Several Staff members broke faith at Mehran Naval base

Koi Aour to naheen hay Pas e khanjar Azmaie

 It is a chilling developing story of Meharan Naval base and the armed personals giving a great set back to entire nation and the image of its Armed Forces.

 This story starts when General Ziaul Haque during his tenure used religion as a tool to strengthen his dictatorial regime and prescribed a new motto to Pak armed forces. The emblem of Eman, Taqwa and Jehad were seen erected all over on the walls of military units. It was first time that Armed forces personals were also seen exposed to the most active religious movement —Tableeghi Jammat, a transnational religious movement which was revived in 1926 by Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi in India. The movement primarily aims at Islamic spiritual reformation by working at the grass roots level, reaching out to Muslims across all social and economic spectra to bring them closer to the practices of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This Jammat is offshoot of the Deobandi movement.

 Zia ul Haque introduced Friday as holiday. Tableeghi Jammat would run a special Thursday nights congregation to attract troops for spiritual evenings. Troops in hundreds were seen joining their brief indoctrination cadre at their specific mosques where they would also spend the night. This night out used to be of great inspiration for the lower ranks as in congregations they would find their senior officers even to the rank of Generals sitting among them and even sleeping and sharing the mats spread to spend nights.  Many officers had started growing their beard. The word piety and righteousness was in the air and this was bringing General Zia’s dream come true as he saw his applied tool —religion bringing the desired fruits of loyalty in military ranks to strengthen his powers. This served him a catalyst to prolong his tenure of dictatorial regime. He stayed in power for long eleven years till his death part when he was blown in the sky in a military C-130 blast, orchestrated by CIA; that he had started challenging the hegemony of Super power US and her ally in the region.

 Later after 9/11, when Al Qaeda started emerging as powerful movement even in Pakistan picked up the religious thread and marinated it with anti Americanism. It was not long that old flame of indoctrination once inflamed by Tableeghi Jammat among troops was seen rekindled by some what a mystique personality of Al Qaeda leader —Osama Bin Laden. 

 But after US invasion of Afghanistan; US declared Osama bin laden as their enemy and later Pakistan as US ally was given the task to hunt down Al Qaeda which have fled Afghanistan and now were found in Pak tribal area. Ever since, the hunting down of Al Qaeda has not gone well among the troops. The troops in naval and Air force comparing to the army are seen more perturbed to see a leader like Osama Bin laden being degraded and undermined and Al Qaeda made a target.

  Earlier numbers of suicidal attacks were carried out against General Pervez Musharraf  who chose to be US proxy, where personal from Air force were seen involved.

 At killing of Bin Laden at the hands of US naval seals, Mehran naval base where foreign engineers including American were stationed was declared a target by Al Qaeda. It is now revealed that Al-Qaeda carried out the brazen attack on PNS Mehran naval air station in Karachi on May 22 after talks failed between the navy and al-Qaeda over the release of naval officials arrested on suspicion of al-Qaeda links. Pakistani security forces battled for 15 hours to clear the naval base after it had been stormed by a handful of well-armed militants. At least 10 people were killed and two United States-made P3-C Orion surveillance and anti-submarine aircraft worth US$36 million each were destroyed before some of the attackers escaped through a cordon of thousands of armed forces.

An official statement placed the number of militants at six, with four killed and two escaping. Unofficial sources, though, claim there were 10 militants with six getting free. Saleem shezad, Asia Times Investigative reporter claims that attackers were from Ilyas Kashmiri’s 313 Brigade, the operational arm of al-Qaeda.

Three attacks on navy buses in which at least nine people were killed last month were warning shots for navy officials to accept al-Qaeda’s demands over the detained suspects.

The May 2 killing in Pakistan of Osama bin Laden spurred al-Qaeda groups into developing a consensus for the attack in Karachi, in part as revenge for the death of their leader and also to deal a blow to Pakistan’s surveillance capacity against the Indian navy.

The deeper underlying motive, though, was a reaction to massive internal crackdowns on al-Qaeda affiliates within the navy.

Volcano of militancy
It is further revealed by Asia Times that several weeks ago, naval intelligence traced an al-Qaeda cell operating inside several navy bases in Karachi, the country’s largest city and key port.

“Islamic sentiments are common in the armed forces,” a senior navy official told Asia Times Online on the condition of anonymity as he is not authorized to speak to the media.

“We never felt threatened by that. All armed forces around the world, whether American, British or Indian, take some inspiration from religion to motivate their cadre against the enemy. Pakistan came into existence on the two-nation theory that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations and therefore no one can separate Islam and Islamic sentiment from the armed forces of Pakistan,” the official said.

“Nonetheless, we observed an uneasy grouping on different naval bases in Karachi. While nobody can obstruct armed forces personnel for rendering religious rituals or studying Islam, the grouping [we observed] was against the discipline of the armed forces. That was the beginning of an intelligence operation in the navy to check for unscrupulous activities.”

The official explained the grouping was against the leadership of the armed forces and opposed to its nexus with the United States against Islamic militancy. When some messages were intercepted hinting at attacks on visiting American officials, intelligence had good reason to take action and after careful evaluation at least 10 people – mostly from the lower cadre – were arrested in a series of operations.

“That was the beginning of huge trouble,” the official said.

Those arrested were held in a naval intelligence office behind the chief minister’s residence in Karachi, but before proper interrogation could begin, the in-charge of the investigation received direct threats from militants who made it clear they knew where the men were being detained.

The detainees were promptly moved to a safer location, but the threats continued. Officials involved in the case believe the militants’ feared interrogation would lead to the arrest of more of their loyalists in the navy. The militants therefore made it clear that if those detained were not released, naval installations would be attacked.

It was clear the militants were receiving well inside information as they always knew where the suspects were being detained, indicating sizeable al-Qaeda infiltration within the navy’s ranks. A senior-level naval conference was called at which an intelligence official insisted that the matter be handled with great care; otherwise the consequences could be disastrous. Everybody present agreed, and it was decided to open a line of communication with al-Qaeda.

Abdul Samad Mansoori, a former student union activist and now part of 313 brigade, who originally hailed from Karachi but now lives in the North Waziristan tribal area was approached and talks begun. Al-Qaeda demanded the immediate release of the officials without further interrogation. This was rejected.

The detainees were allowed to speak to their families and were well treated, but officials were desperate to interrogate them fully to get an idea of the strength of al-Qaeda’s penetration. The militants were told that once interrogation was completed, the men would be discharged from the service and freed.

Al-Qaeda rejected these terms and expressed its displeasure with the attacks on the navy buses in April.

These incidents pointed to more than the one al-Qaeda cell intelligence had tracked in the navy. The fear now was that if the problem was not addressed, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) supply lines could face a new threat. NATO convoys are routinely attacked once they begin the journey from Karachi to Afghanistan; now they could be at risk in Karachi port. Americans who often visit naval facilities in the city would also be in danger.

Therefore, another crackdown was conducted and more people were arrested. Those seized had different ethnic backgrounds. One naval commando came from South Waziristan’s Mehsud tribe and was believed to have received direct instructions from Hakeemullah Mehsud, the chief of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (Pakistan Taliban). Others were from Punjab province and Karachi, the capital of Sind province.

After Bin Laden was killed by American Navy Seals in Abbotabad, some 60 kilometres north of Islamabad, militants decided the time was ripe for major action.

Within a week, insiders at PNS Mehran provided maps, pictures of different exit and entry routes taken in daylight and at night, the location of hangers and details of likely reaction from external security forces.

As a result, the militants were able to enter the heavily guarded facility where one Assault group targeted the aircraft, a second Cover group took on the first strike force and a third finally escaped with the others providing covering fire. Those who stayed behind to assist cover the escape of the assault group and others were killed. (Investigative revelations are by Asia Times)

Obama Declares an all Out War against Pakistan


Barack Obama has indicated he would be prepared to launch another US raid into Pakistani territory if another leading terrorist suspect was found to be hiding there.

 In a BBC interview before a state visit to London this week, Obama described the killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad as a “powerful moment” for America.

He said he wanted to establish a more co-operative relationship with Islamabad after outrage in Pakistan over the US action, which was carried out without prior notice.

 Asked what he would do if the US found another “very high-value target” there , such as the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, Obama indicated he would act again.

“I’ve always been clear to the Pakistanis – and I’m not the first administration to say this – that our job is to secure the United States,” he said on BBC1’s The Andrew Marr Show.

This is an open declaration of War against Pakistan. Pakistan is country of Radicals where 70% of Pakistanis are against US policy in the War against terror in Af:Pak. That is to say that anyone who rises up to object to US aggression is to become a legitimate target for US forces to quell him. Unmistakeably Obama is starting a New and an unending war in this region.

 Sure the plan to carry out attacks or raids anywhere in Pakistan to take out Al Qaeda miscreants is to spread anarchy in the country. Eventually Pakistan will be reduced to a depleted, unsafe and no more a viable state and in the name of international security and safety, its nuclear assets after concoction of some UN resolutions or otherwise, will forcibly be taken away from Pakistan.

Obama said that: “We are very respectful of the sovereignty of Pakistan. But we cannot allow someone who is planning to kill our people or our allies’ people – we can’t allow those kind of active plans to come to fruition without us taking some action.

 “Our hope is, and our expectation is, is that we can achieve that in a way that is fully respectful of Pakistan’s sovereignty. But I had made no secret – I had said this when I was running for the presidency – that if I had a clear shot at Bin Laden that we’d take it.”

Obama acknowledged that the raid on Bin Laden’s compound had been a “calculated risk” that could have ended very differently. “There’s no doubt that that was as long a 40 minutes as I care to experience during my presidency,” he said.

 Obama says that he is of the opinions that under the pretext that Pakistan needs to possess nuclear arms owing to its existential threat from India; He said that it is wrong and is a false pretext. He suggested that Pakistan needs to think differently.

 This has also come to surface that Osama Compound in Abbotabad was known to CIA ever since it was constructed as a purpose built house and believably this compound may be serving CIA safe house like many other safe houses which CIA is maintaining in Pakistan. As per Mr. Haqqani, Pakistani Ambassador in USA, CIA has some 7000+ operatives working in Pakistan for whom his US office has freely issued Visas. Most probable this house like many other places was being kept as safe house as an off limit place for ISI.CIA was keeping it for the prime target like Osama Bin Laden—- stored there safely to spring him up anytime to turn him or his dead body into a Victory Trophy. We have seen that very conveniently this has been done so.

On Afghanistan, Obama said international forces had succeeded in knocking the Taliban “back on its heels”, but in the end there would have to be a political settlement.

 “Ultimately, it means talking to the Taliban, although we’ve been very clear about the requirements for any kind of serious reconciliation,” he said. “The Taliban would have to cut all ties to al-Qaida, renounce violence, and they would have to respect the Afghan constitution. Now those are some fairly bare bones requirements.”

 Latest Developments

 Whereas in Abbotabad US special force Seal Team six carried out a successful stealth Heliborne raid and after killing Osama Bin Laden at the compound; as expected took his body away as a trophy to celebrate Victory. That humiliating episode was still fresh occupying our minds that we witnessed that about six, TTP hirelings, the brain child of CIA; they carried out an attack on PNS Mehran at Karachi and were able to destroy two precious Naval air craft P-3C Orion alongwith one or two helicopters parked in the hangers.

 How safe our assets are being kept on these bases or otherwise; that is certainly a separate discussion but this loss of P-3C Orion maritime surveillance aircrafts is a big blow to the naval capabilities. These aircrafts were the ‘eyes and ears’ of Pakistan navy for anti- submarine warfare on the high seas. This is how in a very calculated way Pakistan is deprived of this capability and depleted to make it lay bare….vulnerable.


Video link ;

Why Shuja Pasha Must Apologise

By A Khokar   May 16, 2011

In a single blow the US Heliborne Seal team 6 stationed at Jalaabad -Afghanistan carried out a stealth raid at a secret compound at Abbotabad in Pakistan and took the most wanted man of the world top Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin laden away.

Whereas this may be the limitation of technology that Pakistan possesses in shape of High altitude and low altitude Radar system. Especially the low altitude Radar sets that they do not pick up the helicopters moving along the hilly terrain within the valleys and remain total invisible on Radar Screen. The carbon powder coating and other aerodynamic profile added to helicopters further enhance their stealth move capabilities. On this account; our Air force may be absolved of this blame of negligence that their available Radar system kept them unaware of the intrusion but at the same time it also tells us that how vulnerable we stand. Continue reading Why Shuja Pasha Must Apologise

Bin Laden: A Witness is Silenced



















*****After the 9/11 twin tower attack in New York, a joint US-Pak intelligence operation to hunt down terrorists of Al Qaeda in the War against Terror started. Pakistan picked some 20 Al-Qaida top elites master minds of 9/11 attack who were on run in Afghanistan and after US invasion of Afghanistan were now escaping from there and trying to melt away in Pakistani cities in disguise along with other three million Afghani refugees. All the captured persons were handed over to US– whereas after a decade long struggle US after finding just one head Osama Bin Laden carried out a raid at his compound for which Pak ISI had also provided US a lead. This scoop has made  US wild mad and over-joyous and they killed Osama Bin Laden at spot coldblooded. The raiders  secretly swished his body away as a prized trophy, only to dump it later in the sea. Of course; elimination of most wanted person Osama is a grand trophy for US to celebrate her well sought victory in the US War against Terror.

But for the hundreds of Conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 attack and subsequent Bush hegemonic War against Terror that people call it a phoney war initiated by Neocons in which millions in Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan died at the hands of US lead invading forces— but the only witness and contender to all this and expose US designs; namely Osama Bin Laden is —- silenced.

Ironically; pictures showing Osama’s demise and burial are not allowed to be published but statement of his young wife Amal who hail from Yemen, is circulated widely to prove that; raiding Seal Team 6 killed not a frail, ailing Osama but a potent terrorist.

Pakistan and US are although allies in the War against Terror but have got bottom rocked marriage like strange and full of distrust relations. After having killed Bin Laden by stealth helicopters raids and having swished away his dead body as a trophy; rather than being thankful to Pakistan for her decade long assistance and also leading US to capture the trophy target Osama; US has aversely turned back and allege Pakistan of being complacent in hiding Osama.

Pakistan has categorical denied that they got any knowledge of Osama presence in Abbotabad, where the man was eventually found living a life which can be termed as vegetative life as it is now revealed that he as an ailing frail person was spending his days as an impoverished person in a high walled compound, staying off from the sight of local peoples and with his strict parda observing conservative family. He had not stepped out of his compound for last five years.

There has been a practice that US and Pakistan have always been sharing all the intelligence information but ironically; US did not exchange the information when they had found that in the compound to which ISI had indicated to US, was in fact in occupation of Osama Bin Laden and kept this information as their Lion share. Even the raid attack on Osama compound was also kept secret to themselves which is a sheer betrayal and conduct unbecoming of an ally.

 As ISI has openly admitted that they were not in knowledge of Bin Laden presence in Abbotabad; they well not be aware of it and it may be counted toward their intelligence failure too but if CIA also checks their own track record; it may find that it is also not very promising. Reportedly CIA spends some $80 Billion per annum for their services which is more that what all the Intelligence agencies collectively use but it is known fact that they did not imagine the fall of the Soviet Union, the revolutions of Eastern Europe, the breakup of Yugoslavia, the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks against New York and Washington, the nonexistence of Saddam Hussein’s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, the global financial crisis and, most recently, the Arab Spring.

‘We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic’; says Noam Chomsky

Anyhow, after the death of Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, ultimately, is now a spent force in the region. Perhaps it is, but then why play up Osama bin Laden’s death with such fanfare that you even forget your allies who enabled you; to come around and make a scoop for trophy and celebrate a Victory; which is invariably bestowed to US after countless sacrifices that Pakistanis rendered as a labour of love for US and acting as front state in the War against Terror.


US is Hoisting the Victory Flags over ruins


This may be accepted that owing to Bin Laden frail health that man was in need of his regular medical attention to clear his infected kidneys and he might have been allowed to live at a secluded location near a city like Abbotabad, where medical support was easily available but it is hard to believe that ISI would allow a raid at a place which is deep inside Pakistan and that too in a high profile cantonment area of Kakul Academy.

Pakistan is US all weathers proxy and knows it well as how to deal with ever changing scenarios related to war against terror. This is also agreeable that ISI might be keeping Bin laden at this place to eventually hand over to US as a prized trophy so that US may show his dead body to mark a Victory in the ‘War against Terror’ and may also attain a face saving Exit from Afghanistan. But one is unable to comprehend that Bin laden handover drama is played in Abbotabad and not in FATA area — that too with the tacit approval or agreement of ISI. As moving of Bin laden to FATA area which is a declared place of contention in the war against terror would not be difficult for ISI.

The Conduct of raid by US seal team 6 in Abbotabad and to kill and bring a dead Bin Laden at this stage is not only a surprise for all but it amounts to stealing and hijacking the ISI (would be) plan—- which was expected to be held later sometime in Mid-June or so before the scheduled departure of US from Afghanistan in July.

Carrying out of raid at this juncture also shows the ill will of US. Creation of this premature fiasco for Pakistan certainly amounts to giving a blow to ISI and the Pakistan.  This act also reveals US evil designs and her preparation for softening the grounds for an Armageddon against Pakistan that in her relationship with Pakistan it has always been feared. Henry Kissinger famous saying may not be ignored that ‘America has no enemies or friends; just American interests.

It also shows that US may never abandon this region as she fears that US absence from this area will surely be filled by an emerging power; the roaring lion in the north—-China.

Having said all above there are other aspects to the life of style of the people living in Osam Bin laden ‘s compound and there are details connected to the subject hideout that as how their habitants were not known to the other peoples in the vicinity. The world out there may be saying anything and everything and possibly make us believe that high profile target like Bin Laden was allowed to live there by ISI; this may or may not be true but one thing is for sure that the peoples around this compound were unaware of the fact that a high profile target like Bin Laden was living his last days of life in that compound for last five years.

 The latest videos coming out of the compound shows that although it was a big compound which was constructed some six years ago but presently this place does not show that in anyway a well to do family was staying in there. A frail ailing person like Bin Laden who probably had not stepped out of his green gate of compound for last so many years was banking on the money for him and his family coming from abroad. Killing Bin Laden in this compound where one could expect that life was but a misery. The World super power—like US may be hoisting the victory Flags over the ruins.

Why everything here remained concealed for so long and  outsides of the watchful eyes of ISI? Here the phenomena of culture observing a strict parda in a conservative society in this part of the world comes in play as there is no place for peeping toms in the society especially in the north west country side of Pakistan of which Abbotabad is part.  There are some three million Afghan refugees  scattered throughout in the country and mostly they live together in self constructed houses forming a secluded cluster like habitats. The inhabitants live their own life with their peculiar Afghani –Pashtun way of life. Knowing it well that they observe strict parad and veil people are not bothered. It literally make their areas as no go area for any outsider and may not know as how many and who all are living in a particular house.

But it is not a matter of letting Osama hide here  and neither may we say that probably US or Pak authorities were not in knowledge of Osama presence in Pakistan. As allies both are boarding the same boat and know each other well. Only we may say that in wake of prevalent distrust between them they only were keeping their cards closer to themselves.

US was seeing no victory in her declared war against terrorism and was all set to pelt all sort of blames on Pakistan and get out. Whereas Pakistan had a superior plan to avert this all; although would adopt a sheepish method by throwing bate for US— of killing Bin laden to avail the opportunity which US may take willingly.

With this pakistani plan; it would save both the allies; there would be reason to celebrate victory by US by capturing and killing Bin laden and for Pakistan too in shape of minting some billions in return and also averting the war as well as the blame. But all this has been done by US—- from ISI point of view as prematurely.

Anyhow, after spending a long time pursuing terror and incurring trillions of dollars as a loss to US and thousands of Muslims and others who got perished in the way of tracking him; finally he was found in an hide out as a frail ailing Bin laden who was probably spending his last days of his life with his condition soon to be on ventilator. Sadly a frail man was killed cold blooded by US navy seals in his bed room simply to bring home a Victory for US.

Other than his wives, a housemaid and one or two servants; navy seal could not find anything worthwhile except few old disused videos being called as treasure trove. But what the peoples saw was; some 13 medicine Bottles lined up at his side table for the man.

After killing Osama Bin Laden; lately US is seen reluctant to show a picture of their kill; even the mutilated figure of  a frail man reduced to no more than a Skelton; does haunt American.


 Edited for calrity May 8, 2011

The man who Tweet First about Bin laden compound Operation Speaks

@ReallyVirtual FAQ

I am writing this FAQ to save everyone’s time (but especially mine), to clarify a few facts and to answer most of the (mostly redundant questions) that I am receiving via email and tweets.
I will probably end up editing this page several times, but I hope this will serve its purpose as the place to get my version of what actually happened. I also have a long list of questions in my email account that I will answer on this page.

I can start monitoring the #q2rv tag if you have any further questions for me; it would be a better use of time than giving interview after interview – especially since the information on this page is retained, indexed, and is easily accessible by anyone who needs it.

If you quote something from this page and can’t find it here later, please don’t hate me 🙂

Q: How is your name pronounced?

A: My name is Sohaib Athar, صہیب اطہر in Urdu/Arabic script, pronounced ‘Sue-hey-b’, and not Shoaib, Sohail, Zohaib, Soha or Bathar. Shoaib Akhtar is a cricketer, and definitely not me.
There is the ‘other Sohaib Athar’ – also from my hometown Lahore, who shares my name, please don’t confuse us with each other. His twitter ID is @sohaibgulbadan
The IPA equivalent for Sohaib is su:heɪb – for Abbottabad it is /əˈbɒtəbɑːd/ or [ˈaːbʈaːbaːd̪]
For further information, visit . (Thanks for the help @awaisathar) .

Q: Is the site hacked?

A: The server was infected with some malware last week, which I was too busy to clean up. I *think* it is clean now (with my brother’s help), please let me know if you see any malware floating around.

Q: How does it feel to be Osama Bin Laden’s neighbor?

A: I was not Osama’s neighbor – my neighbor is a guy in the telecom industry (whose is nice enough to share his battery-backup’ed WiFi connection with me, hence enabling me to stay online from home without having to resort to my cellphone GPRS – I am sure Osama wouldn’t have done that for me as a neighbor).
The site of the operation is about 2.5 kilometers from my home, which means there are at least a few dozen houses between my home and that place.
I do not live 250m away from the site, 2.5km is 2500m.

Q: Describe what you saw during the operation?

A: I did not ‘see’ the operation, as some reports quote. I ‘heard’ what was later revealed to be the start of the operation – I did proactively gather all the rumors and facts that I could from the Abbottabad locals who were online, and tweeted them. There is a big difference between ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ that the media should ideally be aware of.

Q: How long did the gunfights last?

A: I did not witness the gunfights/shots that are being attributed to me. The gunshots were too far away from me to hear. I did hear a car/van rushing by very fast, before the helicopter stopped hovering above my neighborhood, and then I heard the loud explosion – which prompted me to talk to friends in Abbottabad who were up and online. The locals said there was firing for at least a few minutes though.

Q: What was your initial reaction when you started tweeting about the operation?

A: First of all, I was not trying to sleep when the noise of a helicopter startled me. I did not jump up and had this sudden urge to tweet about it using my smartphone, and there was no dramatic background music either. The truth is, I usually work at night, and was working (on my laptop) when I heard the noisy helicopter hanging in the air, and tweeted about it. No jumping or waking up was involved.

A Clarification
I did not start calling myself ‘the guy who liveblogged the Osama raid without knowing it’. I realized it only after Maha tweeted this:

.@reallyvirtual appears to have liveblogged the raid w/o knowing it. go read.

She did say ‘Sorry!’ after my whining, but I don’t think she meant it 😀

Q: Were you visited by the police/army/ISI and specifically told not to talk about certain things?

A: NO. Government organizations have not contacted me yet, either to chat or to try to impose any restrictions on what I say or do. I hope that does not change anytime soon.

Q: How much are you charging/getting paid for interviews?

A: Nothing. I was trying to avoid the media altogether, but I have tried to respond to the ones that managed to reach me.
Even though I can not really respond to all the interview requests personally, I have replied to as many channels as humanly possible.
I did need to buy a new headset for online calls, so I am Rs. 500 in the negative _;)
Yes, I do know that ‘monetization’ is an option for me, and I do realize that I have been ‘missing out on some big bucks’ and not ‘milking the media for what it is worth’ – I just don’t have the energy or motivation to think in that direction. Or maybe I’m just plain stupid.

Q: Can I help you monetize this news / be your media filter / be your agent / act as an intermediary?

A: No, thanks.

Q: If you don’t want to talk to the media, why don’t you just tell them to go away?

A: I could probably have handled a well-spaced queue of interview requests, but I am inundated with the sudden rush of emails that begin with ‘I know you are inundated with emails but…’.

I have talked to a few random channels so far, it is hard to prioritize and is getting even harder to take out the time for it. I want to talk to them because there is too much misreporting and many distorted facts are being reported and repeated all over the world – for example, Abbottabad is not in the outskirts of Islamabad, yet it has ben called that all over the media, hence creating a mental link between the Pakistani capital city and how Osama was living in Islamabad all along.

I could point out all the incorrect facts, omissions, and creative word-twisting, but it would be wise if you don’t believe everything that everyone tells you about Pakistan and its people.

Also, I personally think that text-based media like twitter, blogs or emails are a more efficient way of exchanging information. If there is something that I can not possibly answer via this page, please let me know.

Q: Are you a recluse?

A: Part-time only. Running a coffee shop (which started off as a small experiment) has unwittingly pushed me back into the flesh-and-blood human world.

Q: Why are you not picking up your phone?

A: Sorry, my phone is acting as a music player connected to an amplifier right now, and is probably going to be mostly offline today.

(A few fun/leading (non-)questions)

Q: Did you know Osama Bin Laden was living near you?

A: I wish I did.

Q: If you knew Osama was your neighbor, why did you not report him to the authorities? Do you know how many people he had killed?!

A: Please read above.

Q: Does anyone translate your tweets for you?

A: !نہيں تو

Q: Why do you tweet in English only?

A: جب میرے ترجمان چھٹی پر ہوتے ہیں تو اردو میں بھی کرنا پڑ جاتا ہے۔

Q: Are you a CIA agent?

A: Only when playing games on my PC.

Q: Are you an ISI agent?

A: Not yet, but perhaps after an ‘: Abbottabad’ expansion pack is released.

Q: Are you an Al Qaeda agent?

(actually, I have not spotted any tweet asking me the question above. Strange.)

… to be continued …

(Version 0.03)


It’s all fair in Love and War

Death of Osama Bin Laden may be big News for United States but it is not any less big news for Pakistanis too.

With No telephone connection; No internet; Believably the ailing Osama Bin Laden was let live his last days of life in his purpose built retirement home called ‘Waziristan House’ in supposedly secure civilian area, mostly occupied by retired military officers and well to do peoples, near Kakul military Academy in Abbotabad, a Cul-de-sac where life runs at a very slow pace and peacefully.

Reportedly the US-Pak relations had strained at the times when US is about to start its withdrawal in July this year from Afghanistan. Relations were hitting their rock bottom. With no victory in sight for US in this region; It was all set that US was likely to make Pakistan a scapegoat by severing all the relations of a favoured ally and abandoning Afghanistan after shifting the blames of escalation of War on Terror on to Pakistan.

Recently; after the Davis Raymond case coming to surface these relations were exceptional acerbated. There was a dire need of mending the strained relation with US; Pakistan the loyal US proxy who has suffered the most may not afford to lose US at this juncture; so Pakistan gave away the last prized trump card in hand to US; to come and pluck >>> Osama bin Laden away and make their day… to declare their well sought victory for US.

Pakistan let US do it the way US wanted to do; showing a sole US Effort to come and take Osama Bin laden away, the most wanted man in the world and they rightly did it so. The well desired jubilation in US circles is worth witnessing on this success basically orchestrated by ISI. After many decades of US humiliations that it has always suffered after every US adventure that it under took May it be Vietnam War, the two Gulf Wars or present day War on Terror, all had brought a bad name for US. Thanks to Pakistan that after a long time President Barrack Obama will now be declaring a Victory for US in Afghanistan against War on Terror.

Hats off to the great peoples of our Grand ISI; once again they have proved to be the best of all to save guard the interests of Pakistan and save the country from ditching into age of darkness that our enemy had planned for Pakistan.

Didn’t I say earlier that Pakistanis are notch above the rest? They are very much capable of turning the tables of fate; not for themselves only but for others too.

Yeh; Osama sadly made a scapegoat but is it not that situ where they say:—–All is fair in Love and War

[Roothay Piyaa ko mannaney kay leaay kuch bhi karay gaa]

Ghost of the Past Revisits

 After laps of some 60 years, the old flame of European colonial powers is seen rekindled to revisit their abandoned colonial lands and this time it is arriving back laden with the gifts of freedom for the Arabs.  Earlier the imperialist colonial powers were forced to withdraw from their colonies that back home their home countries were invaded by Adolf Hitler of Germany. To dislodge Adolf Hitler the Allied forces were made to fight World War II in which most of the European cities were destroyed and millions of civilians as well as military troops were perished. Eventually this war was won by the Allied forces but a huge task of rebuilding of Europe lied ahead. The cost of dislodging Adolf Hitler and deposing the Nazis of Germany were escalated that high that to cut the costs expenditure, they were compelled to abandon their colonies.   

On the other side, the peoples from abandoned colonial lands who only knew how to remain enslaved by colonial masters; after finding their independence were totally left high and dry, clueless and vulnerable.  Although, the haughty and corrupt local feudal lords took over the reins of abundant lands but they were always found at the door steps of colonial masters seeking all kind of help as how to run and rule their countries. This is how the colonial powers even living far off were practically able to pick and install the stooges of their own choice and to approve or disapprove the regimes, especially in the Muslim lands.

For last so many decades, the entire Middle Eastern stretch, from North western Africa extending to the subcontinent of India and Pakistan, the rulers have always been under western influence and running their state affairs at the whims and wishes of western masters. For running the dictatorial regimes, throughout in Arab lands, unanimously, as a policy matter emergency rules remain enforced; no political practices allowed and human rights are totally curbed. The older Arab generation of nineteen fifties who saw their independence from colonial powers and the generation of eighties which saw nothing but the failures of regimes in their home lands, living a vegetative lives are responsible of maintaining the imperialistic status quo in their countries given by the west.

 Although above gave an ample opportunity to the west to run the dictatorial regimes of their choice and keep the regions under control. The local regimes were allowed to lightly arm themselves to control the masses but on the whole they have been kept defenceless with the heavy presence of western naval forces in the seas and their bases on the lands. Iran; the odd man out in the Middle East is trying too hard to emerge as local power but she is continuously harassed and suppressed by the west by enforcing various economic sanctions and creating turmoil within Iran to cripple its regime for which Iran is also declared an axis of evil by US.

Having gained sufficient time to recover after suffering the devastation inflicted by World war II ; although Europe has restored itself but at the same time the old flame of physically ruling the nations, previously serving them as their colonies never died down. This phenomenon has been more tempting as the old Arab lands which were once the source of simple merchandise like food grains, cotton yarn, spices and other raw mineral but after their independences they are now miraculously turned to be the lands of richest resources like minerals oil and gas which form the main source of running the world economies.  While the dictatorial regimes are kept in power; the flow of oil from these lands remains the main issue so the entire Arab lands and Eurasia is cordoned off with the presence of heavy western land, air and naval forces. All most all the air bases in Saudi Arabia and land of Iraq and Afghanistan remain under US occupation. The main US Naval head quarters are located at Manama, Bahrain and US central command head quarters CentCom is located at Al-Hudaid US base in Qatar in the Persian Gulf.

But lately it is felt that above arrangements of maintaining the oil and gas flow out of this region and creating a western hegemony by keeping the heavily armed air force, navy and military forces in the region are incurring heavy expenditures losses on the western economies. The Neocons scheme of creating a phony ‘War against Terror’ like in Iraq and Afghanistan to uphold the pretext to enable and justify the western presence in the region has met a total failure. At home the western local economies are suffering colossal recession and maintenance of heavy armed forces or indulgence in war like adventures remain no more viable options; for which the armed forces are ought to be withdrawn to reduce the burden on their economies. There are bad days ahead too for the heavily paid western proxies like Pakistan. But at the same time the totalitarian dictatorial regimes by ‘Arab Dictators Club’ in the Arab lands for whose protection the western armed forces were deployed to help keep the status quo. In the absence of western forces, these regimes may prove to be too dangerous to be left intact.  Supposedly; they need to be replaced with other form of governments in the region named as democratic regimes by which the peoples may happily be controlled by caging them in a set of western rules under the cover of democracy, where manipulation for installing the ruling parties of their own choice in the name of democratic rules of freedom may be possible and with less of the cost incurring on ground.

Accordingly western Armed forces from all the regions are being called back and tentative schedules of their withdrawal is announced but at the same time the western supported popular uprising in the Arab lands termed as ‘Jasmine revolution’ duly orchestrated by the west is found an easy way out and this plan is successfully unfolding. One after the other Arab tyrants is made to fall. Some outlandish dictators like in Libya, Syria and others trying to cling to their dictatorial regimes are being flogged and coerced by use of NATO forces to make them fall back in line. Apparently a new classless and secular era of freedom duly designed and tailored by the west is unfolding in the region.

 At the face of it; it is taken as a dawn of new freedom Era which is meant to fully encage and westernise the peoples in the name of democracy and to control the lands and stream line the flow of world mineral resources of oil and gas for times to come.