public; especially in the Middle East and other Muslim world. Middle Eastern are predominantly Muslims. Their act shows; they must be very passionate in their love and its connected affairs; because all the true loves do demand Hijab!

God Almighty knows and adores the qualities that delight our eyes. In order to maintain sanctity of true love and ensure the serenity and peace of mind remains prevalent in society. God prescribes a suitable veil to be worn for women and Allah says in [Al-Nur- 24:32] “And say to the believing women that they restrain their looks and guard their private parts, and that they display not their beauty or their embellishment except that which is apparent thereof, and that they draw their head-coverings over their bosoms, and that they display not their beauty or their embellishment save to their husbands, (And other known family members)– Quran gives a list.

All the True Loves demand Hijab.

Looking for Media to Serve Muslims

Our modern religious history tells us that all the religious denominations have their roots source in the Middle East. The annals of other civilizations found in far off lands  also speak of the spiritual connections to the knowledge and wisdom found in this area. The Judaic, Christian or the modern day Muslims, their intellectuals have always been traveling to the springs of wisdom and enlightenment found in the civic habitat spread along the Middle Eastern rivers and they all quenched their thirst from the same streams.

But some how present day Muslims sitting around those sources seems to be unlettered, more of ignorant nature and known to be crazy and emotional; lacking perseverance and some what boorish in personal conduct. Gone are they days when people used to even remember the old days and at least could claim; Piderum sultan bood [Our ancestors used to be kings!] Time punishes the inactive people. Muslims are themselves architect of their own down fall; that after the fall of Ottoman Empire; Muslim were forced to roll back from Spain Europe and finally after a defeat in 1921 during World War I, even the seat of Muslim power Damascus also fell. Muslim ummah finding them selves fully vanquished at the hands of Christendom could not bear the humiliation. Utterly depressed; they choose to seclusion and isolate them selves from the rest of the world; into hibernation. There Came the period of late thirties; when the long atrocious World War II that it engulfed most of the Muslim world. Toward the end of it; the world wide over stretch of Allied Forces compelled all the colonial power to pack up from their colonies and revert back to their homeland. Numerous Muslim countries since subjugated by colonial powers were abruptly abandoned, thus all of them could avail a freedom…in disguise.

But in WW II, the people in the west suffered a double whammy loss; they were earlier forced to pack up from all their colonies and when they reverted back to homes in Europe, faced a tremendous blow of destruction and killings brought by Word War II. Having fully devastated they were dismayed, but they did not loose their hearts. Being the men of trade and artisan, they decided to reset their ores to recover and rebuild them selves. It was not long that their countries were up and running. We can see them ravishing the opulence and peace-n-plenty in their domains. Muslims as well as the West; they both had gone through their same ordeals but West elected to rebuild and recover, where as Muslims choose the route of repentance, in search of  their inner self and soul; the isolation from outer world to move inward and to hibernate. They looked for a refuge in contrition of their past assumed sins and preferred to stay in that state; as there were doomed by some total wrath of extinction by God like old Jews or that their would be expiration were eventually to over come them?

Ever since World War II, the world has progressed in leaps and bound. The Europe had since achieved the tremendous advancements in science, research and technology for the benefits of common man where as Muslims kept them selves aloof. By keeping them selves detached from the streams of knowledge and wisdom that they are in even today; the Muslim ummah in general is found wandering about in delusion in the valleys of ignorance, their brutal orthodoxy at its rampage; its all mayhem and anarchy at every turn of life. The valleys, where Quran has been put on some rear burners and ummah is lost in the business of self styled ‘fiqah’ and ‘Ahadis’, their  interpretation and vigorous persuasion and inert practice in the light of teachings imparted by the particular extremist factions operating with the personal worldly interest. These prctices are severely tarnishing the weaves of Islamic societies in all the Islamic countries including Pakistan. There can be found as many factions and sects  in a particular area, as many there are mosques. Each faction stands as an arch rival of the others and do not hesitate even declaring all the others as Kafirs; or out of the pale of Islam, except them selves.

Soon after the fogs of WW II were settled; the old colonial hierarchies had again started tricking back in for their revisit and to take control of old abundant colonial lands. Muslims especially in Middle East initially remained unconcerned but then it was too late for them to avert the plans of western intrusion that had now fully spread its web; subjugated and tide up the people in various bondages. The debacles like Iraq invasion followed by its full occupation. US lead forces further onslaught to occupy Afghanistan and inhalation of Iran have awakened the Muslim from a big sleep. This scenario has obviously put them in delusion and they are seen at a run in disdain? On the other hand the Muslims are purported in the western media as war mongers, claiming to have derived their emotional power from martyrdom shahadat in Jihad in the name of God and that their life and death hems on connected rewards of shahadat like beautiful eyed Hou-ris in the Hereafter.

It is a known fact that Muslims, they lack in… material resources and are unable to fully comprehend the present day deceitful western plots and conspiracies being set against them. This is era of electronic media; some how Muslim response to electronic media seems ill aimed and falls short of the requirement. Their counter actions to their subjugation by the west become so obvious that they are seen as brutal savage apaches. They need not to resort to some dubious covetous western like methods but must take appropriate befitting measures to curtail aggression of their enemies being implied against them. But pity is that they don’t have that type of resources at hand to establish some Pentagon like organization to carry out covetous operations in the land of adversaries like regime change or leaders killings. Muslim need to come on to modern lines and ought to bring about such policies equaling, ‘US- 21st Century Global Hegemonic Policy’; or the ‘Global war on terror’ etc which has duly primed and armed the western forces with an open license to kill and exterminate the adversaries at will or execute any regime change, businesses and also spend millions of dollars to cultivate and build a favorable opinion in the public, etc or create and maintain provocative agents like Israel.

Allah’s admonition is very clear on the subject [8:53] “ That is because Allah would never change a favor that He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition,…” The open ended war on terror is allowing the killing and subjugation of innocent, defenseless people. This brutal killing is being taken as an adventure, a fun in the battle fields by the Allied Forces and western media projects it as a sacred duty being performed by the allied forces to protect the preferred western way of life at home. Islam has to come out with such electronic media which projects the positive image of Islam and be sufficiently armed with intellectual ammunition to excel and counter the onslaught of rivals.

Mr Musharraf; You May Not Be the Exception

In order to implement and accomplish the plans of  US hegemonic ambitions of ‘American Empire’ dreams; US NeoCons very skilfully evolved a special policy to mark 21st century the ‘New American Century’. This plan revolves around a highly decietfull myth developed in the high lands of Afghanistan named as Al-Qaeda; The plan is to depict Al-Qaeda a monster of terror and through a scheme of fallacy and deception be declared as woldwide exporters of terrorism and the enemy pitched against humanity.

Once this fallacy is spread in the world; a universal war  be waged against it. Matter of the fact is that George W Bush and his Neocons although are completing their tenure in their offices but in the interest of US hegemonic ambitions, they are in love with this scheme of Al-Qaeda. They are pinning all their hopes on this Myth. After due deliberations, a ‘Global war against terrorism’ was launched. Its scope is so vast and far stretched that any one or any organisation or a country on this planet earth can be declared a suspect terrorist and exterminated. We have also witnessed that any untoward incident of violence happening in the selected theatre of US operations… are simply linked to Al-Qaeda.

Over a short period of time, this false and phoney myth of Al-Qaeda rhetoric has been repeated so many times that this stark lie is now seen and termed as true and real. Credit goes to the policy makers and its successful executioners. A grand American onslaught is on in Middle East and sovereign countries are being invaded, occupied and turned into US mega bases. After due consolidation of these bases; they are made as bases to serve the further advances. A befitting example of Iraq is there, where this country was invaded and now huge bases are developed and forces are ready to launch from these bases, to attack yet another sovereign country…Iran and see it crumbled down. The beauty of this scheme is that many countries are coerced to join US to form a coalition and to make it sure that it is seen as an international show.

Some of the countries like Pakistan are also engaged  as proxy to act as front state; to (indirectly) stir the crippled Taliban remnant on Pak-Afghan border so that Al-Qaeda is seen live and kicking and war against terrorism is justified. Huge sums have since been pelted at the doors of this front state and her agents. Al-Qaeda has become a tool and a lynch pin of Neocons dream policy. US has the craze to see it as an omnipotent force, an imaginary, invisible enemy; servitude of US, designed to present itself as ‘fore runners’ to act as enemy to facilitate subsequent planned attacks of…US adventurism. The consolidations phase of US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan is a stark example, how the plans after Iraq, are unravelling here in our neighbourhood.

All the proxies and mercenaries have got their ‘sell by dates’.President Musharraf who opted to board this wagon may not be exception to this. Musharraf having already been declared as spent cartridge was dictated to hand over the rein of his country to (late) Miss Benazir Bhutto, duly groomed  to be implanted as new proxy in the theatre. But for the fate of her; she was plucked away by her sad demise. Where her demise was felt as a great loss of an able daughter of Pakistan; the US Grand plan also went awry and she left many more ditches for President Musharraf to cross; one major planned job is to hand over the reins of power to substitute Miss Benazir Bhutto; the one who should act as US proxies for the future.

But Musharraf may not be able to cross this last ditch so easily and to take his secure exit route while also clinging to his power. It depends; how trust worthy and credible the substitutes, so installed on adhoc basis are? Only time will tell but History shows that no one could be a better US proxy in Arab world than Saddam Hussein in Iraq. But this business of his; cost him his country as well as a show trial and gallows awaited him at the end to silence him for good.

Where as, ‘Hegemonic Show of Neocons’ may go on; but here, one can fore see lot more inflictions and test-n-trails written for the Pakistani nation on the horizon.

Let’s Celebrate The New Dawn of Democracy

Surely it’s blue sky thinking on part of few placed at the hems of affairs of governing our country; simply by resorting to mocking, jeering and blaming the previous administration for the state of anarchy and mayhem found in Pakistan and hoping that it will go away simply by reinstating the deposed Judges or throwing the President Musharraf out; but these purported issues may not be the prime concerns of peoples of Pakistan today? The garb of piety, some how are being stretched too far; …to the extent that the fomenters in the seats of power are sadly seem eluded, even to look back that their own apparels are blotted, blackened and are full of holes.

After having taken oath twice under the PCO and also validating the take over by a dictator ( President Pervez Musharraf) twice; if Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhary now claims that he or other retired Judges (likely to be reinstated), now stands ‘pious and holy’, because they refused to take the third time oath under last PCO; the onus in any case lies on the Judiciary and the burden does falls on the one, who willfully validated the coup of so called Military Dictator on the very first time and called that coup as legitimate. If the subject judges claim that since they have repented that they were wrong to do then and their repentance of today makes them ‘pious and holy’; then this ‘Train of Piety’ that they would like to ride should also stop at the next stations to accommodate the others; who are also seen truly repenting that they have since abundant the very notions to stay in dictatorial power or impose even more PCOs. The fairness of business demands that the credit should go to the one who against all the odds initiated the phase of renaissance and made possible the dawn of democracy ( a blessing in disguise) in our society:-

  • The One who granted the amnesty even to the known convicted plunderers and looters of this nation through a ‘National Reconciliation Order’ so that they could come over and form new government?
  • One who promised a enlighten democracy and that the most transparent elections in the history of Pakistan were held and country could embrace a true democracy.
  • One who facilitated the transfer of power to new government with out any hindrance or hesitation?
  • One who is ready to walk away that he is, since relinquished of all the powers as dictator and has handed over to the new Parliament.
  • One who has announced that he will abide by any verdict passed and given by the new Parliament i.e. through impeachment etc?
  • Credit also goes to PML-Q that they volunteered to work with a Dictator President and bore tireless efforts and at last, were able to deliver the country the fruits of True Democracy. They were successful in diverting the path of draconian dictatorship and steer it toward a real Democracy by peaceful means and they achieved it.

Although President Pervez Musharraf still holds the extra ordinary executive power of ‘clause 58(2) b’, that most of the parties are weary about. But this may not be logical to think that when he has conceded and is ‘wishing-n-watching’ the transfer of power so keenly; he will ever take some untoward actions to see his dreams perished or see his ship going down; that it took him, his utmost strenuous efforts to wade through the prevalent storms of terrorism engulfing Pakistan. In the present peculiar malignant atmosphere found in the country; all the politicians along with certain other groups of civil or judicial society, are all out in a race to grab the seat of power. They will go to any extent in mudslinging.

All the parties large or small are trying to make President Musharraf a punching bag. With out any exception their fumy exhales always start with…one word; ‘an impeachment of President’ and to see him go out defunct. Where as President is seen getting ready to step aside preferably with grace but he is keeping the card of clause 58(2)b to himself, in case he needs it to apply for his safe exit and to save guard the country to plunge into yet another phase of anarchy at the hands of new coalition partners and their purported adventurism of grab of power.

Other than the price hike in markets and scarcity or unavailability of daily essential commodities; NRO is another contentious issue that this nation has to deal with. The National Reconciliation Order was only issued for the benefit of few. Normally any reconciliation will have an element of truth as its basic ingredient. Truth must be known to the people that for what, the reconciliation is being granted? The absence of phenomenon of truth in NRO, is a wilful act to give a concealment to the known pilferers, looters and plunderers and allow them to come back home safely.

This is surely allowing a lateral entry and to facilitate them even to take over the government. The beauty of the controversial NRO is that in a way it carries Supreme Court validation also. There is no known Suo motu etc as such on the record challenging the misdeed connected with NRO. Lately the same courts who could not decide the cases of plundering of usual suspects for last so many years, surprisingly were found quick to quash all the charges after issue of NRO? Although in our little orchard, every tree branch seem infested with the operatives, perched there on executive posts with mal intent; so fruits of malice are but obvious. Matter of the fact is that we do not find anyone who does not deserve any punishment? “her shakh peh uloo (aa)betha hey; anjam e gulistaan kiya hoga”. It needs a wider reconciliation for all and we need to renew our covenant of loyalty to uphold our ‘Country First’.

On the international level we as Pakistani have got certain obligations in the war against terrorism; where Pakistan and President Musharraf are the declared allies and the President is the man of the West; the chieftain of war on terror, US President George W Bush is at the last leg in his office till January next year; US may like to see Musharraf as ally till last when US President departs; so we should know our unavoidable position being proxy that where we stand and refrain from uttering of use less, emotion charged superfluous rhetoric and better see our interests and keep our house in order.

In the wake of the dawn of true democracy in our country that finally it has arrived to embrace our country and our military has also committed to stay away from their habitual indulgence in politics. Let’s celebrate our blessings in disguise; the new dawn of democracy in Pakistan!

If the Tomatoes and Cucumber was the Only Export ?

With what ever cleverness, the corporate western media portrays and tries to articulate the case of ‘Global war on Terrorism’ and justify the invasion of sovereign countries in the name of promoting peace; like Iraq or (now) Iran in the Middle East on the flimsy pretexts or go sit in Afghanistan with a hope to bring this future nerve centre of natural energy resources in US fold; the fact remains that future of terrorism is bleak and it is bound to end up in desperation and frenzy.

The myth of war on terrorism has no moral stands and bears no ethical grounds to stand on. The vile choices of few assailants; the big wicks like United States may feel respited for some time while pursuing their vicious designs and evil choices, pursuing the aim to forcibly subjugate the innocent people and siphon up the energy resources of this area to run the western oil edict economies through deceit and fallacy; this exercise virtually amounts to depriving and robbing the indigents. The committal of atrocities by the western forces in Middle East in persuasion of the rapacious greed is enormous and it is a crime against humanity, openly being committed.

In the process, where as in Middle East western violence has learnt how to parcel it self out neatly; the blood of corpuses; is blamed on, so called Jihadists, putting up the resistance. Consequently they end up being caught and are dealt with summarily for their execution. If the Tomatoes and Cucumber was the only export from Middle East; there would have been no invasion of Iraq; no mega bases and military presence; no infestation of seas of Middle Eastern peninsula with navel fleets; no mass killing of defence less innocent people; no toppling of government; no perk for proxies like Pakistan; no missile attacks and carpet bombing; no show trail for silencing the witnesses like Saddam Hussein and sending them down the gallows; no draconian sanctions against Iran restricting them to gain knowledge and technology required to defend their honour and country; no subjugation or oppression of people; no displacement of million of people and no agents like Israel assigned with a task to keep the battle heated up.

The life of Muslim being victimised in the area is but a misery! In the global war against Terror; for US Neocons (the US Conservative Think Tank) the term Jihad has proved to be a magic wand to push forward the agenda of their hegemonic adventurism. First the term Jihad was used to scramble the Muslim devotees forces (Mujahideen) from all over the Muslim World to fight Soviet Union and topple the Soviet Empire ;( Pakistan as a proxy was the conductor of that US war) the same term was later twisted and turned against Mujahideen (as they had now merged with Taliban forces); and renamed as Jihadi terrorists. With this back drop, the incident of Trade Centre debacle of 9/11 proved to be a drop scene. A faction of Taliban called Al Qaeda was indicted for attack, which brought the havoc in already a war torn society of Afghanistan.

US carried out a wide spread missile attack and carpet bombing in Afghanistan. Although the religion of the operatives, supposedly Islam, has got nothing to do with there deeds but by accepting the responsibility of 9/11 by Al Qaeda and their rhetoric, did give a boost to advance-n-enable US to establish a ‘moral and political grounds’ and gave enough reasoning to term Al Qaeda as enemy of the humanity. Very conveniently US think tanks utilise the opportunity to build up a potent pretext to wage a war called as ‘Global War Against Terrorism’ in order to move into many more lands to grab them and turn them into their military mega bases. The modification to the meanings of jihad and to re-term it as ‘Terrorism’ has enabled US and Allies to justify the invasion and other moves in Iraq as well as to occupy Afghanistan as their …legitimate operations.

The concocted myth of Al Qaeda;[1] a state less, invisible and imaginary ferocious enemy has enabled the Allied Forces to bring the Islamic lands of most ‘lucrative energy resources’ in their folds. This forsaken myth has also blemished the virtual sacred standing of Islam. The baleful conduct of Al Qaeda and Taliban has also ridiculed the final Religion of peace and wisdom to shame on this planet. While there is anarchy, disillusion and mayhem spreading in the Islamic World; these Al Qaeda hirelings are filling their coffers with wealth for hoisting the decoy flags of Terrorism up, while sitting in the ‘spin ghar’ caves of Tora Bora or in the terrorism breeding dens in Fata- Pakistan; but the lives of many more millions Muslims around the world is turning into absolute misery.

——————[1]’Zatti nee Kon-kirlee tay shehteeraan nun jhapphay’

Let’s Start Afresh

The Pakistanis as a nation may be seen striving very hard to break the myths of despiteful feudal system that they are tied in and are wishing a change to have a democratic way of life; where government is seen of the people, by the people and for the people. Where they may relish their dreams that freedom is when people can speak, democracy is when the government listens. But other than the vices of feudal and Tribal system, people in Pakistan have also been frequently subjected to the callous and draconian dictatorship rules, imposed upon them by their own Military Forces for more than half of their life of freedom of 62 years. The perpetual tribulation and numerous distasteful set backs that country has suffered; this has resulted in a high state of delusion among masses and depletion of their senses of pride in their own country and the life they lead.

This country has always been ruled by military or by ‘military supported authoritarians’ and dictators. Unfortunately Pakistani masses know not any rebel rousing except the dictates of rulers to submit to it in obedience, as ‘dictatorship is simply one way street’, says Aristotle. This may also be yet a far cry in our country that ‘Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of opulence, are the rulers’.

How unfortunate it is that Pakistanis were always motivated that their country is poised to serve as a strong hold of Islam; but it got split into two in 1971 in a most humiliating way, where a surrender of its Armed forces was orchestrated on the connivance of our own kiths and kin in its East wing. Later on when it came the time that masses were called upon to participate in an armed Jihad in our neighbourhood Afghanistan to dislodge infidel Soviet Union, who had come and occupied Afghanistan. A long struggle was lodged with the high hopes to see some miracles of renaissance taking shapes in favour of Islam and to embrace its lost glory. After a great hard ship and brutal fighting against a super power; Mujahideen were able to defeat the Soviets Union. Mujahideen success came as a tremendous relief in the World of Islam. The opportunity of inclusion of few more break away Muslim states of Soviet Union of Central Asia was a good amen toward forming of a bigger Islamic block. But alas; it came as a major blow to our ethical stand of Islam and Jihad; when it was revealed that this long atrocious war for Afghanistan was fought for United States America as her proxy to defeat Soviet Union and make US a sole Super power. This war was a fully paid up business. Pakistan for instance as a sole conductor of war minted huge sums and the ethical stand of Jihad was merely used as myth to befool Islamist warriors; [watnay frokhtan; wa cheh arzaan furokhtand?] The beauty of the predicament is that Mujahideen forces were simply abundant after war and Afghanistan was left to the mercy of war lords and Extremists. Rest is the history that how these Mujahideen got merged into Taliban and then were declared Terrorist; and how the western policies have since been built up around the extremism of Taliban and turned into a global dilemma of ‘War against Terrorism’ to annihilate Islam.

In the fields of religion in Pakistan one seeth that, invariably the masses are seen dithering in holding a true faith in their Holy book-Quran; Quran is left to the interpretation by its zealots only and is no more taken as a common book of guidance for the common man in the street. Quran is replaced by the dictates of ‘fiqah’ and ‘Ahadis’ with the extremist views and practices prescribed on vim. This is resulting in fragmentation of basic weaves of the society. It has created many more factions, sects following their own crafted beliefs’. There are as many factions as there are number of mosques. Various factions are pitched against each other as an arch rivals; behaving like outlandish as well as threatening to challenge the writ and rules of state; freely labelling all others as Kafirs but themselves.

Although one may point out the present achieved results in democracy as a fractious parliamentary coalition all but paralyzed by Byzantine political struggles; issue of rebellious lawyers and judges, who marched on the capital to destabilize; the oppressed and poverty stricken, deluded masses and soaring food prices and power shortages, which are threatening to trigger mass unrest and there is a war looming on our western borders.

Our society in Pakistan may be decaying and seen on its down turn but there is a glimmer of hope that at least democracy has dawned in the country and rule of law may be soon at hand. Our Armed Forces normally habitual of imposing of dictatorship now and often have finally decided to retire back to their barracks. It is a blessing in disguise and an occasion to celebrate. There is a dire need that as a reconciliatory gesture people may be moved and motivated for their true repentance and a General Amnesty for all the sinful actors that most of us we are; be declared and lets all start afresh with one goal that Pakistan Comes first.

The Thriving Businesses of FATA

The most flagrant and heinous crime that one could ever think of is the crime that some one commits against ones own country, home land or the people. It is established fact that in FATA, the tribal leaders of area; Maliks and Khans they per purpose want this area to remain as the least developed area. The business they are involved in, thrives, in under developed areas, where common folk are destitute and poverty stricken; area be secluded with no go terrain; with no established road net work system and inaccessible, barren and void of any developed natural resources.

The prevalent hunger in the area makes the people vulnerable and they are ready to do any given job; that is the secret behind the businesses of brutal Maliks and Khans, to exploit the hunger and hire the people on paltry handouts. So these Maliks and khans hire the vulnerable common folks as foot carriers (Lugrees) of their business trade consisting of narcotics and smuggling of all sorts of contraband arms, ammunitions and other weapons as well as smuggling of range of lucrative commodities. Hijacking of dignitaries and other high stake peoples is another good business; hijack them; take them to the interiors of FATA also known as ‘Ilaqa ghair’ and release them on hefty ransoms. Pakistani Ambassador Abdul Aziz to Afghanistan is the latest odious example. He was hijacked and released only, when monies exchanged hands.

Another chapter of FATA business is business of deceit and treason; playing in the hands of foreign interests; and work as their proxy. Many a camps of training and indoctrination to breed terrorists are opened in the name of religious madrassas in FATA and in adjacent areas. Young jobless juveniles are trained and exported to desired destinations. World Super power like USA ambitious plans to advance her hegemonic designs, hems on orchestrating of this atrocious and detestable business of FATA enablers.

Keeping the FATA area as an under developed and under the direct control of federal administration is also on purpose on Pak government level. While India is our arch enemy and will always be; that Geostrategic location of Pakistan vis-à-vis India, dictates it as such. India is an emerging regional power but is a geographical locked country by Himalayas and Indian Ocean all round except its only overland routes open to economic natural resources areas in Middle East and Central Asia through a North West corridor; called Pakistan. So we may always be having trouble induced by India inside Pakistan from Swat to FATA to Chamman to Quetta, Kalat, Bugti Baluchistan and in Gawader. In view of this, Afghanistan as country, forms a part of depth in ‘Pakistan’s Defences’ against India expected onslaught. The well kept porous borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan serves that purpose.

Matter of the fact is that all the countries they do have geostrategic constraints but as long as we have got our own sons, living on this sacred soil ready to accept foreign monies in Baluchistan and FATA and else where; ready to play in the hands of enemies of Pakistan to sacrifice its sovereignty; unity, peace and stability remains a far cry.

Osama- is a friend indeed!

After invasion of Iraq; United States  turned this war into a ‘Global War on Terror’ and as a next stop over of her, is now in occupation of Afghanistan to catch the top man of terror; Osama bin Laden (OBL). US supposedly holds the full command of this country but Osama, his AL Qaeda and all the top commanders are still at large for last many years. Reportedly they are living there in Afghanistan and doing their usual businesses very successfully, right under the noses of US lead NATO forces in the same country, the way they want.

Is it not very surprising? Yes; of course! It is.

But- we don’t want to catch them! Why we will not be catching them? Well, I have to tell you a… little story: Once there was a conference going on, of ‘police heads’ of different countries. The on going discussion was that how early the thugs are caught by police in their respective countries? Country ‘A’ said that they can get hold of the culprit, with in three days of the incident.‘B’ said; well they can do it with in one day. And when the turn of ‘C’ came; ’C’  said; catching of thugs–well no problem. We will be knowing this plan, three days earlier… before the very incident happens. How come – asked every body? The reply was; ‘Because the theft… we carry out our selves’.

Keeping all the purported Terrorism of OBL on one side.  Let there, no harm comes to Osama. He is the best US loyal friend; carrying out, all the good jobs! Only he has been made to sit out there in the wilderness, for a specific purpose! Poor man; what a cost that he is paying even in his frail old age while he is suffering from his kidney troubles also.

The Osama bin laden happens to be the chieftain of all the proxies, ever fostered by US in the recent history; followed by others, like Saddam Hussein in Iraq, who fought an 8 long years war of attrition against Iran to deplete Iran and soften up the grounds for US; but later Saddam was silenced for good… for the benefits of many more. There is Musharraf in Pakistan, who kept the purported monster of terrorism live on Afghan-Pakistan border; in order to justify US operation against the terror and also prolong US stay in the areas of interest. Lately Musharraf was being replaced by a lateral entry of BB but alas; her ‘taqdeer’ some how caught up and plucked her way! [Inalillah wa ina Allehay rajayhoon]. But it is not much of a worrisome scenario for US; there are sufficiently capable people available in Pakistan to take over the job; only we have to wait till they complete their carrier courses and cadres  at home and at US ‘yattras’, subject to their fully verification and vetting! There are bigger jobs for them to do ahead? Even haven can wait and very rightly the entire Pakistan is on a hold; including Osama bin Laden.

The past conduct of Osama bin Laden (OBL) shows that this headliner stooge may not be graded as American foe at all, as he is generally purported. Mr. George W Bush is the sole top beneficiary of OBL past performances. He happens to be the best proven friend. May it be the past mid-term US elections, any remembrance day of atrocious incident of 9/11 or a time when US planned to initiate a surge of US forces in Iraq, etc, etc? He was always there ready with a befitting video or audio massage; very timely emerging from his hiding (cave) and coming up in aid of Bush with his pre-empt contributions. To act as decoy enemy; an act earnestly required to justify the next intended offensive moves by George W Bush. Has he ever been found late on this; no…never. He is our friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

The tons of seasonal harvest of tomatoes and cucumbers in Third World may not pose any problem. There are the mineral resources found in the Third World- verses -the Western rapacious greed, in order to snatch and make run their own economy wheels. This is a matter of gravious concerns of us all. The deceit full actions being carried out by the West to grab these resources to turn into their folds is making this world… an ‘unsafe place’. Pakistan; a beautiful country is in turmoil. There is anarchy and mayhem all over. Musharraf has been doing his best in his little capacity to curtail it; but fate of this country is pre-decided in USA. Pakistan is a US proxy and her all the leaders are implanted by US and each of them carry his or her a ‘sell by date’. The route for its leaders to the seat of power passes through Washington. So we should not be surprised with any untoward out come or abrupt change of faces. US selection remains predominant;  (jo pia mun bhaey). The turmoil in Pakistan is but predestined; with the friends like USA, who needs the enemies?