It’s Time to Strike the Right Cord Now

By A Khokar      29 April 2009

There seems to be lot of confusion regarding Tehrik e Taliban-Pakistan (TTP) and it status. One is amazed to know that how a ‘copy cat’ bunch disguise as Taliban is allowed to operate along our western border especially in Dir and Swat areas– so freely. They are posing, as some medieval colonial provosts is holding the masses to ransom and forcing them into subordination through homicide, arson and violence. There is an open violent wielding and exercise of their brutish social scum seen imposed on the people in the name of religion.

But we need to know and really differentiate between the real Taliban fighting for freedom in Afghanistan against occupation of US lead NATO forces and this TTP, a copy cat (Cc;)  having filled its wind pipes of Taliban fame  in Afghanistan and roaming around here as their splinter group by stealth. They are the cunning foxes posing just like a £30000 copycat Rolls-Royce made somewhere in the dens of China with a flying lady on the bonnet, its vast classical radiator and familiar contours, it looks for all the world like a real Rolls-Royce. Like wise TTP may pose them selves the splinter group of Taliban but Taliban, they do not own these vermin.

Afghan Taliban are people whose government was deposed by US and in order to escape the tyranny of invader, most of them fled; either to the inaccessible mountainous area like Torabora with in Afghanistan, some melted away in civilian population but majority of them fled to Iran, Pakistan and other neighbouring countries of Central Asia. This Cc; Tehrik is the off spring of CIA, supported and nurtured by Mossad and RAW of India. It is raised with the aim to subdue nuclear Pakistan. To give a Talibanish flavour, reportedly the dissident of central Asia from Uzbek, even Chechnian and some Arabs are recruited on very good pay outs. This movement is primed to carry out the subversive activities by suicidal actions, bomb blasts, kidnapping of high profile personalities and to create a large scale disruptions for Pakistan government, so that amid wide spread anarchy created by them, Pakistan be sufficiently bruised and be graded as the epicentre of Terrorism.

This is to aid or say soften up the grounds to build up a pretext for US lead NATO forces, seen flexing their muscles on western Pakistani borders. These forces seems to be waiting in the wings for a green light to advance inside Pakistan in the name of quelling the terrorism and full fill the prime aim to disarm Pakistan of its nuclear arsenals in the name of security and their vulnerability. There is a special hype being created of a fear of nuclear weapons falling in the hands of terrorist.

TTP has become a highly sophisticated tool in the hands of US lead NATO forces. It is exceptionally well armed, well fed and has very well trained operatives. Seemingly CIA is satisfied with the ground works done inside Pakistan and the preparation of TTP to assist in the planned final occupation of yet another sovereign country after Iraq and Afghanistan.

The previous dictatorial government of General Pervez Musharraf is fully responsible for bringing this country to the brink of this utter disaster, when after 9/11 incident, he accepted US terms to act as front state in the US declared war against terrorism and also agreed to be an only non- NATO ally(proxy) of US out side NATO circle. But Pervez Musharraf regime was unable to comprehend the CIA plans at hand and failed to  detect or react till late that CIA had already raised a ‘Taliban copy cat movement– TTP’ in disguise of Taliban in order to dismember Pakistan and today—- we see that even Pakistan Army has to move in to kill their own people, turned traitors.

 Pak army is capable of dealing with this TTP or not; that may not be the issue. They are fully trained and are sufficiently equipped to deal with them; rather Pak army is facing a dilemma of colateral damages during their operations; where civilians also bear the brunt and suffer heavy causalities. Possibly No Army in the world could be deployed against their own people. This simply doesn’t work. Although, recently various actions were assigned to Pak army to cleanse the foreign mercenaries group, mostly Chechnian, Uzbeck and some Arabs; who for want of money and under the persuasion of CIA have allied with TTP. Reportedly this cleansing phase has since been completed successfully by the timely moves of Pak armed forces.

Presently the area where TTP has its anchorage and gained a reasonable influence through terror and violence, is area which had previously their local justice system governed by old ‘Wali e Swat’. Its justice system was although not truly in line with Islamic laws but did serve some quick justice to people. It was suspended for want of reformation by Pak government. Lately TTP created a local hype and moved the masses to put up a demand of re-establishment of old rule of Justice in the name of Sharia Law or Nizaam e Adil. Thinking that Pakistan government perusing a new enlightened Islamic law, as presently enforced in other parts of the country; may not agree to this and thus they will be able to carry on with their planned subversive activities at will to meet the ends. But for their greater surprise Pak government has agreed to have them their old local law (Nizaam e Adil)— back. This has left TTP bare handed with out any pretext to raise their arms again or do any thing untoward. Any how they are just a splinter group and only few hundreds of them in total.

Enough is enough and now is the time that Army must be asked to move in with full blast and quell any insurgency or the disturbance for good that they may create. It’s time to strike the right cords and strike hard.

It may be said that gone are the days that various lashkar movements like Lashkar e jhangvi, Tuyeba etc were allowed to operate in the country to act as the fore runners of Kashmir liberation movements, are placed now defunct. But the copy cat Taliban movement has given a new life in their circles too. They are reactivated and seen working in line with TTP. Their sails are seen filled with the winds  blowing on our western borders and are busy catching up the shadows of ‘copy cat TTP’. Lots of money is seen changing hands and these groups on a price are agreeing to act as a fore runner of TTP movement in Pakistan.. Visit any part of country these days and one can see these predators, perching and circling in flocks in white robes with turban on their heads every where. Like all the mice that they can’t resist the cheese or the sailors that they might have grown very old but can’t resist going back to sea. Some how the sea seems always calling them back—- like wise the laid off operatives of Lashkar movements are finding an opportunity to go back and  indulge in the old mysteriousness of their movements and it is nothing like it; when they are paid also. These mercenaries may do any thing for their god fathers. It seems to be there in their life cycle.

Any how we are here in this battle field, facing a savage oppressor who has come a longway to thurst a war upon us but we must bear in mind that there is no such thing called infidel business to give it a religious colour because this war is not being fought in the name of any religion or supremacy of any specific mythology. Infidel remains restricted to the religious periphery. This war is pure for the sake of creating a US, as well as western hegemony in the area which is the hub of all the future economic wars of resources of the world. It is also meant to check the Russian advances and of other new emerging powers like China and India . Entire Middle East is already occupied by US lead forces; Iraq is turned into a mega US anchorage; Hard nut , Iran is being strangulated, Afghanistan is in US occupation and Pakistan is yet another targeted country. The oppressor forces are at move and so is the resistance.

Remember when we discussed some time back that; if tomato and cucumber was the only export from Iraq ; the so called learned Laureates from the west would have not been there to teach the Iraqis the intricacy of democracy and peace. And now to our horror; we find that people in those countries are fully subjugated and their countries are—- in full occupation by the oppressors. Do we think that Pakistan may be an exception?


I Dreamed a Dream sings Susan Boyle

I Dreamed a Dream

Susan Boyle – Singer -sings for ‘Britains Got Talent 2009’

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I Dreamed a Dream
An incredible Performance by Susan Boyle at ‘Britains Got Talent 2009’
I Dreamed a Dream-Lyrics

[Lyrics by Fantine who is left alone, unemployed and destitute]


I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame

He slept a summer by my side
He filled my days with endless wonder
He took my childhood in his stride
But he was gone when autumn came

And still I dream he’ll come to me
That we will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I’m living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.

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Crush; these Greedy Taliban


By A Khokar   19 april 2009


The analysts keeping a keen eye on our war striven region are of the opinion that since Pakistan previously known as the fortress of Islam is on its down turn and found crippled; the key to the peace and stability in the Middle East and Central Asia now hinges on Iran emerging as the new regional power. Iran emergence to the power of this region is most desirable to counter the bully boy on the block; Israel. Better so Iran must announce its nuclear test as soon as possible; may this be at the cost of some US backed Israeli surgical strikes. Iran must also be ready to accept some collateral damages in the shape of destruction to its nuclear plants at Nataz and Iran’s nuclear Depots at Isfahan; as well as loss of civilian life and property and other disruptions. The time has come to act. It is but pertinent for Iran to act and act now. The survival and revival of the entire Muslims land hems on Iran. Iran stands as a potent future Muslim World leader of this region.


 The President of Pakistan along with his cabinet is out with his begging bowl on the streets of Tokyo and China desperate for alms moneys collection required for survival of Pakistan; back home cracks created by the anarchist and the traitors of this nation are so glaring and opened so wide and bleeding that there is no reason that this cuckoo land may take any long more to dissolve itself into thin air. I’m too old to fall for the doom mongers scenarios any more but I can very well see that the next long march (a fully armed one) to Islamabad is the take over of this land, by the anarchist: Taliban.


Pakistan’s present generation has proved to be the most cruel, thoughtless and thank less nation to be given a free land to live, the borders of which they have failed to protect. Probably they do not deserve any more respite to be granted to them. History tell us that the people betraying their own home land are bound to perish.


 It only requires one keen eye to see that Taliban subversive activities in and around Pakistan and their earnest desire to possibly take over Islamabad with their hands on the nuclear button here in Pakistan may adversely effect Iran in achieving it goals. West is not willing to see even one Islamic nuclear state like Pakistan which has so viciously been brought down to its kness by these stooges that it is at its brink to collapse. West is certainly bent upon; not to see another Islamic country; Iran progressing and creating a nuclear deterrent in this region.


  Taliban’s contention against the oppressor’s occupying forces in Afghanistan is understandable and may be a commendable act of theirs, that they are fighting for the freedom of their own home land and rightly so Pakistan must support and is supporting their cause as brethren. But their known vicious and back handed designs and deceitful plans under the cover of some religious movement is inversely seen as they are bent to unstable this country; which is most distasteful.


 But their most distasteful act is that they are playing in  hands of enemy to declare Pakistan an epicentre of terrorism; they are forsaking it as a pretext for our enemies to invade this country in the name of quelling terrorism. They are accepting millions in perks from CIA, Mossad and Indian RAW for running their dens and gangs, the weapons, the communication equipment, transport, training and intelligence guidance. They are bringing havoc to Pakistani society by bomb blasts and suicidal missions and are tearing it down. Sadly so it is being called as ….. shariat e muhammadi? But who is this muhammad coming down the hills of Hindukush on the wings spread by US dollars? A gang of wolves is wearing the sheep skins.


Probably history is repeating itself again. It was the time when Ottoman Empire forces were on its retreat from Europe but had consolidated their positions around their seat of power…Damascus in Syria for its security. To finally undo the empire; there was a known agent, the prince of all deceits called as Lawrence of Arabia. He louvered in (then) king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, in making him to fight his own empire forces in Damascus. The greedy Abdullah in order to win back the crown fought Muslim army with his forces and defeated the empire forces. But it was a big surprise for him awaiting that British and French had con him in defeating his own armies. British’s and French they got the Empire seat and sent Abdullah out to British Iraq.


 There has always been the greed of Muslims which has been in play; King Abdullah was the traitor and abettor of enemies then and used khanna e kahaba for the purpose in support to defeat his own armies. The same abettor again is found wrapping up all his rapacious greed to gain seat of power in a fine white robe and is hiding behind his flailing beard while sitting in the lapes of enemies. This time; it is not Damascus in his sight; it is present day fortress of Islam—the nuclear Pakistan.


  I am sure; Pakistanis may be in thick of it where only doom and gloom is prevailing but they happen to be very versatile, passionate and enduring; they know how to turn their scars into stars.






[1]Habib jalib once said about our army that where as they failed in protecting our borders but time and again keep on conquering their own country.


Sarhadooun ki tou naa Negehbani ki

Humsey he daad lee apni jawani kee.

Armchair pilots striking FATA in Pakistan by remote control

Report Composed by A Khokar

CREECH AIR FORCE BASE, Nevada (CNN) — From a desert outpost northwest of Las Vegas, elite fighter pilots journey to a war zone in Afghanistan, some 7,500 miles away.

The Air Force’s new unmanned bomber, the “Reaper,” commutes from Nevada to Afghanistan and FATA area targets in Pakistan.

 It might be the world’s longest commute, except that these armchair pilots at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada never leave the air-conditioned comfort of their command center.

Air Force pilots are employing remotely controlled fighter-bomber aircraft — known in military parlance as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs — to fly combat missions over Afghanistan, hunting for insurgents bent on undermining Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s fragile government.

This is the future of aerial combat.

Sitting in a virtual cockpit is not as exciting as flying a fighter jet, but unmanned attack-plane pilots can enjoy a normal workday schedule — more or less.  Watch the Reaper at work »

“Seeing bad guys on the screen and watching them possibly get dispatched, and then going down to the Taco Bell for lunch, it’s kind of surreal,” says Captain Matt Dean.

The original drone was the “Predator,” armed with a pair of Hellfire missiles. It was followed by its bigger and far more lethal cousin, “the Reaper,” which carries four times as much firepower. The Reaper can carry the same bomb load as an F-16 fighter plane, but its pilots are not put in harm’s way.

The Air Force once employed jerry-rigged missiles strapped to unmanned spy planes. Now military commanders see remotely piloted aircraft as the model for the way future wars will be fought.

For over a year, Reapers have been flying two separate round-the-clock patrols over eastern Afghanistan, controlled from the Creech AFB command center, which has been strictly off-limits to the media until now.

Reaper pilots so far this year have launched 64 missiles and dropped seven 500-pound bombs in Afghanistan.

Originally a spy plane, the Predator was converted to a strike aircraft shortly after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Air Force technicians strapped two Hellfire missiles — one under each wing — and turned the unarmed “surveillance platform” into a remote-controlled killing machine.

By the weekend following September 11, the Predator’s operators believe they had Taliban leader Mullah Omar in their sights, but never got the authorization to pull the trigger.

Nonetheless, from that experience a new strategy was born — one of employing an increasing fleet of armed, unmanned aircraft. Unmanned spy planes have always provided an unblinking eye in the sky, but now they offer untiring combat capability, too.

The pilots stay safe and rotate in shifts to prevent fatigue, guiding incredibly lightweight planes that can stay aloft for more than a day at a time. Even after some 30 hours of flying time, upkeep of UAVs is minimal when compared with that of F-16s.

“Sometimes it’s a matter of putting gas in it and it goes right back up,” says Master Sgt. Aaron Hauser, who oversees daily maintenance of the Predator fleet at Creech. “It’s a far simpler aircraft to maintain, and that’s the whole point.”

The success of this new concept of aerial power has created a huge demand for the aircraft. Every commander wants one, but there aren’t nearly enough to go around.


U.S. building bases in Afghanistan to aid drones

A crew checks an MQ-9 Reaper before it takes off for a mission in Afghanistan.

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is building a series of air bases in eastern Afghanistan as part of its massive expansion of a system that uses drone aircraft to spy on and attack Taliban insurgents, according to interviews and documents.

In Afghanistan, harsh winters and a lack of airstrips near the fighting can hinder drone flights. It can take as long as three hours for a drone to reach battlefields, particularly in the rugged mountain area near the border with Pakistan. That area has seen some of the toughest fighting for U.S. troops. By contrast, it can take as little as 10 minutes for a drone to reach hot spots in Baghdad because the Iraqi capital has more air bases, said Dyke Weatherington, deputy director of the Pentagon’s unmanned aerial systems task force.

“What the (Pentagon) is trying to do is go in and develop bases closer to those areas that we know we’re going to have a sustained presence after a long period of time,” Weatherington said. “In fact, recently we set up a couple of additional bases closer to the Pakistan border that cut down those transit times.”

Col. Greg Julian, a military spokesman in Afghanistan, said in an e-mail that the military is adding more bases to accommodate drones and additional troops.

The military is developing drones with better de-icing systems to help deal with the Afghan winters, he said.

Armchair UAV Pilots Striking Afghanistan in Las Vegas, Taco Bell Fuelled Comfort

 Posted by Sean Fallon at 8:40 AM on July 10, 2008

We all know about how the military is utilising UAV’s in an ever increasing amount of missions. And why not? Unmanned aircraft represent a safer and more cost efficient approach to aerial combat. However, we rarely get to see what it is like on the other side of these aircraft—to see the job through the eyes of a UAV pilot. Apparently, it’s much like any other job–except you get to kill things in Afghanistan from the air-conditioned Creech Air Force Base in Nevada.

In an interview with CNN, Captain Matt Dean noted that “Seeing bad guys on the screen and watching them possibly get dispatched, and then going down to the Taco Bell for lunch, it’s kind of surreal.” In fact, their entire workday is fairly normal with shifts that rotate around the clock to prevent fatigue. Seems pretty cushy…if blowing terrorists up doesn’t make you lose your appetite for the cheesy gordita crunch that is. [CNN]

Pakistan was near a military coup, then the US intervened

By A Khokar   16 April 2009


A month ago, Pakistan came close to a political breakdown that could have triggered a military coup. How that crisis developed – and how it was ultimately defused – illuminates the larger story of a country whose frontier region President Barack Obama recently described as “the most dangerous place in the world.”


A detailed account of the March political confrontation emerged last week during a visit to Islamabad by Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and Admiral Mike Mullen. As described by US and Pakistani officials, it’s a story of political brinksmanship and, ultimately, of a settlement brokered by the Obama administration.


At stake was the survival of Pakistani democracy. Allies of President Asif Ali Zardari had attempted to cripple his political rival, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The opposition leader took to the streets in response, joining a “long march” to Islamabad to demand reinstatement of Pakistan’s deposed chief justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. The march threatened a violent street battle that could have forced General Ashfaq Kiyani, the army chief of staff, to intervene.


The confrontation demonstrated the fragility of Pakistani politics. But it also showed that after some initial mistakes, the three key players – Zardari, Sharif and Kiyani – were able to defuse the crisis. The lesson for nervous Pakistan-watchers is that however enfeebled the country’s elite may be, it isn’t suicidal.


“I think Pakistan’s politicians are growing up. They are realizing that you have to meet the people’s needs or you get kicked out,” says Shuja Nawaz, the author of “Crossed Swords,” a study of the Pakistani military. 


For the Obama administration, the Pakistani crisis posed the first big diplomatic test. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, joined by Holbrooke and Mullen, helped coax the Pakistani officials back from the brink. This intervention was deftly handled, but it deepened America’s involvement in Pakistani politics – a process that is creating a dangerous anti-American backlash.


The crisis began in late February when the Zardari-backed Supreme Court ruled that Sharif and his brother Shahbaz, the chief minister of Punjab, could not hold office. The governor of Punjab, also a Zardari loyalist, then seized control of that powerful province – in what Pakistani commentators saw as a putsch by the president against his chief rival.


The lawyers’ movement began its march on March 12, pledging to occupy Islamabad until the government restored Chaudhry to his post. Zardari sent a police force known as the Rangers into the streets of Lahore, apparently hoping to intimidate Sharif and the marchers. But Sharif evaded the police and joined the protestors as they headed north toward Islamabad.



Kiyani now faced the moment of decision. According to US and Pakistani sources, Zardari asked the army chief to stop the march and protect Islamabad. Kiyani refused, after discussing the dilemma with his friend Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chefs of Staff. Meanwhile, Kiyani called Sharif and told him to return home to Lahore, according to one source. And he called the leader of the lawyers’ movement, Aitzaz Ahsan, and told him to halt in the city of Gujranwala and wait for a government announcement.


Pressure on Zardari was also building within his People’s Party. According to a US official, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani told the president on the night of March 15 that he would resign if Chaudhry wasn’t reinstated. (Zardari’s camp says it was only a rumor of resignation.) In any event, Gilani went on television at 5:00 a.m. the next morning to announce that the former chief justice would return. The crisis was over.


Pressure for compromise came from Clinton and Holbrooke, in phone calls to Zardari and Sharif. According to Pakistani sources, the American officials signaled to Sharif that they wouldn’t object to his becoming president or prime minister some day. Another key intermediary was David Miliband, the British foreign secretary, who urged dialogue with Sharif. 


Last week’s visit by Holbrooke and Mullen reinforced the deal. They saw the key players and came away hoping that the three could form a united front against the Taliban insurgency in the Western frontier areas, rather than continue their political squabbling. Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington, praised Holbrooke’s diplomacy. “He brings hope that complex problems will be resolved.” 


On the political scorecard, Zardari came out a loser and Sharif and Gilani as winners. But the decisive actor was Kiyani, who managed to defuse the crisis without bringing the army into the streets.

(Source: Daily Star; Lebanon Thursday, April 16, 2009

1953 and 1974-like situation being created again by the Right Wing

12 April 2009

title-thumb     Yasser Latif Hamdani

In 1953, Khawaja Nazimuddin’s Muslim League Government at the center was brought down after sufficient unrest was created by Majlis-e-Ahrar (a party which had opposed the creation of Pakistan tooth and nail) calling itself  ”Majlis-e-Amal” as part of the grand “Anti-Ahmaddiya” riots.  The whole scheme was secretly backed by Punjab CM Mumtaz Daultana who wanted to get rid of the soft-spoken Khawaja Nazimuddin from East Pakistan.     Their main demands were that Ahmadis be declared Non-muslim and Pakistan’s foreign minister Zafrullah Khan (an old associate of Jinnah and one of the authors of the Lahore Resolution) be fired.   That Zafrullah was the leading voice for Palestine and other Afro-Asian independence movements at the UN added another foreign angle to this.

A similar situation was created in 1974 with the aim and objective to bring down Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s PPP government.   PPP then tried to outflank the Mullahs by going ahead and ex-communicating Ahmadis altogether.  Here I’d like to appeal to Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.  Nawaz has proved himself to be a changed man and a patriot with his actions on 15th March and 16th March.    Though born out of Zia-ist dictatorship, the PML-N is now finally a democratic party with roots in the people.  It does not need to de-stabilize the PPP by resorting to such tactics.  PML-N can play an appropriate role as a center-right party in a two party system without pandering to the crazies of all kinds.   So stop associating yourselves with crooks, cranks and mad men.

Pakistan is a dangerous point in its history.   We need a united front against the forces of religious extremism.  Remember these forces had opposed the creation tooth and nail and had called it Kafiristan then.   PML-N has an important role in this fight.  It must purge itself of Maududian forces within itself, distance itself from terrorism and fanaticism.       All three national parties-  the PPP, PML-Q and PML-N must stand for Jinnah’s secular democratic and egalitarian Pakistan and they must do so NOW clearly and consistently!   If this United front is not achieved,  Pakistan ka khuda hi hafiz hai.  

Tuhafzai Khatmai Nubawat (TKN) claims to be a worldwide religious organization to protect the finality of the Prophet hood of Muhammad (SAW). However, this organization has done little to protect the name of Islam’s beloved Prophet. Instead, TKN engages in activities that are diametrically opposed to his teachings of peace and tolerance.  The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community(AMC),  a peaceful global religious community, has been the chief target of TKN’s unwarranted, inhumane and violent terrorist activities.


Since the enactment of Anti-Ahmadiyya laws in 1984, successive Pakistani regimes have implicitly supported TKN’s extremist and harmful activities. Now Pakistan, as leader of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), is doing their bidding through UNHRC to curtail “freedom of expression”. All of the terrorist groups within Pakistan have brought this country to the forefront of the global arena. Pakistan has been deemed the “most dangerous country of the world.” The world community needs to wake up and see the atrocities committed in the tumultuous land of Pakistan. If not, how much more extremism can the innocents of Pakistan endure? The gallant stand of Civil society in Pakistan against such brutal and repressive cluster must be appreciated and acknowledged.  Our best hope of freeing Pakistan from the clutches of extremists lies with civil society – the silent majority—in that country. 

TKN’s recent activities in Pakistan are shocking.  Recent assemblage in Multan and Faisalabad, jointly with Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Group) parliamentarians,  have provoked and incited hatred and rage against Ahmadis. With these current trends, the Punjab Government is shaping up to create a law and order situation similar to the anti-Ahmadiyya disturbances of 1953 when TKN and its predecessors fanned hatred against Ahmadis resulting in wide scale riots in the country.  Many Ahmadis lost their lives. 

A leading Pakistan Urdu language newspaper published in its issue of February18, 2009 that there was an impending danger of an extremist attack on hundreds of Ahmadi religious centers all over Punjab, as well as business enterprises.  The violence against Ahmadis has been escalating.  Even governmental intelligence agencies have been warning of a spike in anti-Ahmadiyya violence in Punjab.

Under these circumstances, the decision of the Punjab Government to sponsor a TKN public meeting to be held on April 11th , 2009 at the biggest mosque in Lahore is appalling. Provocative and hateful public billboards publicizing this gathering of hate mongers are being displayed all over Lahore.  Its announcement is inexorably detestable and exceedingly inflammable. The sole purpose of this meeting is to incite hatred against Ahmadis.  The Punjab Government, instead of preventing these extremists, is actively encouraging them.

Unless TKN and the PML (N) are stopped now, they will succeed in stirring up further unrest in Pakistan and at a time when a stable Pakistan is the need of the hour, these elements will destabilize it further.

Source: Pak Tea House

EXCLUSIVE: Musharraf To China: Play A More Proactive Role

Pakistan’s Friends Roll Out The Red Carpet For A Pakistani Nationalist Statesman

Throughout his trip in China, former President Musharraf was accorded head of state protocol and extensive security. In-between lectures, he was invited to several banquets by various provincial governors and senior Chinese Communist Party officials. He continues to be very popular among the Chinese younger generation.

o Says Obama’s Af-Pak policy is incomplete without resolving Kashmir dispute

o Calls for linking Pakistan with China through fiber optic, rail, oil, gas pipelines; through Karakoram Highway

o Floats the idea of a Iran-Pakistan-China (IPC) pipeline


Beijing, China—Former President of Pakistan, Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf continued his international lecture tour with several engagements in key Chinese cities.

or this tour in China, the former President was invited by the government of China, through the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA).

Chengdu 076.jpgHis first lecture was in Beijing to CPIFA, attended by many Chinese Ambassadors, experts on South Asia, and graduate students. The former President’s lecture focused on the deep relationship between Pakistan and China, and an in-depth analysis of regional issues including Afghanistan, India, terrorism and extremism. The former President stressed the need for closer global cooperation to defeat terrorism and extremism, and a more proactive role for China.

His next lecture was in Shanghai, with the prestigious Shanghai Institute for International Studies. The President addressed Chinese experts on South Asia, Asia Pacific, and the United States. This exclusive lecture was to the top intellectuals and think tank strategists from China. The discussion following the lecture focused on Pak-China relationship, terrorism and extremism, and the potential to increase the Sino-Pak economic cooperation. In the question and answer session, the Chinese intellectuals were keen to know the former President’s view on the new American ‘AfPak’ strategy. The President broadly endorsed the strategy, as it is the continuation of the past. However, he said this new strategy remains incomplete without India, and the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. India was excluded by President Obama from this new strategy after heavy lobbying from the Indian-American community.

The former President’s final stop was at Sichuan University in Chengdu where he addressed several hundred students and faculty. His speech was an overview of the historic relationship between Pakistan and China, an overview of the Pakistan-Afghanistan region, and the impact of the global economic crisis on the developing world. After the speech there was an exciting interaction between the students and the former President.


To one student’s question on deepening the Pakistan-China relationship, the former President spoke of his vision to expand the Karakorum Highway (KKH) to include rail links, oil and gas pipelines, and a new fiber optic cable link. He suggested that not only should Pakistan do the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline (IPI), but also an ‘IPC’, Iran-Pakistan-China pipeline for gas and oil.

The students were also very interested to learn from the President his insights into developing moral character and leadership skills.

Throughout his trip in China, former President Musharraf was accorded head of state protocol and extensive security. In-between lectures, he was invited to several banquets by various provincial governors and senior Chinese Communist Party officials. At each venue the former President expressed his appreciation for the warm reception, and the sense of admiration shown by all strata of Chinese, whether it was in meetings at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, or in the streets of Shanghai.

The former President has a relatively full schedule of speaking engagements for the rest of the year, most likely taking him to Europe and North America in the coming months.



Flogging of a Girl in a Society where young ‘Lakhtaeys’ are so adored.


People saw the most despicable incident of flogging of girl in the public and this video was circulated throughout the world. She was treated with such impunity, which was so distressing for on lookers and so humiliating that we all may feel ashamed for years to come. What was her crime; the crime that we all commit without an exception— when we are in our adolescence. Is this a crime to say that;I will marry a man to whome I love?

To yearn for mating is in our nature; a natural instinct. One that does not develop a craze for it when young has got some short comings in his development. Can you show a single person who could vouchsafe for not experiencing a craving for mating; who did not find him orherself in displaying specific gestures for mating and coming in contact with the opposite sex; especially the first love encounter; that we would like to adore forever…. for our life. Illegal sexual intercourse may be sin* but not the mating gestures and getting close to opposite sex, face to face and to decide about him or her, to choose our partners for life.

Restriction put on the female lot that they remain barricaded in the compound erected around them especially in pakhtun belt and then given these barricade compound a name as houses in order to confine the female lot in them, makes them totally absent from the scene of society. But in that society this has  resulted in breeding of another culture for the purpose of sexual relief of male members called as ‘culture of Lakhtaeys’; where young budding beautiful boys are trained to dress up and act as girls. They are made to dance in girly dresses and are asked to mingle up while dancing and dinning and do all sorts of acts to make a good night outs for the interested one. They are hired for nights after night for the males who can afford to pay to avail a sexual relief. This ‘lakhtaey’ business in Sawat and in the entire Pakhtun belt is a common phenomenon and a norm of the society.

The hypocrites wearing long flailing beards are mostly found to be in love of this un-natural union. Their indulgence in such nonsense, of flogging a girl is merely a show of their garb of self proclaimed piety and to keep the masses terrified for their ulterior motives and are indeed asking for the wrath of God Almighty.

We all can make our earnest supplications that God Almighty forgives us for allowing them that they put up such a bad show and defame the blissful religion of …Islam; that they indulge in heinous crimes in the name of religion.


*Sin: To punish a person for a sin or forgive is God Almighty prerogative only; no one may come in between. There is no coercion in religion. Even prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was admonished by God Almighty and told that; I have not sent you but the man who only warns and gives glad tiding.

     2:119; ” We have sent thee with the Truth, as a bearer of glad tidings and a   Warner. And thou wilt not be questioned about the inmates of Hell

But the Drones: They fly from Bandari – Baluchistan


Interactive Map:

By A Khokar   09 April 2009

Pakistan’s Foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi in a recent joint press conference with the special envoy to the region, Richard C. Holbrooke and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen at his side,  said: “We did talk about drones, and let me be very frank: there is a gap between us.” He added, “The bottom line is the question of trust.”

At this news conference at the Foreign Ministry, Mr. Qureshi raised his voice to admonish the two Americans. “The terms of engagement are very clear,” he said. “We will engage with mutual trust and mutual respect, and that is the bottom line.”

He added: “We can only work together if we respect each other and trust each other. There is no other way and nothing else will work.”

On the other hand Obama administration officials have said there will be “no blank check for Pakistan.” In response, Mr. Qureshi said Pakistan would “neither accept nor give one.”

Above excerpts from a press conference of US envoys and Pakistani foreign minister show a very strong stance and a tough line taken by the Pakistan’s government. Previously Pakistan is always seen giving a very apologetic outlook in such like press conferences. There seems to be a big change in Pakistan’s foreign policy and especially about the Drones attack issue that public is so weary of. Hundreds of innocent people have been targeted aimlessly and killed including women and children under the pretext of engaging the Al Qaeda fugitives and operatives sheltering in FATA area.

But question arises that there are glaring evidences that these Drones are flown from an isolated but state of the art US built Airport situated some 80 kilometre south of Kharan in Baluchistan called Bandari. What all Mr Mahood shah Qureshi has to say about that?

Available data about Bandari Drones Airport is as follow:

  •      Google Earth map coordinates of Bandari aero drum are 27.5N and 65.10 E and this station is seen as fully operational. Geogle images are updated about every 6 months.
  •      This is an all weather Aero-drum which is about 28000 feet long with its ground lay out extending from NW to SE.
  •         On its NW end, it has got the operational command Headquarters and other service buildings with a huge igloo shaped hanger built, which can accommodate number of drones inside. Reportedly this hanger was built in 2006. Other Google earth satellites picture shows 3 drone Predators MQ1 standing on the tarmac when this hanger was not built.
  •   There is a good net work of other service roads around this aero-drum.
  •         In the south of aero-drum at a distance of about a kilometer there is a well secured living compound. This compound has two parts divided into a living quarters and an open ground with Vegetable growing garden in it. The lay out shows that seemingly it has got all the possible civic amenities including sport and leisure set ups. A large flat roof single storey building is the accommodation area presumably fully air conditioned. The large open area within compound is  allocated for play ground and for growing of vegetables. Vegetable being grown in its green beds are very much visible.
  •         There are yet other two walled compound built with green orchards in them in the north west of aero-drum. These can be seen connected to Aero-drum by well beaten tracks. Possibly there are tube wells for water and to grow vegetables or fresh fruits etc.
  •         Numbers of service vehicles are also visible on the tarmac and in the airport services area in between Aero -drum and Living compound.

Bandari is situated some 5-7 kilometer in the west from Basima town which is located on the Kalat-Surab-Basima- Panjgur Road. Road from Kharan also links up this road in between Surab and Basima. But there is no link to Bandari from Basima as a high mountain range running north- south falls in between, and conceal and isolates Bandari from Basima. Bandari is connected by a long road coming off from Kharan-Basima road up in the north. Bandari link road is an A Class road.

 Aerial photographs with above said details are given below:

Interactive Map:

 Images: Bandari airport   drone-airport-bandari-2a

 Images: Bandari airport  drones-bandari-airport-living-area-2b

Obama’s Af-Pak Policy: The Four Questions

By A Khokar   06 April 2009

To gaze in one’s own navel: I thought I’d be listening to Obama’s Af-Pak speech for answers to four questions. But it seems to be same old war mongering rhetoric of US phony war since waged against the vulnerable, defenseless with no respite in sight. So what about those answers?

1. Will Obama give an exit strategy, an endpoint — if not necessarily a date — for when the mission is accomplished in Afghanistan?

Answer: No. Saying you’ll “disrupt, dismantle and defeat” al-Qaeda is about the furthest thing from an endpoint as could be. What does it mean?

2. Will Obama say how we’ll know if his strategy is working or failing, and if so, how will he report it to Congress?

Answer: There was a lot of talk of benchmarks for Af-Pak strategy in the speech, where none before have existed. And while this is more a promise than a plan, here’s what Obama said:

“Going forward, we will not blindly stay the course. Instead, we will set clear metrics to measure progress and hold ourselves accountable. We’ll consistently assess our efforts to train Afghan security forces and our progress in combating insurgents. We will measure the growth of Afghanistan’s economy, and its illicit narcotics production. And we will review whether we are using the right tools and tactics to make progress towards accomplishing our goals.”

Unsure about what reporting requirements Congress will add, but maybe that’s in the Pakistan bills he mentioned.

3. Will Obama make an argument for why the mission is in the US national interest, and worth the sacrifice?

Answer: Most definitely. From US point of view, simply saying, preventing future attacks on the U.S. requires an increased commitment in Af-Pak. There’s sort of too much to summarize easily that why US must stay put in Afghanistan for considerabel long period, but here’s a good excerpt:

“Al Qaeda and its allies — the terrorists who planned and supported the 9/11 attacks — are in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Multiple intelligence estimates have warned that al Qaeda is actively planning attacks on the United States homeland from its safe haven in Pakistan. And if the Afghan government falls to the Taliban — or allows al Qaeda to go unchallenged — that country will again be a base for terrorists who want to kill as many of our people as they possibly can.”

4. Will Obama talk about what meaningful pressure he’ll put the Pakistani government to increase its counterinsurgency capability so the United States doesn’t invade western Pakistan, but will allow it to eliminate the safe havens for jihadists in the Pakistani tribal areas?

Answer: It is a judgment call. He made a point of saying the aid he’s giving is “not a blank check.” And there were a few sentences about U.S. expectations of the Pakistanis:

“Pakistan must demonstrate its commitment to rooting out al Qaeda and the violent extremists within its borders. And we will insist that action be taken — one way or another — when we have intelligence about high-level terrorist targets.”

Still, nothing in that or in other sections of the speech placed an affirmative burden on Pakistan when it comes to bolstered aid. Maybe that’ll be in the forthcoming bills.

Any one may ’sample and taste’ the type of winds blowing down from Hindukush and finds that Parnaala[1] of Terrorism and the old pretext for all the possible provocative actions to possibly eliminate al- Qaeda elements allegedly present in FATA area and be taken out by drone attacks is still there, where once George W Bush put it. Funny enough; Pakistan is still called a front line state and a US ally. Pakistan is also expected to do more if it is in dire need of money and also to stay in the good books of America.

Pakistan is to bear the brunt of War against Terrorism and it is the future ‘Battle field’ of war against terrorism. For sure Pakistan enemies are all out to see their prey fall.


[1]Parnaala: Open rain guttering, a projected drain pipe fixed on flat roofs in rural areas to drain rain water. It takes the rain water away from the walls but its water usually drops in other people properties causing damages and thus remains a source of controversies.