Washington’s obsessive fear of Iran

America Sends Christmas Present to her Favorite Saudi princes

One must hold that thought about democracy in the Middle East while US sell $60 billion of military hardware to the princes of Saudi Arabia. The U.S. closed the first $30 billion half of a major arms deal Thursday to send 84 F-15 fighter jets to a country where only this month a women was beheaded convicted of practicing traditional Arab witchcraft and sorcery.

The U.S. will also help upgrade 70 existing Saudi jets as part of the package, which is the first installment of a major arms agreement that will also send helicopters and munitions to the kingdom.

Of course the whole deal is built around Washington’s obsessive fear of Iran says BBC.
In Washington, senior state department official Andrew Shapiro said it would send “a strong message to countries in the region that the United States is committed to stability in the Gulf and broader Middle East”.

“It will enhance Saudi Arabia’s ability to deter and defend against external threats to its sovereignty,” he added.

Since the ouster of Saddam Hussein, Saudi Arabia and Israel are the other poles in the region, and the U.S. has promised to continue to arm both for the foreseeable future.

Lately Iran has warned that if US gets further sanctioned passed against Iran in UN; It will make sure that not a drop of oil passes through strait of Hormuz. Currently some 1/5th of world oil supply from Persian gulf countries passes through this strait.

Earlier in both the Gulf Wars Saudi air bases were used by US to launch attacks inside Iraq against Saddam Husain; this time it may be used to assist Israeli attacks on Iranian Nuclear sites and other naval bases. guess.

What is up their sleeve to subdue Iranian neighbor Pakistan, is anybody’s guess.

A Long walk back home

Like Qaid e Azam M A Jinnah as founding father of Pakistan, in Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk an Ottoman and Turkish army officer is the founding father of modern Turkey. As a revolutionary founder of Republic of Turkey he after defeating the allied forces gained remarkable successes in military campaigns to secure independence for Turkey. Ataturk is known for embarking upon a program of political, economic, and cultural reforms, seeking to transform the former Ottoman Empire into a modern, westernized and secular nation-state. In recent past in Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf was also seen working on his foot prints in Pakistan to bring about a moderation in our extremists driven Pakistani society but this was interrupted and Musharraf was to go out defunct.

As a commander-in-chief of Army of the Grand National Assembly, Ataturk also became the President of country and ever since Turk Armed Forces have stayed at the helm of the Turkish affairs.

Under the peculiar Turkish situ and its strategic location, Turkey serves as a gate way to Europe for being at the cross road of Europe, Middle East and Asia. Earlier the humiliating defeat of Turkey and fall of Ottoman Empire have left deep scars on Turkish society where dejected masses of a defeated country were considering themselves as some cursed species and under wrath of God.

As a military man in order to revive Turkish society, it was a mammoth uphill task for Ataturk to bring the masses out of the darkness and groom the civil elites to execute his National plan of modernity and progress that he envisaged but this exercise often went awry for indulgence of Turkish civilian lot into mass corruption as well as other turmoil inflicted on the borders in Kurd area along Syria, Iraq and Iran’s borders and issue of Cyprus Island with Greece.

Ironically; Civilian elites in Turkey have taken very long to come out of their big sleep of hibernation and self imposed isolation as a defeated nation and to accept the renaissance scheme of Ataturk or come at par with the military till the present Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s party  came up and showed that they may equate and even excel the military and its popular plan of moderation for Turkey. Military too has been more than happy to hand over the rein to the Civilian government. Unlike Pakistan, Turkish civil government has been very thank full to the National Army for holding the fort for them while Civilians have been grooming themselves to come out of big sleep and take charge.

And rightly so there has been a win-win position for all. Turkey now stands on its own feet. It is member of European Union and the only country which has its vibrant economy in Europe.

Pakistan may also learn a lesson out of this Turkish exercise and rather than toeing the western dictated lines to declare its military commanders as dictators and running around seeking foreign help and orchestrating plots of deceits to demonize the military as this army was some foreign force in occupation of Pakistan. The politician ought to be mature and magnanimous enough to say thank you to military like Turkish they did when they were to take a full charge. After all Musharraf in Pakistan did give everything ready on a plate to politicians to come and run this country.

Coming back closer to the home where we find on our western borders confronted with the US lead NATO forces ready waiting in the wings to run over our country and our arch enemy India in the East rattling her sabres with hundreds of mechanized military tanks Armed units which she can never use against China in the high mountains or against the enemy advancing in the Arabian sea or the riverine in the east; except to have a run over us on the vast plans of Pakistan. Reportedly there are 70% of Indian Armed forces deployed against Pakistan, says; Pakistanthinktank.org

How unfortunate it is to find our present government playing in the hands of our enemies and accepting their terms by creating OBL like killing fiasco, crafting memogate like scandals, lending score of bases to CIA, declaring the arch enemy India as MFN-most favoured nation against the interest and wishes of Pakistani peoples and its Military and giving slandering speeches against military and ISI— the way recently PM Gilani has been wolfing, are all signs of undermining of our own military forces who are busy on multiple national tasks engaging our enemy to keep them at the bay. Our sun browned sons and daughters serving in our Gallant Armed Forces they certainly know better what is there at stake.

But where do we stand as a nation now? We may find —that  those beautiful are not yet born who would rise and come at par to armed forces and take charge of this fortress and jointly run it like in Turkey they did or walk a walk like Turkish, they walked.

Lately this nation is pinning all its hopes on the ‘Lone Rangers’; Imran Khan but this seems as there is yet a long walk back home.

Who killed Benazir Bhutto?

Today, its 27th December. In  2007 this was the day that Pakistan lost a young vibrant leader and an able daughter….Miss Benazir Bhutto. May her Soul Rests in Peace.
Like her father ZA Bhutto, she too had always put up a brave face against all the facades of tyranny but for the consort with whom she had struck a pact to let her come in power t…o serve her country. But after her arrival in Pakistan; right before the time that she was to take over; Her issue of defiance and a rebel sprung up. she was taken as a defiant person and of no use to them while she comes in power. Having visualized this—-that they probabaly may not be able to  fulfil their evil agenda– she was removed from the scene.
Ina Lillah wa Ina Elahay Rajehoun
Afsoos oun Ghuchoun peh hey; jo bin Khillay Murjha gaey

A New Crescent is Rising on Our Horizon

It was a mammoth gathering of PTI at Mazar e Qaid –Karachi.

Maen Akela hi chala tha Jaanib-e-Manzil magar.
Log saath aate gaye aur Kaaravaan Bantaa gayaa
It’s time that youth must be leading this nation but they do require think tanks to show them the way to sail through the troubled waters of the time. Peoples with limited vision may be of the opinion that these Veterans Like Makhdom Javaid Hashmi, Raza Ali Kasuri, Sardar Assef ali and Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Hussain Qureshi may hijack the entire Imran khan’s show.

Contrary to all this and it may of much a surprise for the pessimist and despondent that joining of PTI by some senior and renowned figures—all the old foreign affairs diplomats and politicians is yet another great sign of strong Pakistan where they have sacrificed their everything even when they are at their prime age but prefer to be a member of the PTI team which has successfully set its oars to leap forward and save—Pakistan.

The wind of change is in the air. New Crescent is rising on this horizon to meet the stars on this land.

I see it as history is repeating itself; It’s like joining of old Muslim generals under the flag banner of teenage—- Muhammad Bin Qasim.

Let this truth be Known

Although it is yet to be proved whether memogate scandal cooked by the personal cabinet of President Zardari for their treacherous act asking the US government to demonize Pakistani armed forces and risking the national security is true or false but it has done one thing; it has brought Pak Military, government, Judiciary and the opposition at the Altar where only truth may prevail. Some of the culprits fearing their exposure have started trembling in their paints and are seen waffling about in desperation.

The Prime Minister Gilani who is known for wearing his ever new designer dresses for every occasion. His life style and exceptionally large and expensive lay out of flowers bouquet spread on the tables and rostrums where he makes the speeches are a glimpse of his indulgence in extravagant spending. God knows how beleaguered Pakistan is paying for his so elegant designer’s dresses and extravagant life style.

Lately on 22 December 2011 at National assembly forum in his speech he declared that Military generals were conspiring against the democratic government to take over and are running a state with in state. Such baseless slanderous remarks are certainly a sheepish rhetoric of a deluded insane person trying to divert the attention of masses and hide the truth of memogate plot which is being processed in the Supreme Court in order to consider it for its due investigation and affix the possible charges of treason against the culprits.

The PM enmity against Armed forces is so carnal and visible in his daily rhetoric that he even went against the very national line taken in case of OBL presence in the Pakistan. He adversely alleged Military for hiding the facts in regard to OBL stay at Abbottabad compound for last six years.

The waffling and show of his be wilderness is sure a sign of; Chor Ki dadhi Maen Tinka

‘The news International’ editor Mr.Malick says that: ‘Instead of ensuring an incisively exhaustive and honest investigation into the memo affair, the government is now clearly bent upon exploiting it as a martyr-making opportunity. Memogate was a simple isolated incident and only warranted a circumspect investigation into serious allegations against a Pakistani ambassador. Instead, it has deliberately been blown up into a full-scale conspiracy against democracy. Which is ‘Ridiculous’?’

But probably they may not know that every dog hath a day, when cats are left only to Mew.

Earlier on PM Gilani was also heard saying that as per US Gen James Jones affidavit, the memo alleged to be initiated by Ambassador Husain Haqqani is not real and rejected it as some figment of a shady Character Mansoor Ijaz–but this James Jones affidavit loses it credibility altogether when James claims that it is a fake memo but he feels obliged to forward a known ‘fake and misconceived memo’, to Admiral Mike Mullen for his perusal?

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has very strongly dispelled the speculations of any alleged military takeover and said that these are misleading and are being used as a bogey to divert focus from the real issues.

Gen Kiyani also emphasized that the issues of national security need to be considered on merit alone. He concluded by saying that irrespective of all other considerations, there can be no compromise on national security.

Ironically; in order to escape the accountability for their gross negligence in their governance and misappropriation of national assets; the present government is all out trying to provoke the Armed forces to draw them in to come and take over the country and the rein of government from them. This act is likely to avail them a chance by which they may escape and declare themselves the ‘martyr of democracy’.

For sure Armed forces are no more ready to come forward yet again and become a scapegoat that they in the best interest of nation should come forward to rescue the nation and bear all the brunt of loot and pilferage of national assets by this infamous government.

This would be as ‘the culprits are let to abandon the sinking ship and military is left to fight the fire.

Khaan peen nou Noor Bhari (PPP); tey Dhoun Bhannan noun Mr. Jumma




Pakistan may add drones to her inventory–easily

There is no doubt US got upper hand in drone technology and is free to carry out strikes at her will under self proclaimed ‘CIA’s judge-jury-executioner assassination program’ in the lands which may offer less or no resistance to drone operation for lack of their ability or other constraints like in Pakistan to counter drone attacks.

But I don’t think that those days are too far off when these defenceless countries would also be having this technology in hand and famous US drone bases like Creech air base in Nevada will be in reach and may equally be surveiled and attacked by the adversaries.

I mean they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. While simple cyber-hacking may bring down the drones, to add to their inventory like Iranians they did recently by taking down the most advanced surveillance drone RQ-170 Sentinel. Reportedly this surveillance drone was used in tracking down Osama Bin laden in his Abbotabad compound while surveilling in Pakistani air spaces at the altitude of 50,000 feet.

This Defiance may get you Killed

In recent past numbers of Pakistani leaders were killed and we do see that certain political parties and their affiliates tend to keep them placed on very high pedestals as they all died in the best cause and services of Pakistan but sadly this may not be true. So let’s try to see them in somewhat true prospective and avoid viewing them on the pages of distorted history as one has to be very careful not to absorb the bad with the good when we emulate the heroes.

If we only know that ZA Bhutto and Miss Benazir Bhutto who are graded as much high and ambitious leaders, in the eyes of masses but they were sadly put to death for their show of defiance toward their consort—US. They were unable to test the waters when US considered their acts—a revolt of a bosom ally. Ziaul haq too was killed under the same pretext. Lesser grade devils like Pervez Musharraf and Zardari; their lives may be spared for their unique display of loyalty as US proxies, with the hope that they may be allowed to pass their later days of life—on exile.

Z A Bhutto: If we may recall that he was seen by US as an emerging Asian leader who had started threatening US and Western designs and their interests in this region. After holding a famous Muslim leaders Summit Conference at Lahore in 1974, it was seen that he had started uniting some of the Middle Eastern leaders behind him which would make the western standings in ME somewhat untenable … Thus he was removed by sending him down the gallows. He was an ambitious leader but lacked the vision notwithstanding it that he may not be allowed the chance to swim freely in the very river where other ferocious crocodiles rule and occupy the spaces.

Miss Benazir Bhutto opted to trek a safer route. Unlike her father, she offered her services to US to be their subservient for which, she was trained and nurtured for long seven years in the west to become a perfect US Robot… She was made to land back in Pakistan on red NRO carpets laid by Musharraf to receive her on the prize post to be the next prime Minister……But somehow soon after her landing in the country, she was seen in a defiance mood. This US Robot had started malfunctioning and before this that it started operating in breach of her contract with US as a defiant Prime Minister; she too was removed from the scene.

As Pakistanis we may be gauging it a great loss of an able and a ambitious young leader but US eyes it differently that they just eliminated a malfunctioning Robot of theirs—gone awry.

General Zialul Haq services extended to US are most remarkable. He went all out to wage a war by renting out Pak Army to US to fight a US war in Afghanistan. He attained a towering success and defeated Soviet Union in Afghanistan and made it possible for the US to become a World sole Super power but his faceless master-US had abruptly abandoned Pakistan leaving him high and dry and a frustrated man. He was left to deal with the huge burden of Mujahedeen warriors and their rehabilitation after the atrocious Afghan war. The present day state of anarchy and chaos gripping the country is all a doing of the old disgruntled Mujahedeen now turned against their own country in the shape of hirelings called TTP (Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan).

Anyhow; fearing that Furious Ziaul Haq may not turn round to challenge US; he was blasted while in the sky only to mark it a rule of ‘Machiavelli: The Prince’ that all the proxies must meet their end after completion of their assigned tasks and ought to be eliminated. Later all the left over stock pile of US arms and Ammo which included anti-aircraft missiles earlier used against Soviet Union and still held with Pakistan were destroyed by a major CIA subversion attack carried out at Ojhari Camp near Rawalpindi.

In the immortal words of former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, we must keep in mind that “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests” and you may certainly be killed any time on the charges of revolting—as a Bosom ally of—US.

Did they all lose their lives in the best services and cause of Pakistan; remains a big question?


Hum barbaad ho gaey

Sometimes the sky above us brings up unique colours to display. Zardari who would have never thought of becoming a President even in his dreams but with a single jolt which pushed her wife Benazir Bhutto up for the heavens… brought him on the thrown as a supreme commander and President—– not only of this unfortunate land but of BB’s political party; PPP too.

It was, as man has got a lottery doors opened for him…. Same was the case for American CIA that what a man they got in lieu of Benazir Bhutto who had lately turned somewhat defiant against the will and wishes of America. Zardari was a perfect substitute.

When loot is the free option; who would not indulge in it —-and then we saw that how the entire entourage of his creed landing in Islamabd went on pilfering spree. Any asset of this land that they could lay hand on was subjected to loot and turned into dirt.

This has crippled the entire society and all the institutions and services like railway, transport, industries with no fuel, electricity or gas have come to a grinding halt.

Hum barbaad ho gaey

I will bear repeating that more than half the public is job less. I recently visited Pakistan and saw that most of the food and commodities items of daily consumptions are sold at European or UK rates; whereas an average person in Pakistan just earns Pak Rs.7000 and monthly earning of even a low class person in UK is in Pak Rupees about 175,000. Ratio comes to 1:25. What is this justification of price hike in Pakistan on this scale?

But where is this civil society of our which somehow is showing its reluctance to come out and fiercely demand the eviction of the stooges installed in Islamabad. These stooges are fast selling this nation to foreign forces, reducing every national asset to ashes and conspiring to deplete and defang the only saviour institution of Pakistan; the Pak Armed forces?


Was OBL killed with the tacit Approval of Zardari?



Day by day; this news in the Media is becoming clearer that President, Asif Ali Zardari had the knowledge of raid on CIA compound of OBL at Abbottabad. From the operation timings point of view; it may be that he knew it vaguely but for sure President Asif Zardari knew about the OBL fiasco that it was being orchestrated as a play let to demonise our Military Generals and ISI to flog them back in line…. and it was done with his tacit approval.

But why it is so…?

If we only know that this is an old Saudi-US nexus to bring the nuclear potent and known fortress of Islam—Pakistan in American fold as her subservient. Somehow this nexus only became obvious owing to 9/11 incident in Musharraf era. Saudi-US nexus had originally started in Ziaul Haq time.  He was the first pawn; a bead fixed in that long stretched and conducive ‘Rosary knot cord …of Deceit’ when on religious bases this nation was turn on and exploited to become US proxy. Saudis paid an active part as agents and financiers.

After Zial ul, when he was blasted out in the sky; can we possibly say that Miss Benazir Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif is to be placed outside of this Rosary beads string of Saudi-US nexus? You may not…because they too happened to be US pawns who during their Premier tenures did serve as the conduits and enablers to carry forward the given leads of Saudi-US nexus set by Ziaul Haq.

After BB and Nawaz Sharif; although Pervez Musharraf took the rein of the country as a military dictator but only one single US threatening roar after the incident of 9/11, was sufficient enough to bring him in line. The incident of 9/11 can be said that it tied the knot of Pakistan—- to serve as US proxy more firmly.

Ever since the above mechanism is in place it works like a reef knot that It holds solid and pulls tighter under pressure. It is so well placed that even after decade long duration, the Musharraf regime’s successor; the cunning Zardari who was installed under the provision of wishy-washy scheme of NRO may dare not to step out of the US given lines.

May it be raid on CIA compound of OBL at Abbottabad, the Mehran base fiasco or the recent NATO forces attack on Salala Posts and other continuous Drone attacks in FATA area—– they all are part of evil design of our enemies found hovering on our border (even have infiltrated beyond our defence lines) to provoke the Armed Forces to draw them into war in order to defang our nuclear weapons and finish the military power off before the great US game in this region is brought to an end or taken to a next stage.

On the other hand; there are desperate efforts being made to make the latest Memogate a controversial issue—- but its contents reveal a lot.