Lake drainage: Water level decreasing in Hunza Gojal Valley


Alhamdo Lillah; Sud Alhamdo Lillah

In the very first picture of the  tree  a frozen ice thaw is still hanging which shows the water level of the lake. Comparing it with the receding water level of lake now this can be imagined that water level has considerably decreased about 18 feet.

Back at that time this was my guts feeling that only answer to this blockage was the controlled blasting out of the spillway. This was suggested many a times to the authorities through Daily Pamir Times. Anyhow Alhamdo lillah this is done now and  a hope which was once seen lost will come back and life will be returning in the area soon.



While military awaits the orders from the Supreme Courts

There has never been the time that military in Pakistan ever came in power at its own for the heck of it. It was always there on the demand of public and the politicians of the time; when they felt that a group in power has crossed all the limits of their corruption and nepotism. These authoritative rulers with their feudalistic mind set have always took it granted as Pakistan and its people were at their disposal and a personal property owned by them.

Pak military which considers itself the saviour of this country has always stood for the cause and have come in on public demand to rescue and prop up the failing country. History shows that after taking over the country and setting it back on the course; it has always handed over its reign back to the civilians. This is repeated some three times. The last hand over by General Pervez Musharraf is the hall mark of its kind, when country with its vibrant economy and society leading a moderate pace was handed over to the known top leadership in the country to come and run it on a turnkey bases. Continue reading While military awaits the orders from the Supreme Courts