Pakistan: where a Maestro, a Messiah is earnestly awaited

Yad e Mazzi Azzab hey, ya Rub

Chean lay mujh say hafiza mera.


Pakistan a beautiful and God gifted land has got its lofty Himalayan mountain in the north with the historic mountains Hindukush and Kohe Suleiman and Kirthar ranges running down from the north to the west with may gates ways like Khyber pass, carved to reach India. Pakistan has the world biggest canal system that irrigates its fertile lands by its mighty Indus River and its riverine running along the spine of this land and other rivers joining Indus. It holds the Gandhara and Indus valley civilizations. But the current history of this country is seen somewhat pitted with the stories of darker sides of its inhabitants who have turned this land into a land of anarchist and a vulnerable security state. .

Right from its inception, history tells us that whatever has been happening here in Pakistan; nothing has happened as per the will and wishes of peoples….they simply did not have their say; not even the Military which has remained in power for half of its life. Military men are seen to have never come up with a programme or some vision of their own like Kamal Atta Turk of Turkey to build this nation. Input from its political leaders is also counted as insignificant; except one Mr Z A Bhutto who remained on the scene for a brief period of time but was eliminated. The legacy of Z A Bhutto still lives.

In view of its strategically location; it is found that reportedly American have since established their deep rooted influence and are control of the strategic and socio-economical circles of this country. It is seen that practically Pakistan acts like a satellite state of USA which is serving as US outpost in this region.

In Pakistan only American programmes runs. Generals or the so called political leaders— serve there, as US proxy. In short; they are the stooges since installed to execute the given US plans.

In this process; may they be generals or the politicians; their conduct is alike. Since they do not have and neither have they come with their own indigenous national programme; so they make all type of hay for their personal gains and benefits while their sun remains up which tends them to be corrupt. These slaves, they very well know their sell by dates and act accordingly.

Musharraf era is in front of us which can be quoted as example. During his tenure, we saw an exceptional large influx of US money during and Pakistan was told to serve as front line state in war against terror and act as decoy of this war. At the same time; Miss Benazir Bhutto–BB who was on self exile in US was being nurtured as US robot; there upon we saw laying of red carpets by Musharraf for BB to come and take over the rein of government but sadly, after BB arrival, she was seen taking a defiant route. She was seen acting against Musharraf but US saw her as an emerging agent who could prove to be against their interests. A robot could not defy her master and she was eliminated before she could take over—- and now this present day government…. At each and every stage, we do see that there is nothing; which one could claim that; it is our own vision or our national plan.

But there is a glimmer of hope in our Judiciary; which may turn the dream in reality. This nation has done only one thing real good in their entire history that they could install their judiciary by themselves through movement of street power.

 Ironically the past history of this institution is known to be the most corrupt one —will they live by the promise and could cope with the challenge and the change they ought to do in their conduct of judicial business. Are they willing to do all this? To start with—they need to be seen as Mardan e Qalander;the rightiousone; forsaking all their rapacious greed of money that they are known for. That is one…!*

But what happens if the subordinate judges of CJP I M Choudhary on seeing their incomes (bribery) that they are used to, is drastically reduced and they revolt against CJP; or CJP is removed or eliminated?

Our national scenario is reeking with deceit and hypocrisy. From a boot polish boy to the President; everybody is seen corrupt and disloyal to this nation and its land. In such circumstances; even the prayers do not work.

But let’s be loyal to ourselves for a change. Realize where we stand and then pray that God sends us some Maestro; a Messiah to lead us through.

Koi Messiah; hoay karray koi

Meray Dukh ki dawa keray koi


* Khial Asto; Mahal asto; hameen

What Next: a wide spread anarchy is Lurking

By A Khokar      August 25, 2010

There is no doubt that since the date TTP started with its subversive activities in Pakistan; the other religious and undersurface militant forces also picked up their memento and with a short period of time; the extremism has seen engulfed the entire country and there is wide spread lawlessness and chaos. Although presently; the entire spine of fertile lands of Pakistan from the north along the country along Indus River and its riverine running along it, are drowned in the most devastating flood of the history, paralyzing life all over but the indiscriminate target killing in Karachi, and bomb blasts in other parts of country are still at the peak.

The current brutal killing of two brothers in Butter village Sialkot by the mob showing no remorse or any fear of God is most despicable sign of the extremism. It shows that how people have lost their faith in the law enforcement agencies and the higher courts. Rather than knocking the courts doors for the justice and securing of their rights; they preferred to take the law in their own hands. This is a most disturbing state of affairs for a nation— like Pakistan.

Just about two years back; the supreme courts of Pakistan which had earlier lost its due sanctity and debarring of its power at the hands of a dictator but it was later reinstated by the public street power through long march movement. Supreme Court is indebted to this act of nation. Peoples are very much proud of this and are holding their heads high to see that a free Supreme Court installed by them is up there operative.  For them the institution of Supreme Court is a beacon of hope which grants them the freedom, their rights as citizen and assures them a protected life in the country.

But how galling it is to find that all the recent orders passed by the honourable court; on some pretext or others, very flagrantly, they have been ignored by the present PPP government. My it be the Supreme Court orders passed in case of NRO or other Zardari cases, who happens to be the President of country. Reportedly in Zardari’s money corruption cases, millions of looted money from Pakistan is heftily stashed in foreign banks.  It is noticed that every single order of Supreme Court has been sidelined.

Tragically; when the public sees it that high up class are making a mockery of their seat of power and can easily get away by ignoring the Supreme Court’s orders for their own benefits; realistically speaking, the courts are depicted here as toothless. Although, the courts judges may be seen cutting and passing some emotion mixed sarcastic remarks which shows desperation on their part that they find that their orders are not being implemented. The Judgement of Supreme court does requires an authority of the judges and not their grief.

This reeking murk of government high up and their mockery, when travels down ward to the public arena— strangely it is translated into a different kind of perception about the state of courts. Strange sort of clichés start emerging and are circulated among the masses. The status of the courts is seen compromised and it is taken as the real truncheon of power to pass law as well as decide on the judgement rests wholly with the high ups of ruling class and not with the courts. The more blatant is the ruthless arrogance which is often orchestrated by the various governmental mouth pieces and in ditto, it is aired by our freewheeling media which results in spreads despondency among the public.

Courts are also not considered potent enough an institution having their final say; thus people are seen slipping into a state of hopelessness and eventually they may stop fearing the law of the land and the respect for the court and their orders.

In the Sialkot incident the agony and the grievance of the house hold who supposedly were robbed and that one of their young relative was also killed in scuffle with the robbers; their tragedy is one thing, but if they or the mob who killed the suspected robbers had a faith in the law of the land or in the courts; they would have not killed the two brothers so brutally.

This is sure a sign that law and order is totally paralysed and is rendering country a lawless state. What next; eventually the wide spread anarchy is likely to fill the gap. 

For the sake of sanctity and the rule of ‘law and order’ in the Country; the Supreme Court Judges ought to check their  adopted course of action  and they must ensure that court orders are implemented with authority in true letter and spirit.


Sialkot Killing Spree shows the True Face of a Saffaak Society of Pakistan

Sialkot Killing Shows the True Face of a Saffaak Society of Pakistan









Two ‘Suspected’ Brothers Killed and Hanged by Mob in Sialkot



In case you can’t watch above video. Please Link here!/video/video.php?v=1419124392260&ref=mf

The two men allegedly killed two and injured four during a robbery early Sunday morning on main Daska Road near Doburji Malhiyaan.

Police officials said that villagers chased the robbers as they tried to flee the scene of the crime.
District police officer (DPO) Waqar Ahmad Chohan said that the mob cornered the robbers outside the street and began pelting them with stones. “A large crowd started throwing stones and bricks at the men as they tried to escape. Both men were killed in the attack,” he said.

Chohan said that the crowd attacked the men with stones, bricks, iron rods, hockey sticks and wooden sticks.
Later in the day, locals placed the dead bodies of the accused dacoits on the main Sialkot-Daska Road and staged an anti-police demonstration. “The Sialkot Saddar police have failed to protect the lives of the people and they haven’t arrested the scores of criminals in the area,” said resident Liaqat, adding that the people had decided to take the law into their own hands.

Locals demanded immediate legal action against Sialkot police officials for failing to control the rising crime rate in the region.

The incident took place in Hajipura police precincts during sehri hours, when four masked men were looting a family of six on Butter Road. When the family, including Zeeshan Qadir, his wife and four children tried to resist the robbers, they opened fire on the family.

The robbers killed 19-year-old Bilal on the spot and Zeeshan died in the hospital two hours later.
According to Rescue 1122 officials, several people heard the gun shots in the street. “We all gathered to ask where the sounds were coming from when we saw the men trying to escape,” said Shahnawaz, a neighbor, adding that the crowd managed to stop two of the men.

“We found out they had killed our friends and we knew that the police would let them off so we killed them,” he said. The mob also hanged the bodies of the robbers as people came and pelted rocks at them in a public square.

“The protestors wanted to burn the dead bodies but we stopped them and dispersed the crowd,” said Sialkot district coordination officer (DCO) Mujahid Sher Dil. DPO Waqar Ahmad Chohan, district emergency officer Sialkot Syed Kamal Abid and senior district administration officials reached the spot and negotiated with the outraged people to recover the bodies of the alleged robbers.

DPO Chohan assured the crowd that stern legal action would be taken against police officials neglecting their duties. Four hours after being assured by police officials and the DCO, the crowd handed over the bodies to the police
The bodies of the alleged dacoits and their victims were sent to Allama Iqbal Memorial DHQ Hospital Sialkot for autopsy. The hospital administration has said that the four people seriously injured by the dacoits are presently in critical condition.

It is learnt the SC Has taken a Sou Motto of the case

Source:The Express Tribune

UP DATE     21 August 2010


Subhana Mien yarrani















A cute boy is born to Sabeen Nasser at Qatar

15 August 2010.

Subhana Mien yarrani

Kar Is ko Naik Qismat. Dey is ko Deen o Doulat

Kar is ki Khud Hifazat; ho is peh Teri Rehmat

Dey Rushd aour hidayat aur Omer aur Izzat

Yeh Roz Ker Mubarak; Subhana Mien yarrani


TV Channels Reopening: Supreme Court fails to apprehend the Culprit–PEMRA

 Supreme Court orders to Re-open Blocked TV Channels.

Dr Shahid  Masoud, President of ARY digital took the case of Blockage of ARY and Other channel to the supreme courts; where upon the Pemra chief secretary was summoned and was inquired. He plainly denied that he has ordered to block the transmission of ARY or Geo channels.

He produced an order issued by his office for all the cable operators in his support; Where he was caught that order content showed that; ‘Channels be Re-opened which clearly means that order to block the channels was earlier issued.

Supreme Court ordered to make sure that Channels be opened within half an hour.

 Ironical: Supreme Court having summoned the Pemra Chief Secretary and after knowing it that Channels were earlier blocked on Perma orders….in contravention of the set Rules, failed to apprehend the culprit.

Earlier the Sindh High Court also ordered the Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and cable operators August 12 to resume broadcasting Geo News TV station, which had been blocked for the past 5 days.

The court issued the direction after a petition by some citizens who argued that blocking a news station deprives them of their freedom to access information, media reported.

PEMRA and the cable operators were asked to present their views before the court August 18, media reported.

Lahore High Court issued the order to restore the news channel on cable.

But the underhand draconian law pervades in the country where the thugs of PPP on the behest of present government are set on the loose to quell any opposing voices.

Zardari visit to Europe is widely condemned when Pakistan drowns

Daily telegraph says; Zardari is pelted with shoes.

Daily mail advises:

 Why Cameron should count his fingers after shaking hands with Pakistan’s Mr Ten Prcent

Daily Guardian publishes a cartoon.

 Daily Sun writes: Prez tour fury as Pakistan drowns

PAKISTAN President Asif Ali Zardari was yesterday accused of “swanning around” the UK despite devastating floods which have killed 1,400 people in his country.

Another Shoe Heard Round the World


********     **********    ***********    ************

Latoun kay Bhoot; Batoun say Naheen mantay

After Birmingham where Zardari was disgraced and shoed during his speech; but on his arrival, back home—– there are scant chances that someone from public in this despotic regime of PPP,  may show that courage like the one shown by the Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi who threw his shoes at President George W. Bush during a news conference in Iraq on December 14, 2008 and this shoe was heard round the world.

At Birmingham this was yet another shoe which has been hurled at yet another despot Zardari whose party PPP is in power. Shoes ought to be hurled on his arrival and must also rain down on his entourage. People may be fearful for their arrests  but to escape the arrests, number of people may spread out in the gathering and must simultaneously attempt to hul shoes like a ‘volley of fire’— coming from all sides at the one target Zardari and with one word— GO…Zardari Go!

Zardari’s conduct is a—–conduct of unbecoming of a disgraced person who happens to be our President that he is roaming about in Europe on his leisure trip away from the miseries of floods in Pakistan; like Nero of Rome who kept on fiddling with his Flout when Rome was burning.

The stooge is having a good time in Europe that too at the cost of tax payers; when entire Pakistan is engulfed in the miseries of Torrential rains and floods; which have snatched away all the resources of lively hood of millions and even took their shelters away from above their heads.




Down With Zardari

By A khokar    August 05, 2010

When 3 out of 4 provinces of Pakistan are found totally drowned in floods; Helpless peoples are fighting for their lives. Hundred of villages and towns are wiped off the map. Lively hood has totally been lost.

Thousands have died— but the most hated President Zardari with his large entourage is roaming about on his leisure trips of Europe.

Why must the re-entry of this stooge back in Pakistan not be banned?