Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa Mubarak Shaw

 By A Khokar

The bravery, honesty, and being up righteous are certainly the traits of the people of the area living in and around Khyber but Mubarak Shaw Marra:

Pakhair…..the new name of province Khyber- Pakhtunkhawa….. Mubarak shaw; which also means that now all the people of Khyber Hazara and Hindku are people of Pakhtunkhwa.

In fact Pakhtunkhawa is the name that ANP was dreaming about since long. This Year 2010 is declared by them as Bacha Khan’s year. In September previous year in a Annual Party conference ANP had passed a resolution to celebrate 2010 as Bacha Khan year and to strive to have NWFP to be part of ‘Greater Paktounistan’.

People may have seen the mega bill boards erected on the main Roads of NWFP in 2008 bearing the map of Greater Puktounistan with its boundary showing from Jalalabad to the banks of Indus River at Attock. The bill boards had also the inscription: Hakoumant say Manzoorshuda.

It is ANP———– dream come true.

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 Adbab-Arz: Be warned Pakistan is being Blackjacked—The NWFP main roads are splashed with Separatist Billboards at

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Rebuttal of Abuul Hasnain Muhammad Yususf Ali







Following is the English Translation of Rebuttal of Mr. Abuul Hasnain Muhammad Yusuf Ali to clarify his position, who was placed defunct by the Ulemas under the infamous Blasphemy Law of Pakistan and one of the news paper espacially Daily Khabrain Lahore even gave him the name of ‘kazzab nabi’



 In the name of God; the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Rebuttal of Abuul Hasnain Muhammad Yususf Ali  

I Abuul Hasnain Muhammad Yususf Ali declare that I believe in the finality of Prophet hood in totality.

Credo: “There is no god except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”

I have never claimed to be a Prophet and neither has given any thought to be one.

There is no prophet to come after Nabi Akram Muhammad (saw)

I believe that who so ever claims himself a Prophet (Nabi) or the one who falsely alleges others to be; both are accursed.

 Bill Published: Daily Jang-Lahore, 26 March 1997


 Source: ; Seekers of Truth and wisdom

Is Kazzab Nabi; Just a taboo attached to Yusuf Ali or a Reality?


By A Khokar

In Pakistan AlMohsin Yusuf Ali is publically known as a cult leader in Pakistan who is perceived to have claimed to be a prophet of the time. A case of blasphemy against him was moved in the court and he was sentenced to death by a Session Court; not for his original charge of being Imposter nabi that it was not proved as such but on declaring himself as Khalifa. The other charge of raping number of women was also not proved. It is said that later he was murdered by some known fidayee while he was in the jail awaiting hearing of his appeal.

Soon after Yusuf Ali was sentenced, there are scores of decrees (FATWAS) on record, issued against him by Ulemas of the time. Almost all the fatawas declared him a Kazzab nabi and be condemned to death for his Blasphemous libel act.

But, in none of the Fatawas, this can be ascertained that any clerics issuing decree was the first hand witness of Yusuf Ali case neither they are seen basing their decree that whether Yusuf Ali was proved as Kazzab in the court of law or not. Fataws are seen released on whims and on hear say, without an authenticity of the charge. Almost all the Clerics are basing their opinion, merely on un-authentic reporting and what all they read in the news papers.

This act of clerics amounts to passing on of wrong and ill-conceived information and also giving a religious colour of decree to it? Nowhere this is claimed that proper and due consideration was given to investigate, prior to the issuance of decrees.

The Session Court in any case did not say that Yusuf Ali was an Imposter prophet and neither called him Kazzab. He was sentenced on calling himself; Khalifa only. But question arises that who labeled him-as Kazzab nabi? Here, this should be no surprise for anyone that a particular news paper which coined and known to have spiced up this word Kazzab; is Khabrain news paper of Lahore that they had initially moved a fraud case of money/ property against Yusuf Ali in the court. Yusuf Ali happened to be the business partner and bosom friend of Mr. Zia Shahid, the chief editor of Daily Khabrain- Lahore.

On finding that their money recovery case was not meeting the desired success in the court; the personal enmity and rancor of Mr Zia Shahid against Yusuf Ali, is seen coming in play and very cleverly this case was twisted and turned in the directions of declaring Yusuf Ali  a cult leader and with the mala fide intent to defame him. Mr Zia Shahid also knew Yusuf Ali as a spiritual leader.

Anyhow both the new charges so leveled up against Yusuf Ali; of raping women and declaring him as nabi, were not proved in the court. He was declared innocent on both the charges set against him. This is also on record that where as Ulemas were quick to issue decrees but none from Ulemas ever filed their evidences against Yusuf Ali in the court.

Some of the jail mates were infuriated to the extent that Yusuf Ali was murdered in the jail before he could move his appeal against his sentence and prove himself otherwise. Hence a firsthand witness was silenced for good.

Anyhow question arises that who are really Kazzab here: 

·         The one who are pushing their Kazzab nabi concoction coloured and wrapped up in the infamous blasphemy tortilla down our throats —and are seen sounding this trumpets on high pitch.    

·          Or the man who was not proved an imposter in the court as Kazzab nabi that he did not hide anything what he claimed.         

·         Or —the people who wanted to see Yusuf Ali defunct after losing their money    recovery case in the court and very conveniently labeled the man as Kazzab nabi and also murdered him in vengeance at will?

In any case; most of the ulemas are not seen standing on firm grounds here upholding the flag of truth but are seen gone along with the perception influenced by Khabrain news paper with the mala fide intent and in the direction of the wind that Editor Zia Shahid intended to blow.







Close to My Heart

   A Khokar   


 I used to wonder that rose flower known as the king of all the flowers, is the only flower which bears so many beautiful colours and has such a sweet smell; but it has got such dreadful thorns grown on its stem. Why? Go near the flower or try to pluck it; your fingers may not escape the little sharp cut which may make you bleed.


People may have different taste of flowers and of their colours but this flower and the variety of its colours always offers a choice to suit any occasion. So many shades, so many colours that it contains. The unique fragrance of roses also remains most enchanting. One might have not smelled any other flower in life but can’t say that he has not enjoyed the sweet smell of roses. One may arrange and mix any flower with it; rose always stands out dominating on any bouquet.


 Rose is also the symbol of romance and bliss. It is an interpreting tool for ones heart and passion. People always chose this flower to mirror their inner feelings. Rose has always been the favourite subject of all the great writers and poets also.


The close observation of this plant reveals that it also carries a special pattern of dread full thorn on its stem so that no creeper or the intruder may dare coming up its stem and reach a top for any savagery where flower is there with all its blooms.


Thus God Almighty teaches us that how essential it is to guard any thing which is to be kept closer to our hearts that it needs to grow the potent dreadful defence line of thorns like the Roses that they do have. If there were no thorns on the roses stem, the rose buds would have never ever seen a day of their bloom or the spread of its splendour and colours. There would have been no sweet smell and fragrance. Gosh; How inert and empty would have been the world of romance without the colourful and sweet smelling roses.


Likewise our dream land of our ideology—Pakistan the country that we love the most and in its bliss that we live so freely treading our way of life, of our choice and liking; we may only survive and bloom and prosper when we maintain a potent deterring defence which may caters for all the savage intruders and enemies. May these enemies be the internal or external? They ought to be made—sure, to bleed when ever they try to attack us or—- when we purge or cleanse them, exactly like the roses they do.


Sure: All the beauties of life that we keep close to our heart ought to remain well guarded and protected——- and at all the times.


[Phalla Phoola rahey yaa Rab; chamman meri umeedoun ka]

[Jigar kaa khoun dey dey kar; yeh bootay main ney palay hain]









Takmeel e Pakistan: A day of reckoning for the youth



By A Khokar


Pakistan is passing through the testing times in its history where country is in the grip of religious extremism, a self inflicting and never ending war on terrorism, corruption and bad governance; the entire society is seen dipping deep in the swamps of anarchy and disillusion. The lawlessness, poverty, oppression and wide spread killing of innocents by the forces of darkness and evil are ruling the streets of Pakistan.

 Kabhi  Rehmatain  thee nazal es khita e zameen per

Wohi khita e zameen hey keh Azzab otter rahey hain

 The people are forced to think that to what avail this dawn of democracy is, that they were so desperate for. Better the gone days of dictatorship that at least there was some security for their families and order in the society.

They say that when you find yourself down and with nothing; God is certainly up to something. Amid all this chaos, despair and utter confusion- There is a glimmer of hope in sight. There is day of 23rd March 2010; the Pakistan day—just ahead.

The valiant youth of this nation have organised to celebrate this auspice day as the day of Takmeel-e-Pakistan. Takmeel e Pakistan is a movement that calls for the full realization of Iqbal’s dream – for making Pakistan what our forefathers intended it to be when they passed the Pakistan Resolution on March 23rd 1940. This movement believes that we have achieved the first part of this dream, the creation of the nation-state of Pakistan. Since then, we’ve been let down by our leaders, our politicians, and the subsequent generations who arguably became complacent and lost their way. Now is the time for realization of ‘Pakistan’.

Insha Allah on 23rd March 2010 the valiant Youth of this nation will gather for a grand occasion to celebrate the day of Pakistan at Minar e Pakistan-Lahore.

The organisers of this movement are poised to bring us a message of hope, of Pakistan’s relevance in times to come forward with their resolve to show their resilience against all the threats that they are facing in order to achieve their goals and misgiving being spread against them. They see these premonitions seen coming from certain religious organisations and others whose businesses is flourishing in the current state of anarchy in the country.

But one thing is for sure that when the enemies start assailing with their sharp tongues and their atrocious strikes are seen on increase; that is the sign that your victory is drawn much nearer.

This movement of Takmeel e Pakistan feels that time for youth of Pakistan has come. Insha Allah the youth will rise to the occasion against all those who have for last 60 years predicted the fall of this great nation and have worked to destroy and shatter their dream— of peace and progress in their lives.

Insha’Allah, there’s the brightest of futures for Pakistan, be a part of it. And there is dignity and glory in it for all. It is always darkest before dawn. Movement of Takmeel e Pakistan is an effort to revive the honour and dignity of this nation as well as the lost glory of Islam.

Many of the renowned national figures from all the walk of life will be attending this event to grace the occasion at Minar e Pakistan Lahore on 23 March 2010 from 10 AM to 12AM


A new resolution called Takmeel-e-Pakistan proposed by Syed Zaid Hamid who is the head of this movement Takmeel e Pakistan is going to be passed on same place, the Minar-e-Pakistan where 70 years back Pakistan resolution was passed and resulted in the current existence of Pakistan as a country on world map.

The idea is that ‘Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution’ will be initiating the Takmeel-e-Pakistan movement which will come up with a new struggle to lead the country towards the achievement and the true essence of those purposes which Pakistan as a country had to achieve.

This resolution comes up with the vision to work only and only for the country to make Pakistan the one of the greatest country of the world. Apparently it demands us to analyze things regarding why as a nation Pakistan is having bad times, why we are unstable at the moment, why instead of rising on map of world we are being pushed backwards and then after we have all our reasons start the struggle to rise on the map of world.

The resolution insists on the struggle to regain our lost Honour and Dignity that we were suppose to have. Also it insists on the struggle to make the Pakistan the country which Hazrat Alama Iqbal and the founder of this nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah had envisaged.


This is the most inspiring and loving idea of Takmeel-e-Pakistan as it makes us think that there are things which are found on wrong track, things which need to be fixed once and for all. This idea must reminds everyone once again that there is some role that every one of us has to play once again for our dream land which we Love so much and is the only source of our honour and the dignity.

Hope this D-day does not come as mere a bunch of wishes but also brings up a road map which one can follow and solid lines of actions  with reasoning on what is wrong and how it can be fixed. Overall it is just a reminder for everyone to keep putting your efforts to strive hard to lead our country to the path which leads to towards the prosperity and not the one where we find ourselves ditched in the swamps where even our sovereignty is in question.


 Movement is seeing this pledge and initiation of Takmeel-e-Pakistan struggle as a new horizon which will Insha Allah leads the country towards the heights of the best in the world in all fields.

A specially website have also been launched in connection to this campaign and that can be reached at

Every heart which beats with the rhythm that has a craving for Pakistan and every soul which breathe the air of its freedom are cordially invited to come forward and join this sacred movement.

Pakistan Paindabad

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US rights group sues Obama over drone attacks

 By A Khokar

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against US President Barack Obama, demanding legal basis for America’s deadly drone attacks overseas.

The lawsuit requests essential information on the fatalities of drone strikes and other information essential for judging the legality of using armed drones to carry out targeted killings, the United Press International (UPI) reported.

“The public has a right to know whether the targeted killings being carried out in its name are consistent with international law and with the country’s interests and values,” UPI quoted Jonathan Manes, a legal fellow with the ACLU National Security Project as saying.

“The Obama administration should disclose basic information about the program, including its legal basis and limits, and the civilian casualty toll thus far,” he added.

ACLU is specifically seeking legal information that justifies the ‘targeted killings’ of people by the US’s remote-controlled aerial weapons program and unmanned Predator drones.

US drone attacks have so far claimed many civilian lives which runs in hundreds in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

 A missile fired by an American drone killed at least four people late Sunday at the house of a militant commander in northwest Pakistan, the latest use of what intelligence officials have called their most effective weapon against Al Qaeda.

And Pentagon officials say the remotely piloted planes, which can beam back live video for up to 22 hours, have done more than any other weapons system to track down insurgents and save American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The planes have become one of the military’s favourite weapons despite many shortcomings resulting from the rush to get them into the field.

An explosion in demand for the drones is contributing to new thinking inside the Pentagon about how to develop and deploy new weapons systems.

Air Force officials acknowledge that more than a third of their unmanned Predator spy planes — which are 27 feet long, powered by a high-performance snowmobile engine, and cost $4.5 million apiece — have crashed, mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pilots, who fly them from trailers halfway around the world using joysticks and computer screens, say some of the controls are clunky. For example, the missile-firing button sits dangerously close to the switch that shuts off the plane’s engines. Pilots are also in such short supply that the service recently put out a call for retirees to help.

But military leaders say they can easily live with all that.

Since the height of the cold war, the military has tended to chase the boldest and most technologically advanced solution to every threat, leading to long delays and cost overruns that result in rarely used fighter jets that cost $143 million apiece, and plans for a $3 billion destroyer that the Navy says it can no longer afford.

Now the Pentagon appears to be warming up to Voltaire’s saying, “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

In speeches, US Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has urged his weapons buyers to rush out “75 percent solutions over a period of months” rather than waiting for “gold-plated” solutions.

And as the Obama administration prepares its first budget, officials say they plan to free up more money for simpler systems like drones that can pay dividends now, especially as fighting intensifies in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A rare behind-the-scenes look at the use of the Predator shows both the difficulties and the rewards in pushing out weapons more quickly.

“I’ll be really candid,” said Col. Eric Mathewson, who directs the Air Force’s task force on unmanned aerial systems. “We’re on the ragged edge.”

He said the service has been scrambling to train more pilots, who fly the drones via satellite links from the western United States, to keep up with a near-tripling of daily missions in the last two years.

Field commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the Air Force is in charge of the Predators, say their ability to linger over an area for hours, streaming instant video warnings of insurgent activity, has been crucial to reducing threats from roadside bombs and identifying terrorist compounds. The C.I.A. is in charge of drone flights in Pakistan, where more than three dozen missiles strikes have been launched against Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders in recent months.

Considered a novelty a few years ago, the Air Force’s fleet has grown to 195 Predators and 28 Reapers, a new and more heavily armed cousin of the Predator. Both models are made by General Atomics, a contractor based in San Diego. Including drones that the Army has used to counter roadside bombs and tiny hand-launched models that can help soldiers to peer past the next hill or building, the total number of military drones has soared to 5,500, from 167 in 2001.

The urgent need for more drones has meant bypassing usual procedures. Some of the 70 Predator crashes, for example, stemmed from decisions to deploy the planes before they had completed testing and to hold off replacing control stations to avoid interrupting the supply of intelligence.

The context was to do just the absolute minimum needed to sustain the fight now, and accept the risks, while making fixes as you go along,” Colonel Mathewson said.

It is easier, of course, for the military to take more risks with unmanned planes.

Complaints about civilian casualties, particularly from strikes in Pakistan, have stirred some concerns among human rights advocates. Military officials say the ability of drones to observe targets for lengthy periods makes strikes more accurate. They also said they do not fire if they think civilians are nearby.

The Predators were still undergoing basic testing when they were rushed into use in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s and then hastily armed with missiles after the September 2001 terrorist attacks.

But it was only after the military turned to new counterinsurgency techniques in early 2007, that demand for drones became almost insatiable. Since then, Air Force Lt. Gen. Gary North, the air-component commander for the combined forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, said the service has gone to “amazing lengths” to increase their use.

The Predators and Reapers are now flying 34 surveillance patrols each day in Iraq and Afghanistan, up from 12 in 2006. They are also transmitting 16,000 hours of video each month, some of it directly to troops on the ground.

The strains of these growing demands were evident on a recent visit to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz., one of four bases where Air National Guard units have been ordered to full-time duty to help alleviate crew shortages.

The Guard members, along with Air Force crews at a base in the Nevada desert, are 7,000 to 8,000 miles away from the planes they are flying. Most of the crews sit at 1990s-style computer banks filled with screens, inside dimly lit trailers. Many fly missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan on the same day.

On a recent day, at 1:15 p.m. in Tucson — 1:15 the next morning in Afghanistan — a pilot and sensor operator were staring at gray-toned video from the Predator’s infrared camera, which can make even the darkest night scene surprisingly clear.

The crew was scanning a road, looking for — but not finding — signs of anyone planting improvised explosive devices or lying in wait for a convoy.

As the Predator circled at 16,000 feet, the dark band of a river and craggy hills came into view, along with ribbons of farmland.

“We spend 70 to 80 percent of our time doing this, just scanning roads,” said the pilot, Matthew Morrison.

At other times, the crews monitor insurgent compounds and watch over troops in battle. “When you’re on the radio with a guy on the ground, and he is out of breath and you can hear the weapons fire in the background, you are every bit as engaged as if you were actually there,” Major Morrison said.

When Predators spot possible targets, officers monitoring video at command centers in Iraq and Afghanistan decide whether to order an attack.

Col. Gregg A. Davies, commander of the group that flies Predators for the Arizona Guard, said fighter planes with bigger bombs are often sent in to make the strikes. In all, the Air Force says, Predators and Reapers shot missiles on 244 of the 10,949 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2007 and 2008.

Air Force officials said a few crew members have had a difficult time watching the strikes. And some pilots said it can be hard to transition from being a computer-screen warrior to dinner at home or their children’s soccer games.

Another problem has been that few pilots wanted to give up flying fighter jets to operate drones. Given the shortages, the US Air Force has temporarily blocked transfers out of the program. It also has begun training officers as drone pilots who have had little or no experience flying conventional planes.

Colonel Mathewson, director of the US Air Force’s task force on unmanned aerial systems, says that while upgrades have been made to control stations, the service plans to eventually shift to simpler and more intuitive ground systems that could allow one remote pilot to control several drones. Now, pilots say, it takes up to 17 steps — including entering data into pull-down windows — to fire a missile.

And even though 13 of the 70 Predator crashes have occurred over the last 18 months, officials said the accident rate has fallen as flying hours have shot up.

All told, 55 have been lost because of equipment failure, operator errors or weather. Four were shot down in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq; 11 were lost in combat situations, like running out of fuel while protecting troops under fire.

Given the demand for video intelligence, the Air Force is equipping 50 manned turbo-prop planes with similar cameras.

And it is developing new camera systems for Reapers that could vastly expand the intelligence each plane can collect.

P. W. Singer, a defense analyst at the Brookings Institution, said the Predators have already had “an incredible effect,” though the remote control raised obvious questions about whether the military could become “more cavalier” about using force.

Still, he said, “these systems today are very much Model T Fords. These things will only get more advanced.”

 General Atomic Aeronautical System Inc- San Diego USA

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