[lang_en]FATA despoil by US is a prelude to an attack on Iran[/lang_en]

[lang_en]Let’s put the facts straight and allow the truth to surface above the humdrum of war like situation in Pakistan and look for the real cause behind the spread of anarchy in the south East Asia. It is worth mentioning time and again that in order to contemplate US hegemonic ambitions of ‘American Empire’ dreams; Neo-Conservatives (Neo cons) very skilfully evolved a special policy to mark 21st century their ‘New American Century.

This plan presently revolves around a myth of Al-Qaeda. To depict Al-Qaeda a monster of terror and through a scheme of fallacy and deception so called Al-Qaeda operatives be declared enemy of humanity. Once this fallacy is spread in the world and rhetoric of fear and terror becomes a part of our daily life; a universal war can easily be launched. Matter of the fact is that George W Bush and his Neocons are in love with this scheme of Al-Qaeda. They are pinning all their hopes on this Myth.

After due deliberations, a ‘Global war against terrorism’ is already on. Its scope is so vast and far stretched that any person, any organisation or a country on this planet earth can be declared a suspect terrorist and be exterminated. We have also witnessed that any untoward incident of violence happening in the marked theatre of US operations… are simply linked to Al-Qaeda. Over a short period of time, this false and phoney myth of Al-Qaeda rhetoric has been repeated so many times that this stark lie is now seen and termed as true and real. Credit goes to the policy makers and its successful executioners.

A grand American onslaught is on in Middle East and sovereign countries are being invaded, occupied and turned into US mega bases. After due consolidation of these bases; they are made as bounds to serve for further advances. A befitting example of Iraq is there, where this country was invaded and now huge bases are developed and forces are ready to launch from these bases, for their further attacks; yet another sovereign country…Iran. But Iran is proven to be the hardest bone to tackle so far.

The beauty of this scheme is that many countries are coerced to join US to form a coalition and to make it sure that it is seen as an international show. Some of the countries like Pakistan are also engaged to act as proxy and be a front state of this operation; to (indirectly) stir the crippled Taliban remnant on Pak-Afghan border so that Al-Qaeda is seen live and kicking its dust and war against terrorism is justified. Huge sums are being pelted at the doors of this front state and her agents.

This Al-Qaeda has become a tool and a lynch pin of Neocons dream policy. US has the craze to see it as an omnipotent force, an imaginary, invisible enemy; servitude of US, designed to present itself as ‘fore runners’ to act as enemy to facilitate subsequent planned attacks of…US adventurism. This US adventurism is there to stay till such time that some other force emerges to counter this sole super power. Before this that Russia re-emerges or yet another Eastern Giant China comes up to surface. Iran has to be tackled and subdued fully at all cost. Where as huge sums are being dished out with in Iran for covert operations to avail a regime change; probably Pakistan will be made as scapegoat? It is very much felt that the provocative attacks in FATA are since on increased by NATO forces and there are rumours of massive forces build up along Pakistan western border.

Let it be reiteratred here that, the vision less operations assigned to Pakistan Armed forces in FATA to quell the prevalent anarchy in the area is aiding fuel to make the situation verse. The called for retaliations and a rebel rouse from local Taliban are but eminent. The tall claims of wisdom and vision of Pak Government as well as of so called FATA leaders was put to shame, when keeping in view of the expected retaliatory mayhem in FATA; George W Bush was reported saying that On Pak-Afghan borders situation demands severe actions which should be taken by Pakistan as well as United States lead forces against their common enemy- Al Qaeda and Taliban with in Pakistan. So before Iran is savagely attacked (as authentic reports say in Oct 08); Taliban as well as so called remnants of Al Qaeda be eliminated inside Pakistan.

It is likely that inferno of war on Pak-Afghan border area will be heightened in the name of elimination of AL Qaeda. Hundred of thousand of innocent people will perish and their dewelling destroyed. US is bent to do it just to make up a false pretext… to exterminate Iran, the last of so called rouge state.

There is fire ablaze on our western borders and all the leaders are absent from Pakistan; escaping the heat and misery of load shedding. There is vacuum, absolute vacuum of leadership; no clear policy given out and even the Parliament has not been called in session. What is going on? Will our armed forces retaliate? They have not deployed themselves in the battle zone yet? Is it going to be a repeat of another Lebanon war of 2006, where even a single shot was not fired by Lebanon Army? Or has our new government also accepted huge sums to let US carry out the despoil (rape) of this nation by keeping their eyes closed?[/lang_en]

Attack and Raids of NATO in FATA

Here we have got here; virtually a repeat scenario of Lebanon 33 days war in southern Lebanon, when Hezbollah had to confront the so called invincible Israeli Army. Lebanon air spaces were void of any air defence and not a single shot that Lebanon regular Army could fire. A thorough softening up of all possible targets was carried out by the Israeli air force (IAF) and most of the dwellings and ‘would be’ Hezbollah shelters were destroyed and reduced to rubbles.

Israeli ground forces were asked to move in and plan was chalked out to capture and secure the southern Lebanon, some 12-20 miles enclave extending up to Latini River from south Lebanon border.Hezbollah are the trained guerrilla warriors; fully trained as well as sufficiently equipped with latest communication equipment. They proved to be good at digging the secret tunnels to operate and stock piles their Arms, ammunition and foods. They lay out of tunnels located on all the possible approaches of Israeli ground forces surprised the enemy. After facing such devastation from air attacks; when Israeli Army advanced; Hezbollah kept on emerging from the rubbles with RPGs and katytusha Rockets.

With RPG (anti tank- Rocket propelled grenade) they very bravely engaged the Israeli advancing war tanks-Merkava because they were motivated to engage a tank at a close quarter range of 50 yards to avail a sure kill. They were good at camouflage and concealment and also knew how to melt down as civilian after action. For 33 days the Israeli Army tried their best to reach Latini river but bravery, perseverance and know how of war fare displayed by Hezbollah forced so called the Israeli invincible army to retreat well before Latini River; they left bruised and bleeding and under UN cover. In FATA the NATO prime targets will be the ill equipped dissidents who are seen mostly moving in groups.

There is going to be extensive aerial bombardment to soften the targets followed by sure, sharp raids. Pakistani Taliban; they may be called sons of the soil but they are not adequately trained in guerrilla warfare and neither are they equiped and well versed with the Communication, surveillance and tactics as used by the NATO forces. There is no government at their back.The well sought tactic of suicidal mission in the hands of dissident groups is just an element of nuisance value against the static targets only or may be helpful to create fear among public in destabilizing the civilian life but certainly it serves no purpose to counter the airborne commandoes attack.

Pak Army may not come in play due to its international constraints and obligations. Any aiding or abetting of dissident groups by Pak Army may jeopardise the given declared stance of Pakistan to evict the dissident from FATA. The prolonged battle in FATA may result in loosing FATA altogether and occupied by NATO? These Taliban groups and their families are going to reap lot of fatalities and we may see people fleeing the FATA at large scales.

To all my Fellow Pakistanis

Forget about the days
when its been cloudy, but
don’t forget your hours in the sun

Forget about mistakes
that you can’t change now, but
don’t forget the lessons
that you’ve learned

Forget about the times
you’ve been defeated, but
don’t forget the victories you’ve won

Forget about misfortunes
you encounter, but
don’t forget the times your luck has turned

Forget about the days
when you’ve been lonely, but
don’t forget the friendly smiles you’ve seen

Forget about the plans
that didn’t seem
to work out right, but…

Don’t forget to Always Have A Dream
Keep smiling my fellow country men and be one and United.

 *May God keep this land of my dreams and glory ever flourishing!*Blood of many a patriot sons have gone into its soils to nurture it.

‘Phalla phoola rahay ya Rab chamman mayree Umeedun Ka

Gijar ka khoon, dey dey kar yeh bootay main ney plalay hain’


Love for all, Hatred for none

Why Iran Must Be Eliminated?

It will be categorically flawed to form or infer any opinion against Iran by relying on the available information disseminated to us by the media; we need to know the back ground that why Iran who has never carried out any offensive operation against any country in the region; her research in the fields of nuclear studies could become so fierce a matter of a contention and a most hot pervasive issue for the west; and why Iran must be restricted to arm itself with nuclear weapons, where as all other stake holders in the area do posses plentifully?Back GroundFor the last two Centuries, entire Europe was seen engaged with full blast in subjugating the far flung lucrative but defenceless countries of Third world, under the cover of trade and business and was busy expanding the colonial domains. But it was early forties that in the wake of Adolph Hitler’s adventurism and fanciful conceit to create a Nazis realm in Europe; he started grabbing his neighbouring countries one after another and major part of Europe came in the fold of Nazis Germany. Threat of totally loosing their home lands compelled the Western colonial powers in occupation of many other countries around the world, to abandon their colonial adventures and revert back home to safe guard their own well sought nests… in Europe. A war known as Word War II broke out in Europe. Colonies were also involved but the consecutive massive evacuation of colonies resulted in freeing of some 40 subjugated countries and they were able to breathe their freedom.Although Europe and American forces were on continuous retreat from foreign lands but major colonial powers were able to play a little mischief in the colonies in order to create tribal feud, blood barriers and rifts among the local tribes and regions, they left the colonies with new demarcations and border lines; Scores of dictators, monarch and kings were installed to police and rule the new states with intent to win their loyalties and to reciprocate as remote controlled western proxies. Thus, leaving ample chances for the colonial forces to revisit or avail a come back in future. World War II ended in 1945 and it had just passed few years that in early fifties, the large scale discovery of oil especially in Middle East changed the entire scenario of affairs in newly freed countries of Middle East.Oil FactorThe discovery of oil also motivated the old colonial powers to come back and take the lucrative resources in control to run their oil based economies at home. Since then there has been lot of ‘oil exploration’ carried out by the west in Middle East but the local indigenous masses were left out to remain totally aloof and unconcerned as ever; ignorant and un-lettered old subjugated identities, trekking their nomadic way of life. Ever since, in order to secure a good foot hold and control the area as well as to avail a continuous and secured flow of extracted oil from the area; many moves were made. It also included an arrangement of massive net work of oil pipe lines to suck the oil out and reach safely to the west.The flow out of oil brought back the massive windfall of revenue in the hands of the installed kings and monarchs of Middle East which created a natural resentment among the local unlettered deprived masses and it tended them to stop, check their exploitation and they opted to resist their re-shackling into subjugation and deceitful policies of deprivation and adversity. Where as the loyalty of previously installed kings, the monarchs and dictators was successfully used to exploit the situation and establish European business enterprises to secure foot holds. Agents like Israel were also created to ‘spin-cum-escalate’ the war like situations in the area so that west can move in freely with the frightful forces in the name of maintenance of peace and security. In the process where the western savagery so exerted learnt to parcel out its violence neatly, the local tactless approach to resist their subjugation is seen as blatant, obvious and brutal.Iran is a hurdle in the way of ‘US Victory’Iraq war lead by US is the latest episode on the line of western onslaught; the obvious retaliation of locals against the war and deprivation of their sovereignty has been termed as ‘war against terror’. The US hegemonic adventurism to keep the lands and routes of oil in their folds has brought the turmoil, chaos and anarchy in the lives of people of regions. Millions of innocent people have been displaced or killed and their civic amenities as well as infrastructure destroyed. In order to avail a cake walk for the US lead forces and to exert the power of the Allies in the extended battle fields; from the Red Sea in the south to the High lands in the North in Afghanistan, the entire region is restricted to possess any air defence or potent defensive arsenals that they may put up any resistance; may it be the purchase, procurement from abroad or any local research or manufacturing.In Iraq, after the consolidations of US mega bases in Green Zone and establishment of many other ‘Command and controls anchorages’ in the Gulf States like in Saudi Arabia as well as the US Central Command Head Quarters at Al Udeid; Doha Qatar; Iran the odd one out is putting up a stiff effective resistance and is declared as ‘enemy target number one’ of the western Allies. To achieve the capability and be able to produce any deterring weapon like nuclear weapons or any other potent arsenal by Iran is seen as threat and an act of hostility toward the plans of US hegemonic adventurism. Leaving aside the Iranian vision and its long terms implications that Iran stands there as a Big Brother in Middle East, poise to revive the Islamic glory and to lead the Islamic world (which is coming out of its hibernation), in the coming centuries; Iran’s striving to stand upright against all the odds is a hurdle in the way of US victory; it must be eliminated or cut to size and left to disintegrate or be subjugated at all costs. So it may not be long that before George W Bush leaves the office; Israel may pre-empt an attack to provoke Iran to retaliate; then we will be witnessing on our TV screens, the massive fly past of Allied air sorties, wave after wave, with the state of the art, ‘target homing weapons’ and Missiles carrying out their precision strikes; taking out the possible Iranian atomic sites and other military targets! Or….; will there, diplomacy be given a chance to prevail?

War Looming on our Western Borders

With what ever an angle one may see the Global war on Terrorism; that, this war is a phoney war thriving on the myth of Al Qaeda; that US is all out to push forward their Hegemonic adventurism; that Us has their aim to grab the most lucrative and Economic Resources and routes of transportation of oil and gas of Middle East and Central Asia into her folds; may it be the Iraq invasion or the Afghanistan occupation; but when we look for the local proxy that who is abetting the oppressor in all these cases? Who is the enabler and facilitator; or even the agitator in the area; serving the cause of the United States to achieve their goals; some how all the trails to catch the culprit end up at Pakistan’s front doors.[Khoji da khura sadaey boaey tay]

For sure Pakistan has always been declared as the malefactor of even breeding terrorism with in their own territory and displaying the brewing grounds as decoy targets (like Al Qaeda and Taliban or other Extremist) and inviting the US lead forces to unleash their attacks in the area. It is all evident that we have done a lot as US proxy fighting some body else’s war for paltry rewards! But finally; Chickens come home to roost! It is ‘less than a year after CIA warned of new threats from a resurgent al-Qaeda, CIA Director Michael V. Hayden now portrays the terrorist movement as essentially defeated in Iraq and Saudi Arabia and on the defensive throughout much of the rest of the world, including in its presumed haven along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

In a strikingly upbeat assessment, the CIA chief cited major gains against al-Qaeda’s allies in the Middle East and an increasingly successful campaign to destabilize the group’s core leadership.’ While cautioning that al-Qaeda remains a serious threat, Hayden said Osama bin Laden is losing the battle for hearts and minds in the Islamic world and has largely forfeited his ability to exploit the Iraq war to recruit adherents’. Above statement clearly shows that US is about to shift its target and will move toward the dens of Terrorism found in Pakistani Territory and the attacks in side Pakistan are but eminent. On 12 June 2008 a video fix in the media showed a ‘Drone Video Captured U.S. Strike’ in which Pakistan claims the drone attack killed 11 of it’s soldiers in an unprovoked strike.

The US claims a mountain post was under attack by Taliban forces and they attacked the fleeing Taliban forces with a U.S. drone rocket. The video shows the “anti-Afghan militants” moving to a position identified as inside Pakistan and the impact of a bomb which the voiceover says killed two of them. The survivors then fled into a ravine, where three more bombs were dropped; nearly three hours after the clash began. The voiceover said all the militants were killed. U.S. AP also reports that the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan released footage Thursday of a skirmish with militants that Pakistan claims resulted in an airstrike on one of its border posts that killed 11 of its troops.

Pakistan has lodged a strong diplomatic protest, saying the bombing of the Gorparai post in the Mohmand frontier region on Tuesday was a “completely unprovoked and cowardly act.” And then, on Sunday; Afghan President Hamid Karzai threatened to send Afghan troops across the border to fight militants in Pakistan, a forceful warning to insurgents and the Pakistani government that his country is fed up with cross-border attacks. Karzai said that Afghanistan has the right to self-defence, and because militants cross over from Pakistan “to come and kill Afghan and kill coalition troops, it exactly gives us the right to do the same.” “Therefore, Baitullah Mehsud should know that we will go after him now and hit him in his house,” we will get them and we will defeat them. We will avenge all that they have done to Afghanistan for the past so many years.”

And now- Officials in Afghanistan say that hundreds of Afghans are gathering in the eastern part of the country in support of President Hamid Karzai’s threat to send Afghan troops after militants inside Pakistan. In the wake of mixed signals recently sent back from Pakistan’s feet dragging new Government that probably; Pakistan may not resume her job as US proxy; this may not go well with US. All the proxies may not betray their masters the half way. Is our present government capable enough to effectively counter the eminent or is it there; another Iraq in making?

‘Go Musharraf Go’

To what avail is our chanting of rowdy slogans; Go Musharraf Go? When we have already crowned knowingly or unknowingly a bigger evil; the known abettors and accomplice to replace a lesser evil that we know- Musharraf ; by means of elections to govern us! We can always enchant even more riotous  slogans to defunct Musharraf because his ‘way in’ is through a coup but what about the ‘way in’ that we our selves have granted and endorsed to a group with their well known agenda to act as US proxy? They are also here carrying the same known baggage and the terms (as are in place) as of Musharraf, with their unflinching committal to the west. We ourselves have crowned them to the seat of power as our newly elected leaders [1].  

We may be inclined to malign and curse Musharraf for his purported bad deeds but; are we not aware of the facts that on the international front we have under taken some works; to act as ‘Front State’ in the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ as a US proxy. We have certain obligations to fulfil. The new government has announced absolutely no change in foreign policy which means that a status quo will be maintained at all levels. Isn’t it that being totally ignorant of the factual situation, our rowdy slogans that we are enchanting so riotously seem very superfluous? Where as the new government is in place but our national out look at the international level remains the same [2]. Haven’t we seen the most extravagant and effusive ‘Long March’ availing a free wheeling full media coverage and how it was hijacked before it could reach even its destination- Islamabad. Sadly so it turned into a ‘milli bhagat’.  All the hopes went dashed before its night vigil was even over. 

If we only understand that our international obligation as a nation to act as ‘front state’ in ‘War against Terrorism’ is to keep the flag of anti terrorism [3] unfurled and get paid. Some 8-10 billion dollars have already been pelted at our doors to keep this flag up and high, on our porous Pak-Afghan borders. (7.5 billions is on offer for the new government). This act of keeping the flag of Terrorism or anti terrorism high and also to keep ear marked a segment of our own people, labeled as ‘Terrorist’; ironically where this implied tactic gets us paid our spoils; it also extends an excuse to ‘US lead Allied’ and NATO forces to keep their war on Terror as well as subjugation of people in our neighbourhood[4] On. It enables and facilitates them to build their anchorages and bases to expand US hegemonic adventurism in this area; the area which is so rich and abundantly bestowed with natural economic resources.  Haven’t we noticed that when ever Pakistan tries to enter in some peace agreement with the aggrieved groups in FATA and other; it is straight away objected to, by the Allied Forces lest their purported stance on ‘War against Terror’ gets diminished? 

These Elections were a mere window dressing of democracy, replacing the tyranny of ‘dictatorial regime’ of Musharraf with an authoritarian oneof PPP+ Nun league. It may not bring well wished expected change in the destiny of our peoples that they were so earnestly looking for.

We Must Learn to Take Pride in Our Country

Soon after the incident of 9/11 attack on Trade Centre in USA; US declared an all out war against this ‘act of terrorism’. Al-Qaeda; a subordinate organisation of Taliban in Afghanistan was singled out for masterminding; supposedly a highly complex operation of steering two airliner planes precisely into the twin towers of Trade Centre in USA and killing more than 3000 people.  Pakistan being a neighbouring state of Afghanistan was also indicted to apportion the blame for this act; on the charges that Pakistan used to back Taliban government in the past and was keeping a porous border in between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Where as Afghanistan received an intensive aerial bombardment; Pakistan was also threatened and asked to join US to haul up the miscreants in her area. President Musharraf being at the helm of the affairs was coerced to accept this. He agreed to flush out the culprits; if any; in Pakistan territory. This can be called a big goof up of Musharraf that he has ever committed but only to avert the tyranny of the Exterminator-(USA) and save Pakistan. It was the biggest web of US fallacy which later emerged as the phoney ‘war against terrorism’, to push forward US hegemonic adventurism. This web was thrown over Musharraf and he fully got trapped in it. ‘Some times a blunder committed for a fraction of seconds has the consequences that the centuries are made to suffer’. As the bombardment intensified in Afghanistan; so was the influx of displaced Afghanis which grew on Pakistan border in millions. There after it is a history that how this heavy ‘handed US dealing’ of the displaced destitute Afghanis turned into a monster of their malice against their oppressors; USA as well as Pakistan. This has since brought about a new breed of Islamist and extremist in our country; rising up to challenge the writ of government on many issues and holding the country (in some parts) to a ransom.  One can argue that Musharraf, a leader of impoverish and declared insolvent nation…Pakistan was forced to swallow a bitter discriminatory pill; to quell and subdue his own people and also the …Afghanis and Taliban miscreants who had trickled down here.  But credit goes to him that over the period of last seven years; against all the odds, this country has since recovered a lot. This country is although seen in turmoil but is standing ‘up right’ and progressing. To accept US terms then, might have been the most hate full act, that some times one is compelled under the circumstances to accept an ugly out come, as it was done by President Musharraf in the wake of 9/11 scenario; but what justification we had when a fully remodelled and US nurtured robot; like Miss Benazir Bhutto was also destined to be implanted wily nily in Pakistan to replace President Musharraf and take over this country. She had promised US a free walk over and take out the most endeared nuclear assets along with Pakistani engineers. It was nothing else but to destroy and push Pakistan back to the dark ages and once again she would have left this country at the mercy of foreign invading forces to  turn Pakistan in Iraq like situation for their manipulation.   From the day one that the self exiled Benazir Bhutto arrived back in country, under the arrangement of ‘National Reconciliation Order’, the situation in Pakistan went very volatile. The process of implanting yet another proxy of US design; Miss Bhutto took a toll of hundreds of innocent lives right on the day of her arrival. It worsened day after day and country got engulfed in a complete chaos and anarchy. As luck would have it; this able but misguided daughter of Pakistan was later slain very savagely at Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi [1] and hence after, a fair and most transparent Election were held under the watchful eyes of President Musharraf. The sympathy votes so cast in the name of slain Benazir Bhutto placed her aggrieved party PPP as majority party in power. There has been an orderly transfer of power since, from a dictatorial regime to Civilian government. The new coalition Government has taken oath and is busy formulating the new plans to run the country. But this peace, prosperity or democracy in Pakistan may not go well with the oppressing forces who want to see Turmoil and mayhem only. The civil unrest and anarchy in our country suits the Neocons like agendas of US hegemonic adventurism and the ‘phoney war against terrorism’ (that we are in it as the front state).   Our next door new neighbours, US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan have since long been knocking at our door and have been busy in ‘nick nacks. They have formally unleashed their droned aerial bombardment on the forward border posts of Pakistan, killing some 31 Military as well as civilian personals to under mine the sovereignty and political stability required at the critical and some what fluid time of power transition already severely infested with controversial long Marches and politicising of Judiciary issues in the country. 

Although by Grace of Almighty, Pakistan is equipped with sufficient number of nuclear arsenals to deter our enemies but Nuclear is a deterrent in strategic terms only and it is not considered as suitable weapon to be used to check enemy encroaching invasions and advances at lower local levels to support the tactical manoeuvres. We need to acquire and introduce potent deterring weapons and advanced surveillances system at lower levels of Armed Forces to counter such aggressions and keep the highly skilled and advanced armies of coalition at bay.


 Allah admonishes the believers in Sura Anfal [8:60] ‘And make ready for them who fight you whatever you can of armed force and of mounted pickets at the frontier, whereby you may frighten the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you know not, but Allah knows them. And whatever you spend in the way of Allah, it shall be paid back to you in full and you shall not be wronged.’ To save guard interests of our beloved Pakistan and to breath freely in the space provided by our country; we must learn to take pride in our country and must strive hard to build Armed Forces invincible, to be deployed at our borders. ————————————-[1] Ina lilah hay wa ina alayhey Rajahayhoon 

After Iraq: Manual of ‘Chicago Doctrine’ is opened in Pakistan-Part 2

In Chile General Augusto Pinochet came to power on the advice of US Economist Milton Friedman, through a violent coup. To achieve the first stage of ‘Shock Doctrine’ he carried out savage killing to take over the country. Torture of immediate opponents and gross humiliation of elites was conducted at vast scale to terrorise the civil society. He was told that such atrocious shocks, when made to erupt, no leeway must be given to public to escape its impacts. Golden rule that Injuries must be ‘inflicted all at once’; to keep the people deluded, be adopted and let the people wander in a state of sensory deprivation.

In Pakistan also, the state of moral depletion and national degradation are not that differant; the famous ‘U’ turn of General Pervez Musharraf to act as US proxy after 9/11;  the massive killing of our own citizens in Fata and on Pak–Afghan Border at the hands of our own forces on US dictates and handing over of hundreds of personals to US, which gave us a label of ‘Terrorist Nation’; the defaming news of well publicised, abase training of Miss Benazir Bhutto imparted in US to come home and act as a US robot (proxy) in Pakistan; later a selective amnesty and issue of NRO to hand over a clean slate to the plunders and looters of Pakistan; all are but degrading factors  implied containing enough of humiliating venom to paralyse and erode the sense of Self pride of a nation like Pakistan and make the people delude.

Before sowing new seed and to attain a bumper yield of sown crops; the grounds need be prepared, cleared of many weeds and made ready in a total ‘Blank form’. One can very well see that Miss Bhutto initiated this ‘Blanking phase’  of ‘Friedman’s Doctrine’ [1], soon after her arrival in Pakistan. Although she was on a ‘parole’ of ‘NRO’, to remain obliged to Musharraf and be restricted to the given out lines but her turning to the venomous rhetoric against the dictatorial regime of Musharraf was unique and very glaring. With this back ground the tragic incidents which followed; the savage  attack on Miss Bhutto’s caravan in Karachi on her arrival in Pakistan and later her slaying at Liaqat bagh, Rawalpindi along with her party members were devastating. Other innumerable loss of lives in various suicide bombing, in and around Islamabad and in other cities, altogether had created enough of violence, anarchy and mayhem in the country to avail a ‘required state of crises’ to be exploited to take it further for formal Blanking; After Miss Bhutto demise the same is taken over by Ex-PM Nawaz Sharife, who with his calculated and well measured stance is making clever moves to thrust it further. He is capitalising on the ‘Judiciary and its controversial restoring issue’; (the phase that we are going through now). Here we find the group of advocates supposedly the elites of our civil society, seen as the most ill advised group to plea their case with such absurdity and are seen playing in the hand of politician [2]. Knowing or unknowingly, they are found geared up as ‘active agents’ of politicians to fulfil their vicious designs. Judiciary and politics may not be considered as birds of a feather. This  ill-designed movement is bound to perish and fall at its own feet. They are only helping to exacerbate the Crises for the benefit of Nawz Sharife, who is all out to grab the constitutional power of President entrusted in President by Clause 58 (2) B with the help of lawyers; by ousting Pervez Musharraf before this that Parliament decides to curtail or undo this clasue of power otherwise. The old flame and dream to be called as ‘Amirul Momoneen’ is at its stake.

Any how we have got the real Crisis! Economist Milton Friedman says, “Only a crisis produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around.” Catastrophic events are both extremely profitable to corporate and to allow the governments to push through the agenda of the planned radical changes. Blanking is attained by keeping the heat of maligning of opponents on at a full throttle; so that people should denounce and curse their past. Slogan of treason charges and even hanging the old Maestro Musharraf are at their high pitch. The out spoken witness like Musharraf has to be silenced and silenced for good; like Saddam Hussein; a prime witness of Iraq invasion was sent down the gallows by a show trails and silenced for good.

After 9/11, Musharraf was caught off- handed and having threatened by US to turn Pakistan to some stone age; he was coerced to act as US proxy in US ‘Global War against Terror’. His decision may be said as controversial, disgraceful but one can visualize that under the circumstances; he only accepted US terms to save guard his country- Pakistan. One should look around and see; how the others in this region behaved; were the other regimes in the Middle East able to avert the US invasion of Iraq and subsequent onslaught of American hegemonic adventurism in Middle East and beyond? Were we in a position then to say No to US? Or have we also lost our touch with reality as a nation and have become real schizophrenic? And are we  finding our selves plunged into some sensory deprivation that we do not realize and know that our Military has always been there, a part and parcel of our political life? This has been a norm that when ever our politician found them selves immersed in plundering, pilferages to their ears and in order to escape the Accountability; that they remained fearful of the time of their virtual exposure; when they would revert back to their respective constituencies for votes to answer. They invariably adopted an easy way out; they created a situation; to hand over the rein to the Military and get away with the booties. The norms that we are so used to! [3]

It is a strange world; isn’t it? Same old Musharraf; our man; is now being maligned. He is also no more a blue eyed person of United States except that US may bare him to stay in the office till coming November that US Presidential elections may come to pass and beleaguered US Bush administration has some face saving that her all Allies of ‘War on Terror’ including Musharraf were at least intact before this that they were finally off the scene, ready to pack up from White House.

Fairness of business demands that when the Maestro like Pervez Musharraf with his all ‘Might and Right’ is all out to hand over the government that too fully turned into a democratic and a viable state, ready to be turned on; we must count our blessing and show magnanimity as a nation and let the credit go to most deserving who is made it possible.

*Phalla phoola rahey ya rab; chaman meri umeedun ka*Jigar ka khoon dey dey kar; yeh bootay main ney palay hain

[1] Blanking is when people are made to forget the memories of better days in the past. [2] Paraee shadi main Mirza dewana. [3]. If the previous Q-league which brought real good changes in upcoming of society in Punjab; if they have lost in election for their such good deeds, every body else could loose.

Court Business Must Be Conducted in Courts Only

The deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Choudhary was charge sheeted by the ‘out and gone’ Prime Minister Shukat Aziz on corruption charges. The said charge sheet was sent to Judicial Council for its inquiry and disposal by the President Musharraf in accordance with the rules.

Seriousness of business demands that with out any consideration of, whether who the person was; a case of corruption and misappropriation raised against the Chief Justice was a maculated stigma and a blemish on the character of Chief Justice of our country. Chief Justice is symbol of piety and absolute justice in any nation. It is a serious matter. If this chief justice is a real man of a stature; the philanthropy invested in such a high post demands that he should have acted on his own cognizance as a ‘Suo Motu’ and considered himself resigned by himself, till he was able to clear himself of charged allegations.

All else are merely the tales that under the present circumstances, he stands resigned and whether he should be reinstated or not (being later dismissed by the President). He should clear himself and judicial Council should show the people his clean slate before this that he is even considered for reinstatement. The dead dog from the polluted well must be taken out first.

Court business is conducted in Courts only. Staging of a protest or arranging a Long March [1] on any pretext by a bunch of lawyers out side of the courts, in order to pressurise and influence the Parliament to give a favourable verdict is sure absurdity because; Munsib ka Mut-manni khain hota hey! If at all there is a need to do some March; that is an inward cleansing March; a March toward lower and High courts system; where Justice is a far cry and common man experience; corruption, corruption and corruption of Judges only. [1] Long March; it is more of a Leisure Ride.

After Iraq: Manual of ‘Chicago Doctrine’ is opened in Pakistan

Be warned that all the painstaking efforts that Mr. Pervez Musharraf took to groom and nurture his country- Pakistan to embrace the ‘Enlighten Moderation’ in democracy may be ditched all together. As per plan a fully groomed and democratized country has since been handed over to the Politician by President Pervez Musharraf in a plate and to be run on a turn key basis. Some how, the out come of well sought Elections has been that Pakistan could coin a Parliament run by Coalition of two main Parties namely sitting on opposite poles. Although all the powers have been transferred to the newly elected parliament but the government is being run by the authoritarian party leaders of both the parties (being ineligible for elections) while sitting outside of Parliament. The politicians having secured the Parliament and after capturing the rein of government are seen trekking the path of conceit and haughtiness. All the sign are there, that Pakistan is being turned into, an all out authoritarian regime. One may not feel it but a dictatorial style play let of coup lead by Chilean dictator, General Augusto Pinochet, induced by US then in Chile in Seventies, is set to be repeated here.


President Musharraf must have thought that he will see the country being run smoothly under his watch full eyes, progressing in leaps and bounds on his given lines but here we find that all together a different ‘Manual for Action’ has been opened.


This Manual contains the Doctrine of famous Economist Milton Friedman of ‘Chicago School of Economics’ which he prepared in late sixties for implementations at home specially for President Ronald Reagan’s term as this Doctrine was earlier tried and tested in Chile. The Manual tells that how out of blue, crisis full of shocks can be made to erupt and that how the crisis so occurred can be exploited to have a real change in society to achieve an economic out burst! On the eruption of Crisis; there should be no let up for the public; Machiavelli also advices that injuries be ‘inflicted all at once’; other parallel crisis like hyper inflation, price hikes; shortage of essential consumers items like wheat flour, sugar, oil and Gasoline be hyped up; supplies be restricted and severely hyper inflated to the critical exacerbating level and be seen beyond the reach of common man Once crisis has struck, no real action should be taken which may bring some relief for people. All plans should intentionally be delayed and regime of by gone days be extensively maligned for it and exemplary punishment be announced against targeted opponents.


We can very well visualize that how Pakistan has been shocked by the man made crisis initiated prior to Elections (in interim government days); with in few months through an economic shock and Judicial turmoil a prosperous flourishing country has since been turned into impoverished one. Stock Markets are experiencing the crashes on daily basis. There are shortages of commodities across the board, infested with hyper inflation. People spend their days lined up in queues under scorching heat for a bag of wheat flour or tin of cooking oil. Suicides are at increase.


But the teacher says; in order to achieve a ‘Full Blanking’ to make the People forget their past and to erase their memory of good old days; even the sadistic acts be committed with an deliberate intent of terrorizing the public and then be actively harnessed to prepare the grounds for the introduction of radical changes.


The Manual of professor of Economic says that soon after this stage is achieved, it is crucial to act swiftly before the Crisis-racked society slips back into the ‘tyranny of status quo’. He estimates that a new administration has some six to nine months at hand to achieve major changes. In order to win it; it is a scenario of now or never.


It is worth mentioning here that same Manual is found opened in Iraq but with an addition of a chapter of ’savagery and violence’ added by a Milton Friedman’s student; Mr. Donald Rumsfeld. Mr Rumsfeld after adding this new chapter in the Manual termed the Doctrine as ‘Shock and Awe’. In Iraq, people have been forcibly subjugated to achieve the required ‘Blanking’ to see their past memories erased. No let up or any help which may avail any respite or rescue is allowed. Finding no way out the deluded peoples submit to the will of oppressor and turn them self in for further exploitation.


Once the people are found fed up to the brim and are desperately… gasping for some relief; a small window be opened first; followed by rapid-fire transformation of economy, like tax cuts, free trade, privatized services, cuts to social spending and deregulation. Eventually as Chilean people saw that their public school were replaced with voucher funded private one. In Pakistan ‘Benazir cards’ for the poverty ridden class are being introduced. We may be having the most extreme capitalist make over under the authoritarians regime of coalition of two extremist parties (PPP+ Nune league). Country is held to ransom for their dictatorial and authoritative exploitations. What next? Their old pillage and plundering comes to mind.


It is worth pondering that to what avail is the hard earned democracy? When it brings the plunderers and looters in the driving seats?


And the best of the ‘product’ has yet to come?