Tahafuz e Namous e Rissalat; For What?


By A Khokar      December 26, 2010

On 24 December country wide rallies were staged by the politico-Religious groups in favour of Blasphemy law that it should remain intact because it guarantees the required Tahafuz e Namous e Rissalat (Defending the prophet Hood of Muhammad (pbuh)) and warned that any proposed amendment made in the law by the government will be consequential.

But it is amazing that prophet hood of Muhammad (pbuh) is required to be protected and defended in a Muslim country which has about 96+% of its populations of staunch conservative Muslims?

 May be that the remaining 4% of population which constitute of minorities; are the ferocious, outlawed hooligans and now and then keep on disrupting the peace and serenity of the society by their act of arson, killing and looting? But; reportedly this minority consists of Christians who mostly do the menial jobs, Hindus, a small section of Sikhs and others along with the Ahmadiyya sect who were thrown beyond the pale of Islam as third class citizen. All of them happen to be the most docile and law abiding citizens busy struggling to meet the ends of their daily lives.

We find that Blasphemy laws with its death sentence makes it the cruellest of the laws that one could ever think of, are already in place to deal with any such adventurist, who may dare violating or trespassing the limits prescribed. But what is the aim of having such a cruellest of law?

It is well known that reportedly this law has always been exercised in registering the numerous cases where the rivals have to score their own ends. As under the provision of the law, it is very easy to book someone by giving, mere a statement by any Plaintiff in the courts against a person especially a non Muslim that he was seen for instance, reciting Muslim Holy Book of Quran or have exchanged the common Muslim greetings; Aslamo alaikum, specific to Muslims and thus his religious sentiments are hurt. Hundreds of cases are laying pending judgment and persons charged are sitting behind the bars.

Lately under the pressing circumstances government gave inkling that this law was too cruel. It is being misused and be amended. All the hue and cry of the rallying forces head by the Islamic parties like JI and JUI has joined hands to resist any such amendment and even threatened to create a country wide law and order situation.

At the moment one can find that this Blasphemy law is turned into ‘Islam specific lethal weapon’ which is seen in the sole possession of the political oriented clergy; ….. And this most dangerous weapon ever wielded in the hand of Mullah has turned him into an savage exterminator. He is using it against every opponent of his, the way he feels like— even is challenging the present government and black mailing it.

 But if we are unwilling to repeal it; in the fairness of the business, it would be most appropriate that subject protection sought is extended to all the other Divine prophets too. And why not? If 96+% of majority requires a protection law for their own concern, the best option would be that; better ‘Amend it in order to Extent it to all the other divine prophets’ too. That God also says that in the eyes of God all the prophets are equal and He makes no distinction between them.’

The Quran says:

Al-Nisa[4:152] “ And as for those who believe in Allah and in all of His Messengers and make no distinction between any of them, these are they whom He will soon give their rewards. And Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.”

 Al Baqarah[2-285]:”This Messenger of Ours believes in that which has been revealed to him from his Lord, and so do the believers: all of them believe in Allah, and in His angels, and in His Books, and in His Messengers, saying, ‘We make no distinction between any of His Messengers;’ and they say, ‘We hear, and we obey. We implore Thy forgiveness, O our Lord, and to Thee is the returning.”


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CIA Top Spy pulled out from Pakistan amid death threats

By A Khokar    December 19, 2010

It is said that the Islamabad station chief of the Central Intelligence Agency of US hastily departed from Pakistan on Thursday after his cover was blown through a suspected deliberate leak by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence for fear of his life under threat.

CIA top spy, Jonathan Banks was identified as the head of the CIA’s Pakistan office, in a lawsuit filed against the United States’ secretive spy agency by a resident of North Waziristan. The resident, Kareem Khan, was said to have filed the case against the CIA and Mr. Banks for their role in organising drone strikes that killed his son and brother.

It’s rare for a CIA station chief to be pulled out because of a blown cover. In 1999, however, an Israeli newspaper revealed the identity of the station chief in Tel Aviv. In 2001, an Argentine newspaper printed a picture of the Buenos Aires station chief and details about him. In both instances, the station chiefs were recalled to the U.S.

In Pakistan Mr Jonathan Banks was involved in organising and directing the drone attacks in Tribal area.

The Hindukush ranges which form the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is a difficult inaccessible terrain called FATA tribal area, where supposedly the Al Qaeda and Taliban have created their make shift sanctuaries. In these sanctuaries; they re-org and train and go out to carry out the covert operations and raids in Afghanistan against occupation forces and inside Pakistan.

CIA as well as ISI both the intelligence agencies remain at their tails and keep on carrying out different measures to gather human intelligence to pin point their dens and to destroy them. The popular weapon of drone attack; reportedly is a success, proved to be the best means to target them. Certain local tribesmen, commonly known in the area as ‘patharis’ are hired by CIA to place a special electronic device dubbed ‘chip’ at targets, when activated sends the beeps to satellite, and helps identify the suspect target for drones attacks.

US is invariably using advanced technology and old-fashioned cash to target the enemy; which is a high-tech assassination operation for one of the world’s most remote areas.

FATA is a far-flung tribal area. Owing to the scarcity of local resources and lack of civic amenities in the area; the poverty ridden people mostly remain jobless and at the mercy of their tribal lord called ferocious Maliks. Maliks are known for running the business of narcotics and arms smuggling and use the locals on minimal rates as their carriers; called ‘lagaries’. To work for the organised gangs as mercenaries and undertaking of any target killing or kidnapping for money remains their prime common profession.

Initially the ‘patharies’ hired to place the electronic chip devices, to help drone attacks were not well known. It remained a secret for a while that they were exclusively hired by CIA. But soon they were identified and many a gangs and other hirelings are since singled out for undertaking and committing such heinous crime of killing on behalf of CIA and are charged for treason and tribal betrayal.

FATA is the area where tribes live a close nit lives and anyone who is found influenced by outside forces to work for money is easily identified and thus numbers of ‘Patharies’ along with their family members were brutally killed and their houses demolished. In the process of the local inter tribes investigation by the relations of the victims and setup of Tribal Qazi courts; it is beyond any doubt that all the information about the CIA covert operation plans and all the details and personal profiles of members in the chain of CIA command, even high up to the station chief in Islamabad would not be dug out.

It is absurd to assume that peoples whose nears and dear are killed in drone attacks and when the command channel and head man of the perpetrator; in this case the US CIA station chief; Jonathan Banks is known; that too operating while present within their own country, would be spared?

But to indict Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, ISI that they revealed the name and his cover was blown through a suspected deliberate leak is yet another absurdity and under minding the life pattern and way of the conduct of Pathans, a well known phenomenon; the ‘paktoun waley’.

Pakhtouns who are mostly targeted by drone’s attacks are known to carry the grudge of elephant, they know not bowing their heads down and their revenge taking may go beyond three generations.

But we do see that after many years of US proclaimed successes of her atrocious operations in order to subjugate the people of this region —the failures and implosion of her evil designs have finally caught up with the wicked to turn it into its misadventure.


US Asks Pakistan to ferret out terrorist safe havens in tribal regions

Overview of the Afghanistan and Pakistan Annual Review

WASHINGTON, Dec. 16 — The war in Afghanistan remains difficult, but the United States is on track to achieve its goals and begin withdrawing troops in July, President Obama said.

The conditions-dependent drawdown process is scheduled to begin July 2011 and end by 2014 when U.S. and coalition forces are scheduled to turn over all security responsibilities to the Afghans, Obama said during a briefing on the annual status report on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“(We) are on track to achieve our goals,” Obama said, although gains made are “fragile and still reversible.”

In Afghanistan, the United States is focused on the three areas — military efforts to break the Taliban’s momentum and train Afghan forces to take the lead in security, civilian work to promote effective governance and development, and regional cooperation “because our strategy has to succeed on both sides of the border,” Obama said.

The president also said neighbouring Pakistan can do more to ferret out terrorist safe havens in tribal regions near the country’s border with Afghanistan.

The review, coming a year after Obama announced a new war strategy and deployed 30,000 more U.S. troops, shows both progress and challenges, Obama said.

Obama said the United States will fully support an Afghan political process that includes reconciliation with those Taliban who break from al-Qaida and accept the Afghan constitution.

Obama said the United States would maintain its focus its relationship with Pakistan.

“Increasingly, the Pakistani government recognizes that terrorist networks in its border regions are a threat to all our countries, especially Pakistan,” Obama said. “We’ve welcomed major Pakistani offensives in the tribal regions. We will continue to help strengthen Pakistan’s capacity to root out terrorists.”

Progress, however, hasn’t come fast enough, “so we will continue to insist to Pakistani leaders that terrorist safe havens within their borders must be dealt with,” the president said. “At the same time, we need to support the economic and political development that is critical to Pakistan’s future. As part of our strategic dialogue with Pakistan, we will work to deepen trust and cooperation.”

“It will take time to ultimately defeat al-Qaida,” the president said, adding that the United States would “never waver” from its goal of disrupting, dismantling and defeating terrorist groups using Afghanistan as a base.

“(None) of these challenges that I’ve outlined will be easy,” Obama said. “There are more difficult days ahead, but as a nation we can draw strength from the service of our fellow Americans. … We will forge enduring partnerships with people who are committed to progress and to peace. And we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure the security and the safety of the American people.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the administration wasn’t sugarcoating the situation in Afghanistan because the review considered both the good and the bad.

“I think we’re being very clear-eyed and realistic,” Clinton said.

She said the administration believes it is “creating a better context” for fighting the insurgency.

The secretary said the United States did not develop the relationships, coordination or understanding with Afghanistan or Pakistan in recent years and “frankly walked away from” the region 25-30 years ago, which helped contribute to the situation today.

Defence Secretary Robert Gates said the review “keeps us focused” on what can and cannot be achieved in the region, such as working to ensure Pakistan shuts down safe havens for terrorists.

“Failing to deal with safe havens is a real challenge,” Gates said.

The Promised Messiah, the Reformer in Islam: He is here

The phenomenon of religion  on this planet earth is as old, as the age of human being. Ever since; the required guidance to lead the life on this earth, has always been at hand from the creator of this universe. God almighty has been deputing certain chosen ones from among the masses to perform as his prophets in order to keep the masses on the right tracks.

 The set of guidance on receipt from God when were put to practice to live the life on this planet; was given the name as—their religion.

 The majority of the people in present era are  living  under the umbrella of Abrahamic religion—which God Almighty started some 6000 years ago with Prophet Ibrahim and it was perfected for the man kind after reaching at its summit some 1400 years ago at the hands of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and given the  name —-Islam.  In Quran God Almighty says ; [5:3] ‘This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as religion’.

Ever since Islam as a religion has spread over many continents in leaps and bounds as a second largest religion after Christianity till the time that it saw its down turn in the face of European expanding colonial era toward the end of nineteenth century and then it met it down fall and finally the fall of its Muslim Ottoman Empire occurred in the beginning of last century.

The end quarter of nineteenth century is the time when in the wake of down turns and aggravated state of Islam; Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (as) came as the Reformer in Islam to guide and lead the Muslims by high lighting the areas where; Ummah deviated from the right path and met the down fall. He started his mission from a small town of Qadian in Punjab, India, when India as well as the entire Middle Eastern Muslim Block were under the British and European colonial Rules; It was a gruelling uphill task to reset the oars of Muslims on the right course and fill the sails with the fair winds in order to regain the lost glory of Islam.

He did not bring any new laws, neither he brought any new book but came to reform the Islam and Ummah to regain its lost glory.

With the inception of Reformer in any religion— all the doctrines and advocacies of previous school of thoughts like we have in Islam in practice to conduct the daily lives— if are not cast aside but in principal are held in abeyance and are subjected to the scrutiny and approval of the Reformer.

The termination of practices and other rituals—when are subjected to reformation; it is likely that it may bring lot of upheaval within the society which is but natural. Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed met the sharp and severest opposition and was even labelled as imposter as he was out there to change the book of Holy Quran or the teachings of the Holy Prophet (pbuh); but in fact not an iota of it is changed or touched upon.

After his advent as reformer; principally all the old doctrines of former Imams in Islam, i.e. Imam Maliki, Imam Al Shafi, Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Ahmad bin Hambal advocating their different school of thoughts as per their understanding of Islam are supposed to be put to a scrutiny and sifted through the filter since set by the Reformer under divinely instructions; and all the practices and theologies so devised will cease to function and subjected to the rejection or approval by the Imam e Zaman, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (as).

As stated  earlier; the effected schools of thought whose given theologies were challenged; obviously would  felt deprived of their authority and feared losing of the opulence amassed and respect earned among the public; they all were likely to make lot of hue and cry; possibly violence was also expected to erupt. Efforts were made that the reformers himself be rejected altogether. History of Pakistan where Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Jammat exist, is full of all such mishaps.

This is the harsh reality and the real crux of the matter explained above in respect of the Reformer in Islam; and in any case all the old theologies even approved are to get the new seal  and may be included in the terms and condition envisaged by the Imam e Zamana, under the name of the Reformer, as a  New Order.

We are passing through a phase where the Reformer in Islam; Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) is yet to be fully recognised with its full authority. So upheaval, turmoil, rejection, acceptance, persecution of his followers, looting, arson, creation of country draconian laws against them; throwing them out of the pale of Islam or pushing the follower of Reformer to subhuman categories; all are a part of game of the phase that we are passing through.

The earlier example of Jesus (as) is in front of us. It took some three hundred years that man could be recognised as such. But it is strange enough to note that he was ultimately not recognised by the Jews (Israelites) among whom he came but a fresh new thread was opened and Christianity took a start.

 In the world of Islam; Allah knows best how the things will take shape but we know it for certain that a new thread has started called— Ahmadiyya.


The Shifting Sands

By A Khokar December 9, 2010

Taliban in Afghanistan is primarily an ill equipped insurgent force engaged in fighting against the far superior foreign occupation forces of US and her allies. The occupation forces they prefer to remain in the confines of their heavily fortified bunkered bases and occasionally go out on patrolling excursions as a show of their force, where they also move under supporting cover by air and artillery fire power. The US Apache helicopters rescue squadrons remain available at call with their all the might and unique ability of manoeuvring.

In view of the tremendous fire power available to the enemy, Taliban rarely confront the allied patrolling forces except engaging them with sniper firing conducted to frustrate the enemy when they are out in the fields.

Seeing the exceptional satellite surveillance and precise target engaging capability of enemy, Taliban may also not afford to move in armed groups or able to launch a full fledged attacks on the major bases; so only the far-flung outposts or the isolated small bases are raided but ferociously attacked to tend the enemy to vacate those places.

But Taliban has the expertise in producing and implanting the road side IEDs which inflict horrific and devastating injuries to kill their enemy during foot patrolling and enemy is forced to resort to vehicular patrolling by their Hummer Armoured Vehicles and thus the US patrolling forces also remain restricted and confined to vehicles. Most of the casualties inflicted on US lead forces are owing to the IEDs or implanted mines against US patrolling vehicles.

Previously, the surprise attacks on the US logistic convoys and their quick disengagement after the raids have been the main source of arms and ammo catches for the Taliban and enemy was forced to employ more troops to escort the convoys in batches. Often the Surge in troops was dissipated on these escort duties. Lately the protection of these convoys is given to civilian contractors and very conveniently the Taliban disguise as war lords have taken over this task of convoy protection on a very high rates and it has become the main source of income toward the funding of their cause;—- other than what all they receive from the Middle Eastern brothers and the narcotic trades.

No doubt this War is costing a huge monthly expenditure to US in Afghanistan but the occupation forces they mainly remain confined to their fortified bases only. Literally they do not exercise any control over the occupied country , same is the case of the US planted Afghan Karzai government and its authority which remains limited to capital city of Kabul only.

In the face of the unique and far superior tactics employed by Taliban; it has made the US lead forces, even with such a tremendous fire power available at hand— like some sitting ducks confined in the fortified bases. Having no success or victory in sight and a perennial fear hanging over them of causalities whenever they step out; has compelled the US to resort to other diplomatic or covert means to survive in this region and withdraw its forces from Afghanistan altogether.

Under this option to resort to diplomatic or even the covert operation in order to survive or remain present and exercise US planned control in this region; US has very conveniently— (already) shifted this war to neighbouring Pakistan.

This is a great victory for rag tag force of Taliban that after the troop’s withdrawal; US will be left with no option but to negotiate or sign some truce with Taliban.

Unlike Afghanistan; where the ‘Ghairatmund Pathans’ live that they know how to lay their lives for their land and to remain steadfast even in the long unending wars; Pakistan is nation in which from a boot polish boy to President, all are corrupt.

To adapt to a profession of mercenaries and work as proxy of other superior nations like we are presently engaged, has taken the sense of pride and honour away from this nation.

Other than  Pakistani military forces that they are executing all their missions on US behalf and the corrupt leader ship that it has handed over even all its micro management to American…. It has turned this country to become a satellite state of America.

We the characterless and hypocrite are a nation —-surely doomed for good.

I wish someone proves me otherwise.

The Blasphemy law: Amend it; to Extend it

The Blasphemy law- Amend it; to Extend it.

By A Khokar December 5 , 2010

The logic behind the initiation of above Bill about The ‘Blasphemy Law’ is that under the prevalent volatile situation in Pakistan, no government would be able to repeal it altogether.

This can be seen that  blasphemy Law is ‘Islam specific law’ to give protection to the Muslims and to the Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) that Muslim fear —that may its sanctity at any stage  be breached at the hands of some ill will  violators and in order to protect the sacredness of, especially the Holy Prophet (pbuh), this law is rightfully devised to serve as a protection..

The latest figures show that about 4% of Pakistani population is of minorities and they too (most of them) belong to the older divine religions —Christianity. Under the present circumstances, if the main Mulims religion of about 96% majority expects a fear of violation of its sanctity or of the Holy Personage then it can certainly be assumed that other minorities remain excessively vulnerable all the times.

And what happens if the main religion decides to oppress the minorities?

In the light of above; it is more important that a protection within the law in practice be provided to the minorities and this law be accodingly amended to extent it to others also.

Quran is a magnificent Book and this Lord of Our universe ‘Subhan-Allah’ is ‘The Great’. Allah having recognised the presence and practices of old divine religions on the planet; being a beneficent of them too says: [2:62] “Surely, the Believers (Muslims), and the Jews, and the Christians and the Sabians — whichever party from among these truly believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good deeds — shall have their reward with their Lord, and no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve.”

In case of all the prophets Allah although says that among the prophets; I have exalted the station of certain prophets but from their general status point of view, Allah says that: [2: 136]’We make no difference between any of them’ –or–[3:84] ‘We make No Distinction between Any of them’.

At the moment the Blasphemy law has been turned into ‘Islam specific lethal weapon’ which is in the sole possession of the Mullah; who is seen turned as exterminator….. So he is wielding this weapon against every opponent of his that he feels like.

This scorpion may be using his sting as a weapon armed, tart and trained but after the due amendment, if other scorpions in the vicinity will also be given the equal stingers;; then we may foresee that— certainly a state of Hunky-Dory will prevail.

So please; Do not Repeal it that you will not be able to do it; better amend it to Extent it to all the other prophets.

Pakistan cleric offers reward for killing Aasia Bibi.

Islamabad – A Pakistani Muslim cleric has offered a reward for the killing a Christian woman, already sentenced to death for uttering derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammad, media reports said on Saturday.

Maulana Yousuf Qureshi, the prayer leader in Mohabat Khan Mosque in Peshawar, the capital of militancy-plagued north-western Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, made the announcement during a protest rally on Friday.

“I will give 500,000 rupees (5,890 dollars) to anyone who kills Asia Bibi,” Qureshi was quoted as saying by the Daily Times. He also called on Taliban to murder the woman since it was “a service to the religion.”

Bibi was convicted last month by a court in Nankana Sahab, a district in the central province of Punjab, 17 months after police arrested her on charges of blasphemy.

She pleaded not guilty, saying that she was wrongly accused after a brief scuffle with a group of Muslim women over a water bowl. The court sentenced her to death by hanging.

Bibi’s case attracted international attention following a personal appeal from Pope Benedict XVI for her freedom. The Pakistani government is considering the possibility of pardoning Bibi, the first woman sentenced to death for blasphemy in the country.
Federal minister for minorities, Shahbaz Bhattii, who himself is a Christian, condemned the cleric’s statement.

“It is unethical, immoral and will instigate and trigger those elements who can take law in their own hands and commit violence in the name of religion,” he told the German Press Agency dpa.
“We will not allow anyone to take law in their hands and establish rule of jungle in Pakistan. This shows why we are concerned about blasphemy laws because many people have been killed due to it in the past. I think the revision and amendment in the law is the need of time,” Bhatti added.

But a court last week put the potential pardon on ice until December 6, when the court will hold the next hearing of a case filed against the government.

Islamist groups are also putting pressure on the government to keep Bibi in prison, and refrain from introducing any amendments to the controversial blasphemy laws.

Protest rallies were held in several cities and prayer leaders warned the government and anyone who supported people uttering blasphemous remarks about the Prophet Mohammed.

Pakistan has not yet executed anyone for blasphemy, but dozens are imprisoned on blasphemy charges, which many rights activists and lawyers said are used to settle personal disputes.

Those beautiful are not yet born.

By  A Khokar     December  03,  2010

In the light of stark revelations made by Wikileaks it can be seen that Pakistan as a satellite state is practically owned and managed by America. There are other some four local stake holders operating in this forsaken country.

1) Pak military which holds all the powers in the country and exercises the Command and political Control of the country, its foreign policy and the Finance matters.

2) The corrupt politicians that after practically handing over all the powers to military they are busy in making money and looting the national assets.

3) The toothless Public caught in a hapless situation of anarchy engulfing the country.

4) The power Hungry religious extremists, who hold the masses by their throats and enjoy a practical hold in the streets of Pakistan by spelling fear and terror and are busy in subversion; dismantling and depleting the country assets.

Under the circumstances; this country holds no future of its own; till such times that a real Maestro comes up.

But probably those beautiful are not yet born.