Will UN show its Consistence against ‘The Arab Dictators Club’?

Arab lands are infested with more than dozen dictatorial regimes. Lately the class less, non violent and secular uprising Jasmine Revolution has brought a wide spread wind of change in the region. This uprising has broken the threshold of fear which kept the masses subjugated and enslaved for decades. In the wake of the movement; it is not likely that same fear may be injected back.

 Two of the Arab tyrants of Tunisia and Egypt are down. All the other dictators are shivering in their pants and no one wants to be marked as the third Arab dictator to go down like the earlier two. There is utter chaos seen in ‘Arab dictators Club’ fearing losing their grip on the masses. All possible measures seem to be in practice as how to harness the change that this spring of 2011 has brought forth in Arab lands.  

Arab lands produce most of the mineral oil which runs the economies of the world and all the advanced industrial countries in the west draw it from here. Ever since the Oil is discovered in this region the West which happened to be influential as the old colonial God father of the region had since devised the policy to install the regimes of despots in oil region who may stay under their command and rule and police the masses in the Arab streets as tyrants. The oil producing countries may it be Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, group of Emirates of Arabian gulf; even Egypt, Libya Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco are invariably dictatorial regimes serving their western masters who feel at ease while dealing with one despot atop than the plethora of government officials if they happen to be elected by the peoples. Hence emergency rules and laws of tyranny are common throughout Arab lands to curb any political activity or the call for human rights or the freedom of speech which may challenge their regimes. All such activities are totally banned.

The recent wind of change creating an uprising through non-violence, classless and secular and it may be jolting the regimes locally but it is proved to be most distressing for the western powers and their interests. They feel utterly frustrated as the new change is expected to leave them high and dry in the long run.

Out of all this set up of dictatorial regimes in Middle East and North Africa, Muammer Ghadafi although is a dictator in the list but is an odd man out that he does not like to obey the western masters’ command and prefer to remain out of ‘Arab Dictators club’. Hence in order to avert the Jasmine Revolution and thwart and frustrate the revolutionist and divert and ditch the fast moving wind of change in the region ——the ‘Arab Dictators club’ has decided to single out the odd man out Muammer Ghadafi of Libya —-to be made a scapegoat.

 Muammer Ghadafi on any accounts may not be graded a lesser or bigger evil than any of the other tyrants like in Saudi Arabia, Syria or in the princely states of emirates of Gulf. He is known for his blatant posture at home as he remains pitched against other smaller tribes in Libya and has many enemies in and outside Libya.

 Treachery, perfidy and treason remain the old tool in the hands of the rogue elements in any nation to rebel against the regimes. Reportedly the Libyan tribes in the East around Benghazi city have fallen prey to the exploitation of western subversive forces in the east of Libya. France is in lead and finding it ripe to bring about a change in Libyan regime and install peoples of their choice in the country from where Europe draws most of its oil. France has instigated the tribes around Benghazi to rebel against Muammer Ghadafi. Rightly or wrongly Ghadafi moved its forces to suppress the uprising.

For the known Libyan tribal turmoil and the blatant leadership of Muammer Qaddafi, all the tyrants of Arab world have joined hand against Ghadafi. OIC the (Organisation of Islamic Conference) with connivance of oil producing states, GCC (Gulf cooperation Council) have very sheepishly asked the European coalition to make a move to support the rebels in the east and to dislodge the odd man out Muammer Ghadafi from the power.

 Very tactfully France and UK approached the UN to pass a resolution against Ghadafi regime to implement a No fly zone for Ghadafi Forces to control the uprising in the country. On this pretext and in the light of UN resolution 1973 since forged; all the possible capabilities by which Ghadafi may make move to exercise his command over his country are being hampered by destroying his armed forces and leave them crippled. Libyan Air force is virtually taken off from the Libyan skies as well as his command and control structure.

 Reportedly the rebels known as National council are being armed and supported by Arab regimes of Saudi Arabia, European as well as US.  This is likely that Libya as a country is plunged into a civil war. The main eastern Cities like Tabruk in the east, Benghazi and Ajdabiya are in the control of the rebels of national council where ethnic cleansing of pro Ghadafi tribe is on. A mass killing of Libyans at the hands of Libyans is very much expected. After implementation of No fly zone by NATO forces, the Ghadafi forces are also subjected to No Drive zone from the air strikes by the NATO aircrafts attacking and patrolling the Libyan skies 24/7.

The question arise that: Will UN also show its Consistence to move against the western sponsored ‘The Arab Dictators Club’ head by Saudi Arabia? The plain answer may be; NO.

But Jasmine revolution is classless, non-violence Ghandian move to bring about the sure changes in the societies of the Middle East. It is to grant the enslaved masses with their freedom and breaking of shackles of their subjugation by the oppressive forces. This movement is the most potent weapon in the hands of masses against all the oppressions and any such move of old colonial powers to thwart its progress. Any orchestration as in Libya and push the country in civil war or any other moves may no more be significant to divert and ditch the wind of change found sweeping and advancing in the Arab lands to bring a real change that masses envisage so.

 Wishing you all a happy spring landing in the Arab world


Two down; third on his way out

As expected the Jasmine revolution which bore the most potent potential to bring about a wind of change, of freedom and breaking of shackle of oppression for the subjugated and deprived Arabs; it was feared that somehow it will be hijacked by the chieftain of all the oppressor present in this region —US. Eventually this worst feared scenario —–has come to pass. But; will all the dreams attached to this revolution also be seen shattered now?

In the face of a classless, secular and non- violent movement which brought instant results that two tyrants from Tunisia and Egypt were seen packing their baggage and vanish. But none of the other Arab tyrants ruling many more countries wanted to be marked as third one to go out.

As the clock was ticking so was the tyranny across the board seen flexing its muscles. All the tyrants started giving away various numerations as a bribe to the deprived masses to defuse the uprising. Saudi Arabia, UAE states, Morocco, Oman and even Yemen, all were seen showing their generosity of a high scale. Saudi king generosity is remarkable that just on his health recovery from a spine operation abroad; he even before landing back in Saudi Arabia had announced a hefty bribe of 37 billion in the name of reforms for the deprived peoples and is issuing more .

The sweeping winds of Jasmine revolution in the Middle East have taken aback — even the every cunning pundits of Intelligence services who usually keep their hands on the pulses of masses, it also gave them a big surprise. The rein of tyranny and dictatorship ringed around the entire Middle East was seen shaking. The Western oppressive forces lead by US in control of this region never wanted that status quo of their installed rulers be changed. In the face of peoples’ demand US was also seen pedalling the high grounds of moral and appeared to be wishing all the best in favour of the freedom and peoples power but at Pentagon something very different was brooding. The awakening of youth against the tyranny was also challenging the existence of US owned well sought military power bases like Airbases in Saudi Arabia; the Central US command centre, CentCom HQ at Al Hudaud in Qatar and U.S. Naval Forces Central Command base at Manama Bahrain. These US assets needed to be safeguarded.

While all other tyrants were seen extending their hands of cooperation toward the masses that disbursing of a certain amount of candies may help save their seats of power; in Libya Ghadafi the mad man of Libya proved to be most different and a hardest nut of all. He plainly refused to entertain the wind of change blowing in the region. His forty years long– a one man rule has made him too haughty.

His brutal killing and destruction brought by him to his people is unprecedented. It has brought Libya at the brink of its disintegration. His escalation of atrocity is outrageous. The usual suspects; the marauders, predators just sitting across the Mediterranean shores the old western colonialists are more than happy to get fixed a UN Security Council resolution 1973 against Ghadafi to move in and retake the oil rich colony that previously they were compelled to abandon after WW II.

Astonishingly the OIC of Arab Muslims countries has not asked the Arab Forces of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria or UAE to implement a No-Fly Zone over Libya but have rendered an open cheque to the western coalition to go ahead and implement. The Western forged UN Security Council resolution 1973 is yet another rant that previously we kept on hearing after Iraqi invasion by US lead forces. The usual rhetoric that western forces in the name of peace and save guard the civilian are moving in—- is invariably filling all the spaces on the media.

Eventually US have come in to head and lead the invading coalition formed in Europe. Ghadafi has started getting the poundings of long range Tomahawk cruise missiles and aerial bombardments to take out all his battle hard ware and whatever assets he has.

Resultantly; Kaddafi may be the third Dictator to fall in the face of the wind of freedom blowing in the Arab lands and whatever the consequences, western intervention may only be the reason of his fall. The taboo that who is going to be third Arab dictator that all of them were seen mustering their muscles to avoid it is now about to break.
Ghadafi might have to shed his dictatorship in hard way but to give away his powers to the peoples he has to. Hopefully Libya does not get disintegrated or divided into factions or fell prey to the western scavengers hovering around. But one is left aghast that this mass killing and destruction in Libya will be counted in whose name?

Arab land mainly constitute of desert and dry barren lands. Its surfaces may not be kind to its tillers to reap enough of food grains from them for living and people are forced to adapt to the nomadic way of life and thus they remain divided into tribes as well as pitched against each other. They feel safe in following their self proclaimed warlords and also open to their cruelty. The tribal culture has only given them the utter deprivation and misery. The assets of mineral resources buried under the sand coming to their hands in shape of oil and other minerals; demand that they may think and adopt to different ways of life.

We see that how easily the tomahawk cruise missiles fired by their rivals sitting thousands of miles away—in their arms chairs, ships and submarines are picking them as target and taking their assets out— one by one and destroying them. The adequate defence system against the aggressors could have been built in Arab world also. This also not hard to grasp that their rival wants to see them once again enslaved, deprived and subjugated. The notion of sticking to the tribal system and medieval cultural orthodoxy and keeping the wealth earn through oil revenue amassed in few hands may not work.

Ironically, the greed of money the tyrants and rulers they amass; they very stealthily keep it abroad to invest in Europe and US in business ventures and we see how easy it is for those countries to freeze their assets on flimsy pretexts and often leave them bare handed.

Alas they could invest these mounds of wealth in their own people. And if they may only know that this world belongs to the people who posses knowledge, got a knack of innovation and may lay hand on the natural economic resources. Muslim world they do have the potential and economic resources at hand which is required to be turned into practice and convert into technology—–to serve them and their cause.
But the countdown of Arab Tyrants continues; as how could be the fourth?

The Day Arabs Ditched their Sword into Suez Canal

In our next neighbours in the Middle East and North Africa; the entire region is set ablaze. The Arab world is seen awakening to set them freed of their aging tyrants Monarchs and the autocrat rulers. The sceptical believe and still consider it, as some conspiracy theory is unwinding to dismantle sheikhdoms and send the old men out. But the entire Arab predominantly Muslim society is talking of the freedom and to create a class less secular and democratic Islamic societies which was denied to them for last half a century.
If democracy envisaged by the freedom seekers is seen as a set of procedures that serve collectively to empower the people to freely elect governments and make them accountable and to make sure that basic human rights and civil liberties, the rule of law and equality before the law, and the rights of minorities are protected, then democracy is fully compatible with the Islamic value of shura. Certain circles in Islam might have a problem with liberal democracy because of the notion of secularism. Despite these objection the formidable problem facing transition to democracy in the Arab region is neither religious neither cultural.
It starts with late nineteenth and earlier twentieth century that Colonial authorities in occupation of the region attempted to impose secularism which was later seconded by successive postcolonial governments which led to undermining the civil society and doing away with minimum protection needed for individuals and groups to involve and create political life in the society. Ironically the phenomenon of Politics which is the vehicle to help build and move the societies and its institutions forward was considered as banned in the Arab world.
The modern Arab territorial states are the product of the collapse of Ottoman Empire at the turn of twentieth century. The world order that brought about the creation of all these artificial territorial states were by design antidemocratic and later Western installed Monarch and autocrats rulers till today have preserved the status quo and have shown no interest in the success of democracy anywhere in the region.
After the World War II when the colonial powers were compelled to abandon their colonies, the entire Middle East region was liberated. Jamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt emerged as the ambitious Arab leader to run the Arab nationalist movement and made certain major moves to unite and lead the Arab world but soon this dream was lost.
Suez Canal in Egypt is the only passage way for the global trade between West and East. In 1956 Jamal Abdul Nasser in pursuance of the Arab nationalistic movement nationalized the Suez Canal. This infuriated the western powers and old colonial powers of Britain and France reacted very vehemently. Both Britain and France asked Israel to attack and occupy both the banks of canal and Israel completed this mission very successfully. Egypt suffered heavy losses. US President Eisenhower finally negotiated the treaty to keep the Suez Canal open and Egypt conceded to become a remote control state and a US ally in the region and till date Egypt’s status quo remains the same. All the other Monarch autocrats and princely rulers of Gulf States in the region could only find their refuge in following the Egyptian lead and by keeping their swords once raised to advance the Arab nationalism cause back in their scabbards and to forget.
IN early fifties the discovery of oil in Middle East was expected to bring about a bigger change in the people’s life but sadly its revenue income remained entirely restricted to the ruling monarchs and autocrats. With the flow in of petro dollars; it abundantly filled the coffer of the Monarch and autocrats as persons; this also made their individual tribes and clan stronger and eventually a new dictatorial era of powerful clans and tribe started. The population under the rulers in order to exert their authority and to protect the monarchies raised new strong armies to keep the masses subdued.
The greed of rulers for possessing the wealth to themselves has been the most destructive in producing dramatic economic inequalities in the societies in the Middle East. Element of Greed and amassing wealth has also been the prime subject of exploitation of the far superior war crafts of western oppressing powers who preferred to keep them in power as a single identity to deal with. Peoples are subjected to double whammy of the suppression.

How all this came to this far may be the most satirical question but the way one is able to see the situation is that in early last century after the fall of Ottoman Empire, the majority of Muslims they characterized it as their utter degradation as Muslim Ummah and took it to their hearts and too humiliating for them.
It was taken as some wrath of God has befallen upon and—– in repentance Muslims took a refuge in isolating themselves from the worldly affairs. We find that study and research in sciences, arts, engineering and other knowledge which were once the hall mark of Muslims were totally abandoned. The entire region had gone in some sort of hibernation.
Even after the WWII that the Western colonial powers owing their economics constraints and the fall out of war were forced to abandon their colonies and Arab lands were set free. But we see that there was a little or no political awakening comes to surface among Muslims. Gradually the entire region was taken over by the local tyrants and turned into their personal sheikhdoms. Ever since, masses are ruled by monarch and autocrats— as their subjugated and enslaved subjects.
But after century old hibernation since after the World War I; the masses especially the youth are finally seen coming back to their senses. An uprising free of any religious or cultural instilled tribal bondage is stirred up throughout the region. It is a secular, classless uprising of educated lot which also forms a majority of population in the region. As a first step they have asked their tyrant greedy aging rulers to step aside.
The political upheavals among the youth reflects political, social, and economic dynamics that have been brewing beneath the surface in this region for a decade—and that had already started to shift the balance of political power. Chief among these are the social networks telecommunications revolution, which brought news of democracy as well as regime misdeeds to people’s homes, the lack of jobs for major segments of the male population, and the increasing economic power of women and minorities. Thanks to youth of Egypt that sword of pan –Arab nationalism and freedom once ditched into Suez canal by Jamal Abdul Nasser in 1956 is about to see its day again.
The century old threshold of fear is since crossed. The rulers may try to suppress the movement of freedom but the fear of their tyranny may not be re-injected back. In face of tsunami of freedom movement touching all the shores; the rulers may not be able to keep their authority while at the same time meeting the demands of their peoples to remove the institutions and individuals who have kept monarchs in power for years?
The old men in power still trying to cling to power need to sample the blowing wind of change; better they step aside respectfully than to be made to do so forcibly. The peoples of this region want to see their aged rulers out.

This Planet bears many Challenges for its Dwellers

Our planet is made of fireball of molting Lava with its outer crest and atmosphere cooled down enough to run and sustain a life cycle for human being and other species with comforts. But a man is raised to explore this universe to fight out the means and earn his livings… it remains a continuous quest for him to survive on this planet.

In the face of recent Japan Tsunami; the best possible techniques and technology that the most advanced country like Japan could think of; can be said that these were in place to counter and cater for the Earthquakes. Reportedly lives of millions are saved but how man and his dwellings are fragile one could see when it was left at the mercy of torrent tsunami generated by the earthquakes at the sea… Al Amman-Al Hafeez .

Nature bears many challenges for the dwellers on this planet

KUFAR; A Novel by Tahmina Durrani

KUFAR:  A Novel by Tahmina Durrani.

Syed Ayaz Hashmi of Jamiat e Mashaikh Islam of Pakistan calls for banning this book and asks that Mst Tahmina be punished as she has committed a blasphemy by exposing the lustrous life of creed of Muslim clergy in Pakistan.


Tahmina Durrani book “Kufar” is the Urdu translation of her book ‘Blasphemy’. This book is based on the real life experiences of a young woman exposed to the Pakistani Mullah. This book shows the true face to the whole world that how the Muslim clergy exploits the simpleton Muslims masses behind the facade of Islamic religious traditions.

 Tehmina in her this latest book Kufar has virtually defrocked the mullah(moulvis). Tahmina describes how this infamous clan of religious ministers is in fact a bunch of very cunning and treacherous operators. She holds them responsible for the dire difficulties in which Muslim masses today find themselves. Tehmina has in her book revealed for the world out there as how this class of religious operators indulge in all the sort of personal sensual pleasures behind the exterior of Islam.

 She has also successfully exposed the denizens of Punjab’s dargahs and graves, who indulge in black magic and make the so-called magical talismans and other such items of sorcery. She had presented extensive tales of the misdeeds of these satanic practitioners and their wicked influence on innocent young girls and beautiful women to make them preys of their lust.

Tehmina assures that there is no exaggeration in these tales and that however farfetched they may appear to be for a casual reader, she assures the readers that the incidents described in her novel are true and they have actually taken place. The volume also has illustrations of a few instances of the male atrocious behavior toward women who are subjected to every form of adultery. Tehmina says that these men bear all kinds of blemishes. When someone is seen trying to expose them, they invariably gag them by declaring him accursed and guilty of Kufar. Thus the religious fanaticism and injustices are practiced under cover of the alleged Kufar or contempt of religion. Anyone who raises his voice against their criminal indulgence is branded as blasphemer. He is either murdered or is beaten up beyond recognition. These religious operatives are quick to issue fatwas and somehow an atmosphere is created and their spell bound ignorant followers are lead to believe as they hold and posses (Naozbillah) some upper hand over Almighty God and to bring about the desired results genie are under their spell who work for them. Tahmina believes that because the jagirdars have always been in the lead of observance of these so called Islamic rituals. In political fields whenever they acquire power they misuse it and twist and turn the religion of Islam to serve their own selfish designs.

She declares that she has found that mullahs, peers, fakirs and other apologists in Pakistan found in every form of distortion of Islam are indulging themselves in the parody of religion. Knowing it to be such that Islam forbids any exercise of force and compulsion in the name of religion which is in it an insult to Islam and it is kufar. This is real a sad side and comment on the moral perspicacity of Muslim society.

The courage displayed by Tehmina Durrani in bringing out this book commands all round respect. Truth is central and pivotal to Islam. To dismiss this book by branding it anti-Islam is in itself an insult to true Islam.

 kufar (PB) by Tehmina Durrani

Book Review Comments Courtesy: http://www.desistore.com/kufar.html

 (Edited for clarity)

Dawn of New era in Islamic World

Thanks to social net working of facebook, twitter and Internet to invoke people to bring a change in their stagnant lives…!!

There is sea of change seen raging in the entire Middle East. This could only happen when the people for generations were subjected to prolonged oppression and utter deprivation at the hand of their tyrant rulers; The vast God gifted lands were oozing the mineral of  black gold—oil. Muslims; the unlettered possessors of the land for whom the phenomena of Knowledge, sciences and technology being an alien species — resulted in transported of this wealth outside by the west but it did bring billions of Dollars on daily bases as revenue to fill the treasuries of the ruler but the nomadic clueless tribes dotting the lands around these oil pits were kept deprived.

But the youth of today finally has got up to bring a change what their heart said to rise up against the oppressive regimes and then things have started moving. How beautiful the Quranic verdict comes to pass (subhan Allah) [8:53] Surely, Allah changes not the condition of a people until they change that which is in their hearts.

The old hag Monarchs of Middle East rather than appreciating the efforts of their youth will try to outsmart them and try to push them aside or corner them. House of Saud is the chieftain of them all; the history of sheer subjugation of people at their hands is too long.

 The real light of change in the lives of people of the Middle East and in the Muslims world at large will only come the day; when the autocrat king occupying House of Saud also steps down.

Lately House Of Saud has released some 35 billion for the needy for their housing, business, marriage & education; It is a good try to openly bribe the subjects and get another lease for life.;

Saudi reforms are not more than a gesture of an aging King that on the recovery of his health he has announced a package of alms for the needy. It is a good try to bribe people and secure another lease for life.

This act also shows that he does not consider that peoples are the equal and rightful owner of the wealth earned of their land; rather he wants the enslaved people to believe that they should look toward the hands of generous king and Saudi king spine operation and his recovery is blessing in disguise for them.

The King is sadly mistaken; that in the wake of Jasmine revolution— days of all the tyrants are numbered and peoples are looking—– of the days beyond these autocrats.

These veining Empires have forced their enslaved peoples into rebellions and had made them suffer for many decades. There is a new form of unity among the peoples seeking their freedom which has resulted into a wide spread movement as a secular, class less uprising. The masses were finding themselves engulfed with fear and terror induced by the tyrants and subjugated but the threshold of that fear is found crossed now; the people have lost that fear and it may not be re-injected back.

Alas— how wrong theses stooges are?

 Ironically they are unable to sample the wind of change and may try to crush the uprising by use of military force. But they ought to learn to make the concessions for the peoples when they are still in power and grant them their equal rights and share in power and wealth. It is likely that revolting masses may turn to foreign forces for their help; where usual suspects the western forces are seen more than ready to intervene. The indecisiveness at the part of the heads of veining Empire at this stage may result in re-takeover by the old colonial Empires.

Happy are those who dream the dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.


After Salman Tahseer, Shahbaz Bhatti; who is Next..?

By A Khokar    March 3, 2011

After killing of the ‘justice seeker’ Salman Taseer; minority minister Mr Shahbaz Bhattiis also killed cold blooded by gunmen believably belonging to one of the many groups working under Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan—TTP and there is

 an outcry that as who would be the next target?

So–some of my friends have chalked out a list as who is Next; Sheeri Rehman, Asma Jehangir, Nawaz Sharif, Farooq Sattar, or Zardari himself?

But for their kind information; Nawaz sharif..? I don’t think so….

Friends might have observed that PML-N leaders are never seen condemning such like attacks explicitly. If we simply call back the 1999 era; we may see that Mukarram Nawaz Sharif while in government was dreaming to become Ameerul Momineen. Religious groups of MMA which included JUI (Fazlur) were offering him the wings to ride on and fulfil his dream—- but sadly the coup of Musharraf came in between and it shattered all those dreams.

That is the bitterness which is carried forward by PML-N and that is why we keep on witnessing intensive Musharraf bashing campaign being run by PML-N on the Media.

As rust never sleeps so was building up of the bigger dream of someone becoming Ameerul Momineen. PML-N leadership on exile stayed out of this equation in Musharraf era; so MMA head by Fazlur came in front and after forming their government in NWFP; rather went one step further and started building a militant force for the same in Malakand- Swat area. CIA saw it a golden opportunity and Fazlur was lured in by CIA to cut a bigger chunk of deal with CIA and his militant group was given a new name as Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan—TTP.

CIA supported and nurtured TTP which kept on breeding with Fazlur’s policy of ‘Run deep, Run silent’ and today we find it in a shape of bigger monster spreading anarchy all over in Pakistan.

And neither Zardari may be seen as the next target. Don’t we see that Fazlur while staying as Zardari’s ally has been able to reap enough of his political clout and could wield most potent and lethal weapon made out of blasphemy law.

Lately; very conveniently Fazlur has left the government that the man thinks that killing of Salman Taseer with blasphemy weapon has given him enough strength to form a mega political clout which eventually will bring him to the power. Through by spreading of fear and terror and coercion— they seem to have achieved a good grip on the society.

In the wake of the recent class less, Secular and pro-democracy revolutionary movements in neighbouring Middle East; it was felt as their clout started weaning. This developing situation in Fazulr circle demanded that a target like Mr Shabaz Bhatti be killed with the same weapon lest they lose the grip on the masses.

It is most certain that few more will be killed using Blasphemy weapon that politico-Religious group headed by Fazlur and JI needs to flog, coerce and keep the masses in line behind them.


Those who see hope in the Middle East uprisings seem to assume that uprising will lead in the direction of freedom or democracy. There is a big talk of “liberation” of Egypt, even though the biggest change there has been that a one-man dictatorship has been replaced by a military dictatorship that has suspended the constitution.

Perhaps the military dictatorship will be temporary, as its leaders say, but people have heard that—- song before. What we have also heard, too many times before, is the assumption that getting rid of an undemocratic government means that it will be replaced by a freer and better government.

The bad regimes might be replaced by worse regimes. But one may wishfully assume that overthrowing a dictator means a movement toward freedom and democracy. The fact remains that Egyptians or others in the Middle East and elsewhere want freedom but this does not mean that they are also ready for freedom. That may be the firsthand dilemma of the Middle East.

There is quite a possibility that this movement of freedom may be hijacked; not by the usual suspects, the all time rival, old western oppressor nations but the local oppressor and autocrats that they have the wealth the authority and may not let this change happen the way the freedom enthusiasts want to happen. All of the dictators have decades old experience of subjugating the masses. After all those masses have stayed subjected to coercion and subjugation for so long; deprived, destitute and always looking towards the hand of their tyrant monarch to drop few bucks for them to live their lives.

In the face of all the winds of changes on the horizon even King of House of Saud very generously announced a grand 35 billion dollar grant for the needy as alms on his recovery of health. Once again it reminds the people that he still holds the fort of his autocracy. But— will the people knowing it to be such refuse to reject the enumeration that king wishes them to accept considering them as his subjects. The peoples who have suffered from the mortification of their dignity, self respect and humiliation for so long may not have left with the appetite of such an abrupt freedom; especially to rise against the totalitarian regime of Saudi king.

On the other hand the sudden eruption of movement of freedom and toppling of the western installed dictatorial regime, one after the other, is proved to be as the night mare for the west. It is a direct attack on the Neocons- world order. The change in status quo of western installed regimes is not desirable. In order to thwart the movement of freedom in the Middle East and harness the revolution— the Libyan turmoil is especially been manipulated to turn Libyan uprising into a civil war. Ghadafi defiance and his blunt moves to crush the uprising is serving as catalyst that on the pretext of preventing a catastrophe in the Libya; US as well as UK are seen all out to launch unilateral offensive against Ghadafi. This is a new play which comes to action. Execution of western operation and finally deposition of Ghadafi may be stretched long to divert the attention of masses and let the heat of freedom die down.

While the youth of Middle East using the mass mobilization tools of social net working as their weapon to bring about a real secular democratic change in the Middle East and they are looking beyond the dictatorial regimes. But they are still a leaderless mob; looking for some mystero to come and lead them. Whereas the dictatorial regimes still clinging on to power may be more than willing to abet and cooperate with the West to call back their past.