Has Pakistan started making too loud noises?

All the US proxies they carry a sell by date and Pakistan seems to have spent that time.

The US-Pak relationship where Pakistan has taken US in friendship but for the US obnoxious and cannibalistic behavior is finding itself frustrated, left high and dry and even its survival seems to be at stake.

This reminds me the unusual courtship tale of ‘Black widow spider’ and of ‘Chinese mantis’ bug as how their courtship rituals are termed.

The praying ‘Black widow spider’ known for its hourglass shape and ‘mantis’ have got the cannibalistic tendencies observed in their mating behavior offered by the females. It is rare that praying mantis mating ends with the male flying off, unharmed.

During the mating; the female mantis beheads her lover. The praying mantis brain is located in his head which controls inhibition, while a ganglion in the abdomen controls the motions of copulation. Absent his head, a male praying mantis will lose all his inhibitions and consummate his relationship with wild abandon.

To satiate her thirst and hunger; for certain, a slow moving and deliberate predator like the praying mantis is not going to pass up an easy meal which ends in consuming of his male partner altogether.

It was all a male mantis for making unfortunate choice of a hungry female for a mate; he is surely going to be toast once they have mated.

The tale of US relation of courtship with Pakistan as US proxy is that of unfortunate mate; who is destined to be consumed as mantis female meal at the end.

The common Pakistanis think that why US must threaten to attack them? How can US forget all the sacrifices made by Pakistan? How more lows this partner may go? Well one must not be surprised that all the predators like ‘mantis’ and ‘Black widows spiders’ carry an instinct of cannibalization which is in their nature. The bad name that world thinks that US has always earned after each adventure of her is just for her instinctive macabre behaviors of a savage arrogant exterminator that US bears.

Long time ago; Henry Kissinger described his best when he said; ‘there are no permanent friends or foe with US; it is only permanent interests’.

All the proxies and mercenaries have got their ‘sell by dates’. President Musharraf who opted to board the US wagon in 2001 was not an exception to this. Musharraf having already been declared as spent cartridge was dictated to hand over the rein of his country to (late) Miss Benazir Bhutto, who was duly groomed by US to be implanted as new proxy in the theatre. But for the fate of her; her demise plucked her away from the scene too early. Whereas her demise was felt a great loss of an able daughter of Pakistan; seemingly the US Grand plan was also seen gone bit awry and she left many more ditches for President Musharraf to cross. One major planned job was to hand over the reins of power to a substitute of Miss Benazir Bhutto while he himself would stay in power. The one who is selected should also act as US proxy.

But Musharraf was unable to cross this last ditch so easily and to take his secure exit route while also clinging to his power. It depended; how trust worthy and credible the substitute, so installed on adhoc basis was?

At the end we got; Zardari; who is every inch a khawwari in his entirety for this country.
History shows that no one could be a better US proxy in Arab world than Saddam Hussein in Iraq. But this business of his; cost him his country as well as a show trial and gallows awaited him at the end to silence him for good.

The ‘Hegemonic Show of US Neocons’ goes on in our region, one could also see that how the inflictions and test-n-trails written for the Pakistani nation on the horizon have continuously been unfolding.

Musharraf was not an exception and it ended in his exile; neither in the present scenario Pakistan would be. There should be no doubt in our minds that US desires that like ‘Black widow spider’ or ‘mantis’ the firsthand witness to the tales of their courtship and the colossal US failures in Afghanistan— Pakistan be seen defanged or silenced for good.

But to their horror, evidently US finds this proxy Pakistan started making too loud noises.



APC: ‘All pains Cure’-or- ‘Allah Peh Chor’

In the face of declaration of all out American war against Pakistan; PM Yousaf Raza Gilani calls for an All party Conference -APC on 29 September 2011 at PM house to build up national consensus as how to deal with this critical situation.

Let’s see whether outcome of this APC becomes an ‘All Pains Cure’ for Pakistan


It turns out to be ‘Allah Peh Chor’ and business runs as usual.




Haqqani is back home in Afghanistan

It is too late for the Hero—United States to announce that; US would attack Haqqanis inside Pakistan; not knowing it that Haqqanis the supporters of deposed Taliban government finding the situation ripe back home in Afghanistan in spite of the presence of retreating Mega US lead NATO forces; are successful in taking back some 80% of Afghanistan in their control and Afghanistan is a safe place for the groups like Haqqanies. Sirajud Din Haqani; son of aged Jalaluddin Haqqani, now in his sixties is a former anti-Soviet resistance commander known for his ruthless effectiveness as a fighter. Sirajud Din Haqani says in an interview from an undisclosed place in Afghanistan that they are finding Afghanistan a much safer place for their operations than in Pakistan.

Haqqanis have ready landed in Afghanistan to celebrate their victory against the yet another Oppressing Super power –USA found retreating after Soviet Union and foresee to claim back Taliban hegemony and restore their government.

The gradually warming Pakistan-United States ties have suddenly turned sour in the aftermath of the September 13 brazen terrorist attack on the US Embassy in Kabul, which senior American military and government officials have squarely blamed on the North Waziristan-based Haqqani militant network, led by Sirajuddin Haqqani. But to threat Pakistan to come and attack the abandoned Taliban sanctuaries in ungoverned FATA area is a cry of a frustrated enemy finding no place to hide its defeated face.

Haqqnis they come from Afghanistan. In Pakistan they own a vast swash of lands in North Waziristan where they as an extended family live in a village Dandi Darpakhel spread over a large area near Miranshah in North Waziristan. Ever since Taliban government was deposed after US attack on Afghanistan; Haqqanies have been very active in providing the logistic and other support to their brothers in exile–. Taliban

In Miran Shah Haqqanis run  their Madrassa which is a known old Mujahedeen training camp and presently it is known as so called a sanctuary for the Taliban and possibly this has previously been also used as staging camp and communication centre by Al Qaeda.

Named after its founding leader Jalaluddin Haqqani, the Haqqani network is an Afghan militant group that is based out of North Waziristan in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. The network has been active mainly in the east of Afghanistan in Paktia, Paktika, Khost, Ghazni Wardak and even Kabul provinces.

Haqqanis are the influential lot in the area along Afghan-Pak border and have always served as a go in between as a vital linking group between Pak and Afghanistan territories for long, for which ISI is maintaining a strong connections and considers them important potent tool in hand.

For obvious reasons Pakistan has its vested interests that peace is maintained on both the sides of Pak-Afghan border… for which it remains obliged to the Haqqanis for their assistance and the services

Erroneously they have been assisting the TTP to help them organise their Tehrik- ‘Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan.  But ever since TTP fell prey to CIA and became their tool; believably Haqqanies have distanced from them. It may be matter of repentance for Haqqanies that they supported TTP who have proved as hirelings in this area and for money are creating havoc in Pakistan through subversive killing and destruction.

Earlier; when Soviet forces invaded Afghanistan in 1979, like many Afghan leaders, Jalaluddin took his family and fighters to Pakistan and settled in North Waziristan, which borders his native Khost province.

He subsequently received significant support from the American Central Intelligence Agency and from the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and built up a sizable and competent anti-Soviet militia force by the mid-1980s.

The current ties between the Haqqani network and the Afghan Taliban date back to the days of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan led by Mullah Omar. The Taliban seized power in 1996 and were ousted by the US-led invasion in late 2001.

As Jalaluddin has aged, his elder son Sirajuddin has taken over the responsibility of carrying out cross-border operations in Afghanistan. Sirajuddin has eclipsed his father in power and influence and he rivals more senior leaders for leadership of the Taliban. In many ways, he is smarter and more respected than far more senior Taliban leaders.

According to US military commanders, the Haqqani network is the most resilient in Afghanistan and one of the biggest threats to the US-led forces.

Following WikiLeaks’ July 2010 publication of 75,000 classified documents, it was revealed that Sirajuddin Haqqani was in tier one of the International Security Assistance Force’s Joint Prioritized Effects List – its “kill or capture” list.

Therefore, the Americans have targeted the Haqqani network in North Waziristan extensively in recent years, especially since a suicide bomber killed seven senior CIA officers in the Khost area of Afghanistan on December 31, 2009.

While the Americans treat the Haqqani network as an enemy, but believably Pakistani establishment still consider it as a strategic asset and a possible ally in Afghanistan after the exit of US-led forces.

But the embassy attack in Kabul has deeply annoyed the Americans, prompting key US military officials to once again set off a volley of anti-Pakistan statements by publicly accusing Islamabad of “sleeping with the enemy”.

After the sweet words that followed the recent arrest of senior al-Qaeda leader Younis al-Mauritania from Pakistan, senior American officials have turned their guns on Pakistan and warned that the US would “do everything it can” to defend American forces from Haqqani militants.

Clearly embarrassed by the Taliban attack, Panetta, a former CIA chief, accused Pakistan on September 15 of not curtailing the Haqqani network. He said his country’s response would show Pakistan that the US meant business. “Time and again we have urged the Pakistanis to exercise their influence over these kinds of attacks from the Haqqanies. And we have made very little progress in that area. I think the message the Pakistanis need to know is: we are going to do everything we can to defend our forces.”

Panetta said he was concerned about the Haqqanies’ ability to attack American troops and then escape back into what is a safe haven in Pakistan, “which is unacceptable”.

But while Haqqanies have landed back in the heart land of US occupied Afghanistan to announce to attack Haqqanis in Meran shah FATA area by US is like Bolting the stable door shut after the horse has bolted loose.


Thanks All: a personal note


I thank all my near and dears, who have been praying for a successful cataract removal operation of mine.
With Allah’s blessings and their kind prayers; Alhamdo Lillah; it all went very well. Thanks for the well wishing messages, emails, cards and flowers bouquets received from friends and family.

It took some four hours in its preparatory stage of operation to dilate, enlarge the eye and to make it freeze by local anasthesia. It is no good an experience when the opaque lens  is broken, shattered by means of ultra sound, drill machine like burst inside your eye; that too when you are all awake. No pains but there is an err feelings all along.

For a while it was felt as my little lens was saying no to its breakage but then a sigh of relief was felt which ended with applause by operating staff and the surgeon— that it was done.

The removal of the broken pieces in from the eye lens sack looks bit tricky but it was eventually done. The insertion of new intraocular lens to make it home inside my eye was easy.

I well come my new lens at its new home and wish it a happy stay ever.

At the same time; in a way I feel sorry for the other eye which used to make me see all the good of this universe when this one was finding its vision bit blur. Apparently; the new lens Masha Allah has made the eye so lot better and scenes around are so vivid that other is seen relegated to a second position.

Yeh in a year time; I think. God willing it will come at par.

Once again thanks all

With lots of love and warmest Regards to all.

A Khokar


Let’s Play Ali Baba; Chalees Chor

Strange it is; there is lot of hue and cry heard against American Drone attacks. The graph of US killing by Drone attack is staggering high but our friends Taliban or Al-Qaeda has yet to bring up any effective weapon for their defence to counter attack. For Al Qaeda or Taliban … if only they had got some ’stinger’ like surface to air missiles;  their life would have been far better and less of problems for Pakistan too. This deterrent  would have reduce the destruction and US would have not dared to kill them in hundreds by Drones. The way it is being done now;  US has got free hand and is… Chun Chun ker maar rahaa hey.

Drone is a low altitude flying machine and it may be brought down with small arms fire or other anti-aircraft guns. Many incidents can be quoted where in WW II and during our 1965 and 71 wars, enemy aircrafts were brought down by small arms fire but FATA area history speaks that making the drone go down by small arms fire is close to nothing.

The alternate would be to come up with some kind of computer software or hacking process / devices to disable drones satellite programming and—– get not killed. But this all is not being done. But can’t they do some thing else to thwart the Drone attacks; for instance why not play like ‘Ali Baba and Chalees Chor’?

Reportedly the mechanism involved in Drone attacks is, that local agents called ‘Pathries’ are hired, who place the CIA supplied satellite chip next to target intended to be engaged. The chip once activated illuminates the target through satellite and then Drone is sent over to engage it. Precision at the target is managed by the live camera that Drone carries and its position is adjusted.

On the other hand, the data inflow of local Maliks and Al Qaeda or Taliban sanctuaries and their dens have grown so much advanced that by now; the US Data bank knows almost all the houses in the area as who all are the habitants in a particular house.

It takes us back to centuries old story of; Ali Baba; Chalees Chor. Ali Baba and Forty Thieves.

The practice involved was that agent of thieves who would select a house to rob a particular house would mark the house with big X mark. Thieves would come and after recognizing the sign will rob the house… but Ali Baba on seeing this practice going on, came out with a superior trick that on seeing the mark on house he would go around and mark score of other houses with X marks. The Robber on arrival after seeing so many signs would get frustrated and considering it a trap set for them would runaway empty handed.

I wonder why the local ‘Patharies’ agents operating in FATA could not be got hold of and these illuminating chip be taken from them or say made a replica of them, if not made at home let us get it made from China and possibly illuminate score of other places to frustrate the drone attackers and save lives.

There are many a Babas out there but is there any Ali Baba also?








Spicing it Up with the Blood Brothers Theory









The map shown by Altaf Hussain MQM, during his Press Conference with redrawn borders arrangement of Pakistan is not something new that we may have come across. This is a known conspiracy theory which is said to be breeding in Pakistan. In fact he is referring to an old known puke spewed once by one ex-US spy, a Neocons think tank and columnist (Major) Ralph Peters who keeps on coming up with such like theories as how to exploit the available potentials in the world and how America as a super power can bring the territories of the world especially full of enriched economic minerals in US fold and control; while US as a sole Super power enjoys the heydays of so Called Golden US era to bring the World in their Control.

Altaf Hussain has tried to massage this theory to include in his press conference in order to spice his press conference up and divert the public attention from the strings of some very serious allegations since leveled up against MQM for creation of anarchy in Karachi.

This map was first published under the caption; ‘Blood Borders; How a better Middle East would look’; in ‘US Defense Journal’ in June 2006, when Ralph Peters floated the idea that after the World War II when the colonial Empires era also terminated and before vacation of their occupied territories, the Colonial tyrants drew the maps of the occupied territories. New countries were made to emerge in Africa and especially in Middle East which includes Pakistan in the subcontinent India. This new carving is said to be the outcome of a cunning scheme of a British General Winston Churchill who at the end of the British colonial Empire intentionally divided some of the countries in order to create rift among the Middle Eastern creeds and tribes and to sow seeds of hatred among them to prevent their reunion and possibility of any re-emergence for the renaissance of Islam. They literally embed this phenomenon to set the vested pretext for the future which may also avail the West the opportunity to revisit these territories, may as their arbitrators. For instance territory where Kurds dwell in Middle East was divided between four different countries; namely Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran. This was to break the old Islamic myth of their Great Muslim General, warrior and Leader Sultan Saladin Aube who comes from Kirkuk area of Kurds. Likewise Pashtun the most potent force on the planet were divided among three different countries in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

Whereas Ralph peter as a Neocons think tank has presented the case for the exploitation of this potential of Blood Brothers in Middle East as a sure recipe to create chaos in these countries and to intervene in the name of peace and security to keep this region in their fold and control for the times to come. Many other adventurists have also since build upon this potential to enlarge its extent and we see that presently how those theories under the given Ralph Peters guide lines are successfully being implemented and executed through the subversive plans by the CIA in front of us, where by Middle Eastern countries, Iran and specially Pakistan are subjected to this western designed Armageddon very successfully and how we the subjects; the simpleton Muslim lot are inculcated with these theories to fell prey to Western onslaught.

But the Pakistanis… finding itself subjected to the prevalent wide spread turmoil in the country and  aggrieved they may be—- but this most resilient nation may not be taken as bereft or so bereaved that they may not know all these webs and designs being weaved around them and fell prey to such conspiracies.

I must add that;

1. Previously Zulfiqar Mirza brought to surface a letter written by Altaf Hussain which he wrote to British Prime Minister Tony Blair asking him of the intervention in politic of Pakistan, even elimination of ISI and demanding of some perks in return but none of the authority in our country has come up with any kind of objection to writing a letter to a foreign government by a Pakistani Citizen. I know of the Logan Act of United States that this becomes a criminal behaviour under the law and a violation of the act which prohibits citizen from conducting foreign relations without authority.
I wonder why in Pakistan there is no such enforcement of law.

2.  Lately Altaf Hussain has used this out of context the map drawn by some lunatic Ralph Peters that I made it topic of my post.

It is so disgusting to note that how low our politics has travelled and how these Madaries are spinning the history. They are blinded by their arrogance and keep on volleying very cheap shots for score settlings.

For instance Altaf Hussain has used this map to call a shot; possibly no one may be challenging him and this map may be a thin and deeply flawed description of the narrative for petty attack on others but very cunningly he has build a perception  out of it and will be using it  as a tool for time to come.

Yeh Aoonchay perr kaisay hean; kaheen saya naheen kartay



Altaf Hussain Letter to Tony Blair against ISI and Pakistan

6093356678 9d69aa2ecd b Altaf Hussain Letter to Tony Blair against ISI and Pakistan

Click Below for the ISI Chief Shuja Pasha Remarks about this Letter

Altaf Hussain letter to Tony Blair is genuine: ISI Chief

story18 Altaf Hussain Letter to Tony Blair against ISI and Pakistan


MQM Chief Altaf  Hussain had written to the British  Premier Tony Blair in 2001,  offering to bring out hundreds of  thousands of people in Karachi in  support of any initiative or need of  Tony Blair.

At the end of his  letter, Altaf Hussain  urged Tony Blair to get the ISI disbanded before  “it created more  Osamas”. Mirza said it was instead the extra efforts  and sacrifices of  the Army and ISI that Pakistan was still intact.Altaf Hussain Letter to Tony Blair against ISI and Pakistan

c) That we would need local policing consisting of Muhajirs and Sindhis.
d)  That full autonomy be granted to the provinces with Federation keeping  only three subjects; Defence, Foreign Affairs and Currency control; and  in these sectors equal representation from all provinces be guaranteed.
e)  ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence Agency) the secret agency must be  disbanded otherwise the ISI will continue to produce may  Osama-bin-Ladens and Talibans in future.
I hope that you would be kind enough to seriously consider my offer for the benefit of Pakistan, should any geo-strategic and commercial relevance of Pakistan left for the United Kingdom and the Intelligence Community.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
With best wishes and warmest regards.
Yours sincerely
Altaf Hussain
Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM).”
Source: TheNews
6111590668 1e59663698 b Altaf Hussain letter to Tony Blair is genuine: ISI Chief
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CIA- An Army in the Shadows

In Friday’s Washington Post, the paper published a must-read study tracing the evolution of the Central Intelligence Agency from an intelligence-collection and -analysis operation to a new shadow military force.

In the decade since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the agency has undergone a fundamental transformation. Although the CIA continues to gather intelligence and furnish analysis on a vast array of subjects, its focus and resources are increasingly centered on the cold counter-terrorism objective of finding targets to capture or kill.

At the core of this evolution, we discover, is that for the first time in its history, the CIA has secured control of a state-of-the-art weapons system named as Drone.

The drone program has killed more than 2,000 militants and civilians since 2001, a staggering figure for an agency that has a long history of supporting proxy forces in bloody conflicts but rarely pulled the trigger on its own.

The agency’s Counterterrorism Centre, which controls the drone fleet, now has 2,000 staffers, outnumbering current estimates of Al Qaeda’s membership.

Though the reports focus on the CIA’s new drone operation in the Arabian Peninsula  with its new under construction base in Yemen, the Agency is also managing the war effort on the Pakistan side of the Durand Line separating that country from Afghanistan, which the Obama Administration made clear from the outset would be the central theatre of its military campaign. The CIA’s mission there is plain: not simply to collect intelligence on a hostile (military) force, but to target and eliminate it. We see that under the current transformation under taken by CIA; the proxy Pakistan is finding itself abruptly abandoned and its financial support curtailed.

OBL Abbotabad raid operation is one such example where CIA carried out operation without the information of her proxy Pakistan. The target OBL was not taken as prisoner but was killed cold blooded with the aim to escape the allegations which would follow in the run of his case in courts or of detaining him in Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp etc. On spot killing was done on the behest of US President Obama who was in direct contact with the Raiding Seals team on live video links. Here even a President is an accomplice to a cold blooded killing of a person who was not armed.

Such efforts have nothing to do with the CIA that was born under the National Security Act of 1947. The Agency has adopted responsibilities that were formerly the preserve of the uniformed military. “We’re seeing the CIA turn into more of a paramilitary organization without the oversight and accountability that we traditionally expect of the military.” Says Hina Shamsi former UN advisor on Extra Judicial killings.

Supposedly; the American military is trained to operate under the laws of armed conflict. It has professional officers sworn to ensure adherence to those laws, and a Uniform Code of Military Justice that provides a tool for enforcement. The CIA has no such checks. In fact, its culture has for decades been built on the notion that it operates outside of the laws of war.

The Agency’s transformation points to changes in the inner dynamics of the American national security establishment and its relationship to government. Institutions grow out of their initial boundaries and assume previously forbidden functions via a process of aggressive self-assertion. Such shifts — and the hundred-billion-dollar commitments of public resources that they entail — were once subject to public discussion and congressional deliberation. Not so in the unconstrained national-security state that is one of the most deeply entrenched legacies of 9/11.

Sooner we realize all above; wiser we stand in case of understanding the future plans of our master Ally–USA.
(Links Ref: Harper magazine)