Then they came for me.


By A  Khokar  30 May 2009

This nation is in awful mess.  There is utter chaos and anarchy which prevails in all the spheres of society. An atmosphere of extremism in the vicious wake of  Talibanisation is found all over in the length and breadth of the country—- but matter of the fact is that we let these—- extremist breed among us— unquestionably. It was very much visible that they were cooking up some big broil but we all the ignorant lot kept on sleeping on the wheels naively and took it granted like an ostriches, by burying our head in the sand that probably this  storm will die down or pass. But it has not.

The people placed at the helms of affairs stand there as criminals that they let all this happen in their domains, right under their noses; rather it is seen that they are the abetters who let the Taliban breed and let it grow into monsters. Their crime is loathsome that today we find that our—- very existence is at stake and that we have to perforce move in our Armed Forces to cleanse this evil and evict the monster out of our streets. In turn millions of people have to be moved out of their homes; displaced them in temporary camps in order to avail a planned cleansing of our streets of this evil.

It is not only Swaat or FATA areas or the NWFP province which can be said as affected; every hamlet, village and street of Pakistan is today found overcastted and in the reach of this atrocious movenent. A sense of  fear, helplessness and uncertainty prevails every where.  It seems that Peace, enlightenment or the serenity of the society has left us up some where in the Pleiades for good.

We did not speak then and we are keeping mum even now. Why can’t we speak out and name and Shame the culprits –the traitors that we know them well?

If we do not speak out now, there will be no one left to speak for those who cannot, whether they are from the mainstream, the ethnic minorities, the disadvantaged or the persecuted.

I remember the story of a German theologian; Mr Martin Niem”ller. In his youth he was an anti-Semite and an admirer of Hitler. As Nazism took hold in Germany he was able to see the true face of Nazism for what it was: it was not just the Jews Hitler sought to stamp them out and exterminate; it was just about anyone with an alternate point of view.

Niem”ller spoke out, and for his trouble, he was incarcerated in the ‘Sachsenhausen’ and ‘Dachau’ concentration camps from 1937 to 1945, and very nearly executed. While incarcerated, Niem”ller wrote a poem that, from the first time I read, it stuck hauntingly in my mind:

He says:

First they came for the Jews

and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists

and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists

and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me

and there was no one left to speak out for me.






Grant a life to Taliban Tehrik or Else…?


 By A Khokar   25 May 2009 


USA; the sole super power on this planet is in occupation of a country situated right at our next door- Afghanistan. USA is here as an oppressor, a godfather and exterminator of present age and time. It is seen that in order to extend their planned hegemony, USA advances bound by bound. The  country falling next in line as per set US almanac goals plan is targeted and  forces and agencies are let loose to play havoc with its political profile till it is reduced to ruins. Flags of victory are hoisted on the ruins and there upon Armed forces carry out a total subjugation process till they find it that it is cool— humbled.

After conquering Iraq, where the subjugation process has just been completed, USA has landed in Afghanistan which is on the last stage of US exploitations till it is found that it is also humbled completely. The next country set as target on the way to  India— is nuclear Pakistan, where first phase of subjugation has just started to deplete it by applying the subversive activities from within to the extent that it falls completely in American fold and surrenders.

 No moral or ethic or any human rights or respect for the sovereignty of a nation etc may come in between— as their considerations. In order to bend any awkward situation into their favour they are all out to hire, bribe or  openly engage any dissident group in the country to use it,  to topple a regime and have agenda of godfather fulfilled.

Tehrik e Taliban is one such group which has been raised by American CIA in Swaat area, to carry out the subversive activities in Pakistan and soften up the grounds for the planned onslaught of US forces by wide scale spread of fear and violence, before this that US forces are seen marching in.

There has been few efforts made by Pakistan government to restrain this Tehrik in Swaat but on finding it that Taliban Tehrik which is heavily armed and have got the support of  foreign forces. And that it has deeply infiltrated the masses while disguised as some religious saviour movement; a military operation called as ‘Rah e Raast-4’ is launched to cleanse the Swaat valleys of savage traitors. Although a massive evacuation of general public from the area is sought for the safety of public which is a mammoth task by itself but reportedly the plan under execution by Pak Army is proving to be very successful and most of the areas have since been cleared except the major towns like Mingora and peuochar.

They say that politicians are the most multi-faced animals that they will wear any mask to make use of any event or the incident to bring it to their benefits. Ironically the previous MMA government (head by Moulana Fazlur Rehman of JUI-F) in NWFP is the co-founder of this savage Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan. Fazlur also happens to be the staunch ally of present day government in the centre. Although said combing operation to take the Taliban nits out is going on but  government lobbies in Islamabad are still infested with anti- Pakistan elements (APEs) like JUI-F and others. We are certainly getting very late on ‘Naming and Shaming’ of the culprits.

 Religious Coercive Clout. Reportedly, on seeing the subversive actions of deceptive Tehrik e Taliban that after having gained a religious coercive clout in the area of their influence; they started suppressing people to completely subjugate them through spread of fear and violence. Many other religious denominations from other provinces, especially the defunct groups and Lashkars who were seen dieing down, saw a good opportunity to revive. They started dreaming of Taliban style government through out Pakistan and started filling their sails with the whirl wind initiated by Taliban Tehrik in Swaat. Streets were seen filling up with new Islamic colours; the flailing white robes and special designed white and green turbans. The newly elected government still in somewhat transitional phase from previous long dictatorship era, was especially set as target. A general sense of vindictive mood reeking with spiteful rhetoric was also now at its display. Taking it as a golden oppartunity; ironically the  major national party PML-N also joined hands  with Jammat e Islami in this conspirational scheme to topple the present government down. They were all seen willing to join any other movement which may destabilise the government for the purpose. The ‘new day dreaming group’ so formed; riding the wings of Taliban had the seat of power in Islamabad insight, with the aim to grab it using the new back door scheme created for entry.

Owing  numerous subversive action of TTP and perpetual spell of venomous rhetoric of opposition parties had sufficiently bruised and destabilise not only the government but also gave a serious set back to the economy of Pakistan. Fall of present government was taken as granted.

Their dreams to come to power were set to come true that —the announcement of ongoing Swaat operation, Rah e Rast-4 has given them a great jolt. It has not only exposed them but also given them a irreparable set back. Whereas Pak Army is busy evicting the Taliban traitors from their dens and is cleansing the area by dismantling the strong hold of TTP and exterminating the traitors; the dream of attaining the seat of power by interested group through back door entry is seen shattering miserably .

Sympathisers of Taliban. It may not be a matter of surprise for any one of us that all the sympathisers of  Taliban; will be seen mustering all their abilities that somehow this Taliban Tehrik —lives. May it be MMA , JUi-Fazlur, Jammat e Islami, Tehrik e Insaaf or the PML-N, they will; but make all possible political moves to put a stop to Swaat operation that some how or the other— TTP; their mentor and source of their inspiration who serves them with the dream of renaissance must be— granted a life.  A sign of desperation is very much visible on the faces of all the accomplices.

It is worth mentioning here that while this deceptive Tehrik was trying to take off in Swaat area; even the present day NAP government was known to have initiated a move of the Pakhtunistan which would include the area starting from Kabul- Jalalbad to far end of Attock ending at the banks of Indus river in Pakistan; remember, those 40 feet long hoardings showing new map of Pakhtunistan were erected by the NAP government on the NWFP high ways; written with; Hakumat say manzoor shudaa.(displayed with the sanction of government). For NAP, year 2009 is ‘Bachaa Khan year’ and Pakhtunistan is their dream; says their official website.

In a way all the  parties in Pakistan seen propping up and standing in support for the survival of Taliban Tehrik are aiming at reviving the old concept of Pan-Islamism. To start with; they are aiming at grabbing the seat of power of nuclear Pakistan. This may be a wishful thinking, apie in the sky but it amounts to holding on to the borrowed and forsaken ideology of Taliban movement of orthodoxy which is by itself  a spent cartridge It is reduced to ashes and holds no waters to stand. They have but to realize that present day the Power in the world rests with the people who have the ability to innovate, have established sound technology bases and  got a ‘hold and monopoly’ on the natural economic resources. Having nothing of these traits practically at hand, Pan-Islamism movement may be an absurd idea. It may well create enough of the nuisance and anarchy in societies but may not be called as viable.

History tells us that pan-Islamism as a Tehrik  was initiated in 1933 by Pan-Arab Nationalists, Satia Al-Husri and Sami Shawkat of Iraq who dreamt of reviving the lost glory of Ottoman Empire and the humiliation that it has suffered at the hands of western powers. They introduced a new motto; ‘Islam revival lies in power of death’ which was later renamed as ‘—power of Shahdah’ martyrdom. It did take a good start but it was soon hijacked by Jamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt and he turned the Tehrik of Pan-Islamism into Pan-Arabs Nationalism. Like the fall of Ottoman Empire, Tehrik of Arab-Nationalism also fell flat very soon when after World War II, in 1956, Jamal Abdul Nasser tried to nationalise the Suez Canal and British and France fearing the blockage of their trades’ route between east and west planned to launch an offensive against Egypt. Egypt was about to be over run that USA dropped in. President Dwight D. Eisenhower of US warded the Britain and France off and gave an American solution and solved Suez Canal issue…. once for all.

That is the day and it is today; we find that where Arab Nationalism was ditched in Suez Canal for good; we also find that all the other routes of naval communications may get blocked but Suez Canal is never ever closed. It remains open as super naval highway; not only this but ever sine Egypt need not to even change their Presidents also; they remain presidents for life till their death over takes them or some body kills them. That is how American work and that how they do hold the keys of affairs of Middle East as a godfather.

Doomed Ideologies. Lately when Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan and American planned to defeat Soviet Union and services of Pakistan were hired. Saudi Arabia was also louvered in to fund it. US were in command and paid the cost. Consequently Soviet Union was defeated. The force gathered for Afghan war as mercenaries called Mujahideen did a good job. Any how this job was now done and dusted and US went off the scene. These Mujahideen were later called as Taliban which are basically now a spent cartridges. But seeing the departure of two super powers from Afghanistan; the idea of old pan-Islamism started haunting few Pak army well known Generals who worked and managed the Afghan war affairs. They are still in illusion and stuck with this idea  that Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the other central Asian break away Islamic countries plus Middle East can jointly make a big Islamic block and they may be able to revive the Pan-Islamism.

The same theme is possessed close to the heart by certain religious and political parties of Pakistan, who possess no fortitude of their own but want to move forward on the barrowed Taliban crutches and the borrowed ideologies. It is absurd that presently in 21st century, they get inspiration from the doomed non-Islamic orthodoxy of Taliban. Although they are seen filling their sails with the Taliban whirl wind….but no Nations may live on borrowed time and doomed ideologies. All such aimless moves of most of the political as well as religious groups, can only be counted as— disservice to this nation.

After the incident of 9/11; the godfather America under the pretext of war against Terrorism is right here sitting on our head. After full occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and having strangulated Iran on the way to Afghanistan successfully; Pakistan is set to be his next target. His forces are ready, looking for any lame excuse to invade Pakistan; simply they have to leap forward and exterminate what all is there in and occupy.

Oppressor is here busy knocking down all the barriers to avail an advance into our lands. Pakistan needs to look for its real Messiah . The Messiah, who is a real macho, a restorer of grace and Nationalism in Pakistanis; the saviour of the honours—- and keep this nation united; and not some kabuki stage setter, imposed on our heads by godfather–USA.


Pictorial Map of : mangora-swaat1

Indians Fighting In Swat



Warning: Explicit & Disturbing Pictures

Pictures below contain nudity and are gruesome.

Please do not proceed beyond the written description if such material is offensive to you.



 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—(Report by A Khokar) Pictures of Uzbek and Gurkhas non-Muslim militants killed during the Pakistani military sweep of the Swaat Valley. 

 These exclusive pictures show that they are uncircumcised. Their facial features prove they could be Gurkha fighters whom the Indian and the British militaries use to fight in mountainous regions. 

Previously Americans have also hired some of them. The pictures also show that some of theses killed terrorists can be traced back to the group of Uzbeks from Abdul Rasheed Dostom’s murderous militias in Afghanistan who is allied with the U.S. occupation army and Kabul’s puppet government of Karzai.


The question that arises here is that Why the Inter Services Public Relation- ISPR is not releasing these pictures to the Pakistani media? This seems to the biggest proof that Indians are not only sending trained butchers and terrorists via Afghanistan disguised as Taliban to carry out subversive activities in Pakistan but there are actual evidences gathered that  Indians are fighting within the ranks of this so-called Pakistani Taliban in Swaat?


There is war going on and Pak Army’s Officers and Jawans are laying their lives to make our land a safe and secure place for us. What is the hesitation in naming and shaming of our adversaries? 


 It is the responsibility of our present day elected government to raise this issue with the United States and NATO and take a stand on the reason why these supposed allies of Pakistan are letting Afghanistan, be used as a base for anti-Pakistan activities, especially by the Indians and their paid agents in the Kabul government. 


 So why is this not happening? And why is Pakistan letting the United States and its allied government in Islamabad get away with the murder of Pakistanis at the hands of terrorists sent from Afghanistan?

















Why Must Taliban Remain Shrouded in Mystery


By A Khokar  20 May 2009 


 As per the demand of Pak Army operation ‘Rah e Rast-4′,— millions have been asked to vacate their homes in Swatt–Malakand in view of their safety so that subject operational areas are cleansed of savage Taliban effectively. But this evacuation has resulted in an exodus of a worst kind and there is a dire need that displaced people should be looked after and taken care of, in the best way that we can.


Other than the government that it’s busy in gearing up its machinery to meet the new challenges arising out of massive movement of people; Alhamdo Lillah; general masses are also coming forward to help our displaced brethren and their families. They deserve to be looked after but it is seen with concern that whereas our media is giving an extensive coverage of displaced people and the scanty laid out camps erected to accommodate the IDPs. But there seems to be a complete black out and no investigative reporting what so ever about the Taliban who have turned the beautiful heaven of Swatt into an inferno— like hell.


Displacement of peoples is a repercussion, a fall out of the actual problem which happens to be the infiltration of Taliban into our society and their continuous existence. Why they were there at the first place? Who is funding them, why they have been trained as such and why there was a total media blackout while they were breeding. Why this menace could not be taken care of; prior to its growing into monster that today they are able to challenge the very existence of our country.


Reportedly Taliban have got numbers of very well built strong holds and are offering very tough resistance to our well equipped Army. They are using the most sophisticated arms as their close quarter battle weapons. They are also in possession of antipersonnel mines and are effectively using anti aircraft stinger missiles and rocket launchers. Seemingly they also enjoy an upper hand in ground mobility.


Question arises that;


  • Why an investigative reporting about Taliban is missing on the media even now?
  • Why activities of the battle field are being kept off the scene.
  • Why there is no, ‘Naming and Shaming’ of the actual founders of this group of Taliban and other abettors found even in our ranks and files.
  • Or is this operation where millions are found displaced and thousands will consequently perish; was mere a show, staged as a booster for the over stretched visit of President Zardari abroad to enable him to get his begging bowl filled?

Our Armed forces are carrying out their assigned task; they will carry out the way they do. They have their ways and means. But this Battle seems to be very tough and scores of military officers and Jawans have laid their lives in the line of their duty. Our Armed Forces certainly need our moral support and they must be fully supported in this operation.


Our Media need to be embedded with the front line armed forces for realistic reporting. Rather than acting as some freewheeling outsider agents; they must play a positive roll in uniting the nation. At the moment they are carrying out just superfluous talk shows and are keeping the public bogged in IDP camps issues. Battle field reporting remains very sketchy and speculative.


We may be calling Swatt issue, an internal security operation but  is not the case that our enemy, after infiltrating our front lines defences has been successful in  engaging our armed forces right in our heart lands?




It is Extreme


Pakistanis displaced

Photo: LA Times 

By A Khokar  16 may 2009

There is not a day that passes with out head lines news when Pakistan has not been maligned for its extremist activities. But it is strange very strange that a little quarrel between two displaced persons of Swatt operation when they were found struggling to win over a single mattress for their bed in one of the camps setup for Internal displaced persons; it also becomes a head line of Los Angles Times– World News.


While Taliban Set Sawat Valleys on Fire

By A Khokar  12 May 2009


No one has ever thought of it that skirmishes of extremists seen along Pakistani western border will took such a bizarre turn that it will engulf the entire Sawat area and this peaceful land of lofty mountain, the valleys with its beautiful lakes and lovely people living along the rivrine and stream will be put on fire at the hands of Taliban.. These skirmishes were being considered some local disturbances and limited to that area. Lately an impression was also created that with the political move like establishing the Nizam e Adil etc [1], probably this evil will vanish or at least will subside in its intensity. But Prime Minister of Pakistan has abruptly called the Armed forces in, to carry out a cleansing operation of Anti Pakistan Elements (APEs).


Fearing a pitch battle between the Armed Forces and the expected retaliation by these elements (APES- Taliban) highly armed and supported by foreign interested forces present in the area; the civilian population has no option but to leave their homes and run for their safety. It has resulted in a massive exodus displacing the people in hundred of thousands with in their own home land.


But pity is that this operation has been under taken with out the mobilization of local government machinery where even Government Crisis management cells were probably also not warned. They have yet to respond to the call.


Media reports that there is a pitch battle going on between Armed forces and the traitors. Reportedly there are more than one million people who have fled their homes but some how have managed to reach the three major Internal Displaced people (IDP) camps established on exit from Sawat areas near Mardan. About million more are on move which include old feeble people, families with children and the destitute running for their lives. With no transport or help available they are moving on foot, trekking the mountain and trails and trying to escape with the hope to reach for some places of safety.


Although, this has taken this country by surprise and general public and civil society is also not yet mobilised but there is dire need that these displaced people be helped. It is but evident that this government has failed to build up their case for such a drastic action.


 But this dream land has been made to bleed at the hands of these traitors; for the paltry monies that they receive in return to give Pakistanis, such pains. These Heretics are to be dealt with squarely. On the other side our enemy is very happy to see us bleeding. They are sparing no chance to strike Pakistan with their peculiar assaults. All the Pakistanis have to ignore their moves; what else one could expect from an enemy? They have but to do it.



This war and instability is thrust upon Pakistan by our enemies and there is no denial that some stooges from among our ranks have been loured in for paltry money to act for the enemy and destabilise this nation. But Pakistan is strong nation of 180 million people. They know how to come out winning every time that they are put to test.


At the moment we are trying for a sure kill of this evil in the bud breeding along our western borders in Hidukush Mountains. Once this menace is allowed to trickle down off from Hidukush; the history tells us that it never stopped before it reached deep into the plans— beyond Delhi. Our neighbour India has to realise it that Pakistan is fighting India’s war and must help Pakistan in eradication of this menace.


This land calls upon all the countrymen, every one of them to say no to Taliban. Mobilise him/herself and make a move in what ever capacity that they can to reach out for the help of our displaced brethrens and their families.


Long Live Pakistan



[1] (An instigated demand of old Sharia law pushed forward by Taliban to have their say and build their anchorage in the area

President Obama explains his meetings with Karzai, Zardari — full text

Reporter: A Khokar    07 May 2009



THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody. We just finished an important trilateral meeting among the United States, Afghanistan and Pakistan. And earlier today I was pleased to have wide ranging bilateral discussions with both President Karzai of Afghanistan and President Zardari of Pakistan.


We meet today as three sovereign nations joined by a common goal:  to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda and its extremist allies in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and to prevent their ability to operate in either country in the future. And to achieve that goal, we must deny them the space to threaten the Pakistani, Afghan, or American people. And we must also advance security and opportunity, so that Pakistanis and Afghans can pursue the promise of a better life.


Just over a month ago, I announced a new strategy to achieve these objectives after consultation with Pakistan, Afghanistan and our other friends and allies.  Our strategy reflects a fundamental truth:  The security of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the United States are linked.  In the weeks that have followed, that truth has only been reinforced. 

Al Qaeda and its allies have taken more lives in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and have continued to challenge the democratically-elected governments of the two Presidents standing here today.  Meanwhile, al Qaeda plots against the American people — and people around the world — from their safe haven along the border.


I’m pleased that these two men — elected leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan — fully appreciate the seriousness of…. …the threat that we face, and have reaffirmed their commitment to confronting it.  And I’m pleased that we have advanced unprecedented cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan on a bilateral basis — and among Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United States — which will benefit all of our people.


Today’s meeting is the second in the trilateral dialogues among our countries. And these meetings will coordinate our efforts in a broad range of areas, across all levels of government. To give you a sense of the scope of this effort, Secretary Clinton, Attorney General Holder, Secretary Vilsack, Director Panetta, Director Mueller, and Deputy Secretary Lew will all host separate meetings with their Pakistani and Afghan counterparts. And these trilateral meetings build on efforts being made in the region and in the United States, and they will continue on a regular basis.


Now there’s much to be done. Along the border where insurgents often move freely, we must work together with a renewed sense of partnership to share intelligence, and to coordinate our efforts to isolate, target and take out our common enemy. But we must also meet the threat of extremism with a positive program of growth and opportunity.


And that’s why my administration is working with members of Congress to create opportunity zones to spark development. That’s why I’m proud that we’ve helped advance negotiations towards landmark transit-trade agreements to open Afghanistan and Pakistan borders to more commerce.


Within Afghanistan, we must help grow the economy, while developing alternatives to the drug trade by tapping the resilience and the ingenuity of the Afghan people.  We must support free and open national elections later this fall, while helping to protect the hard-earned rights of all Afghans.  And we must support the capacity of local governments and stand up to corruption that blocks progress.  I

also made it clear that the United States will work with our Afghan and international partners to make every effort to avoid civilian casualties as we help the Afghan government combat our common enemy.


And within Pakistan, we must provide lasting support to democratic institutions, while helping the government confront the insurgents who are the single greatest threat to the Pakistani state.  And we must do more than stand against those who would destroy Pakistan –- we must stand with those who want to build Pakistan.


And that is why I’ve asked Congress for sustained funding, to build schools and roads and hospitals. I want the Pakistani people to understand that America is not simply against terrorism — we are on the side of their hopes and their aspirations, because we know that the future of Pakistan must be determined by the talent, innovation, and intelligence of its people.


I have long said that we cannot meet these challenges in isolation, nor delay the action, nor deny the resources necessary to get the job done.  And that’s why we have a comprehensive strategy for the region with civilian and military components, led by Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and General David Petraeus. And for the first time, this strategy will be matched by the resources that it demands.

U.S. troops are serving courageously and capably in a vital mission in Afghanistan alongside our Afghan and international partners. But to combat an enemy that is on the offensive, we need more troops, training, and assistance. And that’s why we are deploying 21,000 troops to Afghanistan and increasing our efforts to train Afghan security forces — and I’m also pleased that our NATO allies and partners are providing resources to support our strategy.


And that is why we are helping Pakistan combat the insurgency within its borders — including $400 million in immediate assistance that we are seeking from Congress, which will help the government as it steps up its efforts against the extremists.


And to advance security, opportunity, and justice for the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan, we are dramatically increasing our civilian support for both countries. We were pleased that these efforts were recently amplified through the $5.5 billion that was pledged for Pakistan at an international donors conference in Tokyo — resources that will help meet the basic needs of the Pakistani people.


The road ahead will be difficult. There will be more violence, and there will be setbacks.  But let me be clear: The United States has made a lasting commitment to defeat al Qaeda, but also to support the democratically elected sovereign governments of both Pakistan and Afghanistan. That commitment will not waiver. And that support will be sustained.


Every day, we see evidence of the future that al Qaeda and its allies offer. It’s a future filled with violence and despair. It’s a future without opportunity or hope. That’s not what the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan want, and it’s not what they deserve. The United States has a stake in the future of these two countries.  We have learned, time and again, that our security is shared. It is a lesson that we learned most painfully on 9/11, and it is a lesson that we will not forget.


So we are here today in the midst of a great challenge. But no matter what happens, we will not be deterred. The aspirations of all our people — for security, for opportunity and for justice — are far more powerful than any enemy.


Those are the hopes that we hold in common for all of our children. So we will sustain our cooperation.  And we will work for the day when our nations are linked not by a common enemy, but by a shared peace and prosperity, mutual interests and mutual respect, not only among governments but among our people.


I want to thank President Zardari and President Karzai for joining me here today. I look forward to continuing this close cooperation between our governments in the months and years ahead. Thank you very much, everybody.    ###


Source: LA times

Osama to Announce: Islamic Emirate of Taliban in NWFP

While President Asif Ali Zardari departs for America, the northern area of Pakistan is yet again coming in the grip of ‘Anti- Pakistan elements’ (APES). The recent smart move of Pak government in Malakand division to re-establish Nizam e adil has although taken the air out of Tehrik e Taliban’s balloon and it seems that the calculated game of CIA for which this copycat TTP was hired on a high bids to subdue nuclear- armed Pakistan; at the face of it,  their entire scheme is seen gone awry.



Pak Armed forces have also moved in with full blast to cleanse the areas and make it free of anti Pakistan Elements. But the usual rhetoric of vulnerability of weakened Pakistan Government and its nuclear arsenal at the hands of so called Taliban has exceptionally been heightened. The entire US Administration including President Barrack Obama is singing a same anti Pakistan chorus and they look at Pakistan, as it is breathing its last.



To give a full Talibanish flavour to TTP, reportedly the dissident of central Asia; Uzbek, Tajick even Chechnian and some Arabs are recruited on very good wages. The subversive activities by suicidal actions, bomb blasts, kidnapping of high profile personalities and large scale disruptions to cripple the normal government functioning are on its full scale and Pakistan is seen sufficiently bruised. 


TTP is a highly sophisticated tool in the hands of US lead NATO forces. It is exceptionally well armed on ground, well fed and has very well trained operatives. Seemingly CIA is satisfied with the ground works done by TTP inside Pakistan and its necessary preparation as a prelude to the planned final occupation of yet another sovereign country after Iraq and Afghanistan.



Use of Nizam e adil card by Pak government, in troubled Malakand division has in a way weakened the stance of anti Pakistan elements but CIA is bound to spring up another cat out of their bag; the long awaited card of —moving in and striking an amoral power monger and self-anointed savoir of the world; —the old friend Osama bin Laden is there. By hook or crook an enclave for TTP is about to be secured in troubled PATA and Osama and his cohort of Al-Qaeda are likely to declare it the Islamic Emirates of Taliban; thus to enable the US lead forces; a well sought pretext to launch an invasion—- inside Pakistan.


But question arises; Does Pakistan has that potent leadership available to lead us through all this chaos and anarchy?